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Aromanticism and Religion


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I remember answering in the other poll where I said Australian. I do believe the Dreamtime stories, they explain the land I live in quite well. But I also accept that much is unknowable at the present time so generally I say I am agnostic (which also help me avoid the vapid racist who think ecological spiritual values are limited by bloodlines). 

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Grew up in an Islamic country, but honestly my parents never were extreme type of believers, my mother always openly being fairly critical of things that makes no sense to her when it comes to customs around it, while my father just kinda assumes that if you try to live a honest life then it is none of his business despite being religious himself. So I grew up being allowed to openly question all about "God" and existence and other religions, so I can't say I was ever truly believing in any religion since I knew myself. I go with Agnostic rather than Atheist, though it really is mostly that I really feel like I know or can know enough to call possibility of any, by our terms "supernatural" thing as complete bullshit given our limited senses, but I at the very least do feel like I know enough to know any major religion claiming to have the "knowledge of the world" and is built upon social power hierarchies that somehow always seems to absolutely coincidentally beneficial to whoever was in power at the time AND also to people trying to still stick with such rules sounds fairly dubious to say least.


So somewhere on the agnostic/ignostic line of reasoning with functionally being an apatheist, open to possibility of but not actively into spirituality in the shortest terms.

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