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Questioning my Sexuality


Guest 51f6b...812

So after figuring out I’m aromantic, I’ve also started questioning my sexuality.

At first I thought I was just bisexual and then I came across the terms asexual/demisexual/grayasexual but I’m not sure if I’d fit under any of these umbrellas.


So my situation sort of goes like this (sorry if there’s tmi)


.I haven’t had any sexual interaction with other people for over 2 years and I’m not at all interested in seeking it out either


.I do feel like I can enjoy sex and it can feel good but I have had a few times where it doesn’t feel like anything too


.I do masturbate often and I do enjoy it, more so than sex


.I could never, ever have any sort of sexual interaction with someone I’m not close with or trust


.I think I would be absolutely fine if I never had sex again


.I sometimes feel like I am sexually attracted to one of my close friends but when I think about it some more I feel like it would be absolutely impossible for me to have any sexual interaction with them.


.Sometimes, but rarely the idea of having sex again makes me afraid


.I’d consider myself attracted to both genders in some sort of way though I’m not sure how


.I have friends often suggest helping me 'get laid' I act interested but I feel uninterested 


.Sex is a big topic of discussion amongst my friends and I do enjoy talking about it



I don't know I’m just a big ball of confusion and I don't feel I belong under any label and for me that's quite stressful.

Any advice would be appreciated 

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Sounds like aegosexuality.

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