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12 days of non romantic love! A little February post-valentines day challenge I thought I would do :D

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Oooh, that's a great idea 💚 Haven't replied to past ones, but since yesterday's was apparently about favourite aesthetic: Anything with pastel purple, especially stuff that involves holy trio of pastel pink-purple-blue (plus space aesthetic in general). I just have a thing for soft/airy vibes. (as if my profile picture/cover pic isn't a hint enough on that lmao. That artist's colour choices/shading and in general vibe and more subtle and/or obvious meaning that ties back to the characters while keeping the image taken just during a scene of movement yet actually rather still and sort of empty yet not quite empty, peaceful almost after-lifey vibe, that hazy airy vibe I adore so much.)


For today's: I love my family because being an only child who grew up moving around a lot, they were the only constant people in my life growing up, and I sincerely do feel like they both did try their best to raise me to their capabilities and they even now still do. I love how my mother always tried to answer my questions logically as a kid, instead of ever getting angry at me for asking some hard questions, and admitted if she didn't know something herself as well and said she would research about it and let me know the result, I am so so grateful to her for teaching me how to learn and question things so young and never being an "authority" figure in my life in the sense that she was someone I ever had to be afraid of, and to this day, can have some hours long proper discussions on various topics with, but also being able to be equally goofy and doing silly things with her because her soul is sometimes honestly younger than mine. My favourite moments with her is usually when we are just trolling each other or watching/reading some series together, or having a nice talk with her.


For my father, for being someone who almost always has a smile on his face and being not above doing some silly things if he thinks it would cheer me up as a kid, for showing me how to interact with people better as well since he is someone who is rather good at human connections, for showing me that there truly are people on this world that does something kind for some random stranger just because they are the type of person who shares what they got even if its not much, for sharing hours on end with me on some silly atari or computer game which we played again and again until we memorized and had our strategies set for certain stages, that one night when I was in the 2nd grade or so, we were playing Lode Runner, and it was like 4 AM when we finally get to end of that game for once, I was barely awake at the time that I hazily remember him saying we reached the end of it. And also, I love both of them for dealing with a honestly rather trouble making child like me without ever resorting to violence and rarely losing their temper with me, instead using empathy and reasoning so that I would learn taking responsibility for my actions and how they effect others early on. And for rarely ever forcing me on any major decision, leaving it to me to choose if I wanted to pursue further education or work or what I want to study, never pressuring me to put my grades above my happiness/health, saying it was ultimately my choice what I did with my life. (Which is ironically why I never had much need for being "rebellious"- I personally do want to study further and learn more, and do keep an eye on my own grades, because it is something I personally care about.)


For my friends, for being there for me when I needed them most, for being there as I was (and am) growing up and maturing further, for calling me out on my bs when I got unreasonable, for calming me down when I freaked out, for trusting me with their own share of secrets and problems, for sharing so many fictional universes with me, for losing ourselves in the story we write, getting so in synch with each other that we keep stealing words from each other's mouth constantly, for broken friendships teaching me how to not act in certain situations and how to handle such things, that conflict between you and your friend isn't a reason for instantly assuming that friendship is irrepairable and that it is sometimes okay and necessary, that some bonds are worth the risk and the worth the effort, for showing me that I have qualities worthy of offering them to the world and encouraging me while I doubt myself, for considering me a friend in the first place, for everything.


I'm sorry this got rather long, I just have a lot I appreciate about them all that this would get even longer if I didn't stop myself- they are all lovely people deserving of all the love world has to offer and I'm kind of feeling rather sentimental/mushy rn whoops-

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