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Ace of Amethysts

Cards Against Humanity: Arocalypse Edition

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The Arocalypse chat has created their own CAH deck! Virtual CAH games can be played at Pretend You're Xyzzy. Link: http://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp

To use the Arocalypse deck in a game, whoever is the host must type "/addcardcast 3P8NY" in the game chat to add the cards before starting.

(P.S You can use standard CAH decks as well.)

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I feel there should be a warning attached to the deck. Like, Warning: normal Cards Against Humanity dodgy humour PLUS mentions of aromanticism, Arocalypse things and Arocalypse member names (some members have become their own memes). Parental Guidance not recommended. 


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