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An Informal Short Form for Non-Binary

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My fellow non-binary peeps, genderqueer folks, and others who don't feel they fit the conventional "man/woman" or "girl/boy" dichotomy, I have a question.


The other day I was with a friend of mine who I have recently come out to as non-binary/genderqueer. We were gossiping about something, and she wanted to use a very exaggerated "GIRLLLL" to refer to me. She self-corrected to "BOYYYY" and then had a funny little confused expression before she blurted out "Fabulous human?! Extraterrestrial???" At the time it was hilarious, but it got the both of us thinking. 


Is there a short form equivalent to "boy" or "girl" for non-binary people?


I know that "enby" has been suggested in the past, but some people dislike its cutesy undertones. Furthermore, it's two syllables, while "boy" and "girl" are very easy to draw out in an overly dramatic way because they are single-syllable words (like in "Oh my God, GIRLLL" or "Boyyyy, that was amazing!"). "Dude" is something some people use as gender-neutral (myself included), but it carries a slightly different connotation. Also, it is not universally viewed as gender-neutral. Is there anyone working on this someone here could point me to, or even some ideas from the crowd? Sometimes I want to be dramatic, and both I and my friends stumble over simple gendered words. (The same happens with words like "QUEEN" and "Princess," but those are perhaps separate, albeit related, issues.)

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technically the gender-neutral form of "boy" or "girl" is "kid" but I'm not sure that "kid" really fills the lexical gap you're looking at. I guess "Pal", "Buddy" or, "Friendo" could be used in a similar way, but you'll sound like a TV dad from the 1950's so pick your poison I guess.

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