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I have a squish.. I think?

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So I guess I'll start at the beginning:

I currently have a friend whom I met during a festival this summer, we've kept contact after it. He lives a few hours away (by train) and I visited him this weekend and now I'm kinda confused about some things.

We met with some other people in the evenings but I spent the day from friday til this noon at his place.

I realized it was really easy to talk to him, even though I normally don't tell people much about me because I have slight trust issues (the joy of too many broken friend-/relationships) but we kept talking

about everything that came to mind, also personal stuff (of course we've talked before in person before and through social media but I just realized how easy it actually was).

Right now I'm confused because I feel drawn to him and really want to keep the friendship up and I want to keep contact, does this sound like a squish? It's nothing romantic, that's the only thing I can say for sure.

I would say it is but we're already pretty close and from the definitions of squish it's the desire for a platonic connection (please correct me if I'm wrong) but we already have that.

Could this be a squish or is it something else? (I know it's different for everybody but some advice would help)

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I'm not too clear about squishes as I can't distinctly remember having one, but I guess the feeling drawn to another person is a sign of a squish? if it was just a good friendship starting there might be more ambivalent feelings - you would still want to talk to or see your other good friends first or something. The ease of talking and extending of trust to sort of a stranger could be part of a squish too as I know there is a romantic counterpart for this when people have crushes. 

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sounds like a squish to me.  i get them fairly often, and have one currently, on an internet friend.  basically talking or even listening to her (on live streams) makes me really happy and i want to get to know her better and maintain contact.  as for the ones i've had on irl acquaintances, i enjoyed and looked forward to seeing them and talking to them, in a slightly different way than with longtime or casual friends--more excitement, i guess--not nervousness; it can still be comfortable.  even if we're already friends, as you say you are, it's a slightly different feeling.  hard to describe.

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