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  1. Cee Fox

    A Million Dollars But...

    Camping can be a lot of fun! As long as it's in a warm place... A million dollars but you can't buy anything worth more than 100 dollars.
  2. Happy Belated Pride! Sorry I missed it.

  3. Cee Fox

    Hey there! I'm new!

    Hi there and welcome! Its nice to meet you.
  4. I'm aroace too and also very very very very very recently discovered I'm aro too, but I believe the aromantic or platonic version of a traditional crush is called a 'squish'. What I can tell from my experience of squishes is that a squish is like a very strong platonic attraction to someone which is sort of a really intense form of friendship. For me, it's like I find someone really cool as a person but I still wouldn't date them. I also find people aesthetically 'nice' but that's never motivated me enough to describe my feeling as 'attraction'. Is this cute boy someone you've talked to or is it someone you've seen a picture of?
  5. Cee Fox

    Some Arospec Questions (For fun) (Part 1?)

    Also gonna reply because I feel more mentally equipped to answer. Hm... I'm bad at choosing symbolic type things but I like panda bears! They feel like a platonic animal to me (whatever that means) I don't see why not. Heartbreak is heartbreak no matter the type of relationship. I'd like to say it's an amalgamation of the two and its own thing all at the same time. The world could be better in a lot of ways but having equal amounts of different types of people isn't one of them. I think we're drifting to a place where more people might start identifying as aro-spec but I don't mind being one of a few as long as I can talk to those few about it.
  6. Cee Fox

    Aromantic Moments

    I love going on dates with myself! Once I was supposed to be meeting up with friends but they all cancelled last minute so I just took myself on a date and it was one of the best days I've ever had.
  7. I used to be of this sort of mind when I first started identifying as ace (because I am) but I also knew just saying I was ace wasn't enough to describe what I was feeling and that's how I discovered aromanticism. It's also important to me that people don't assume I'm ace because I'm aro and vice versa.
  8. Cee Fox

    Another Aromantic Test

    Yeah the answers to choose from weren't great for describing my experience. I got 50% asxual and aromantic, 17% asexual and romantic, 17% demisexual, 8% aromantic and 8% uh... romantic?
  9. Cee Fox

    Are there any other teens on here?

    There's plenty of us I think!
  10. Cee Fox

    You might be aro if...

    YMBAI you don't understand how people can have crushes on celebrities
  11. Cee Fox

    You might be aro if...

    This is what led to...
  12. Cee Fox

    Giving Allo Friends Advice

    My friends ask me for advice all the time. I think I give terrible advice - it's always something generic like 'you do what feels right' and 'you have every right to feel how you do' - but somehow I've been labelled as a great advice-giver???
  13. Cee Fox

    Introducing myself

    Hi! I'm the same age and have the same interests. Nice to meet you.
  14. Anything with bright green, black and white colours feels like a pride thing now. My phone gallery's full of that stuff and I'm paranoid about outing myself.


    ...*continues to download conspicuous green phone wallpapers*

  15. Cee Fox

    What would you say to your younger self?

    I like this! I have a few things: "Much like @Jot-Aro Kujo, you shouldn't be afraid to be girly." "Surprise surprise, I actually bloomed (somewhat)! I may not have had the huge transformation I was expecting but I managed to burst out of that bubble. I can even ask for help in a store alone, how about that! So yeah, don't be afraid to get out into the world, it's not as scary as you think." "Conversely watch yourself around boys, they don't always want to be 'just friends'. I recommend you clear that up early on in your friendships."