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  1. I understand the feeling because I could write or make up a romantic story but I know that I wouldn't be writing from my own experiences, but from what I've seen and what I've read because I read and watch a lot of romantic stuff. I don't know if that makes my stories less believable or realistic but there are common threads in romance that I've picked up on. It still doesn't make me feel any less aro. And to add to the original topic yes, I adore romance when it's fictional but when it's real it makes my skin crawl.
  2. Cee Fox

    You might be aro if...

    YMBAI you don't realize people are dating until they come straight out with it because you assume anyone can be that close and still be friends. Sometimes you find the news kind of disappointing because it's yet another case of 'friendship has to lead to more' which helps the aro agenda in no way.
  3. There's a lot on NB people around as well. Maybe there's a census in an earlier post?
  4. Cee Fox

    Early signs that you were aro

    I kept putting off my 'start' date for dating/having crushes. At first I thought it would be when I started high school, then when I was 16, then when I started university, and now I realize I was just putting it off for as long as possible. I once described my feelings to my friends like this 'I feel like it's just a door that I can't open, and when I tried to open it it wouldn't budge, so I'll just wait a little longer to open it'.
  5. It would be nice if we could include Jughead in the equation, but Hollywood is Hollywood.
  6. Cee Fox

    Where might I fall?

    It's possible to be aro with a strong inclination towards one sex. You could be aro and only have women as your partners, but that doesn't make you less aro. It sounds like you could be aro if you've never felt romantically inclined towards anyone but it's up to you to see if your experiences match up with others and if the title seems to fit you. I can sort of relate because in my mind a relationship is just Best Friends Premium and I've never seen it as more than that, but I think I'd probably choose a guy as a partner if I was to have one.
  7. Cee Fox

    can aromantic people fall in love?

    I'd say a truly 100% aromantic person can't fall in love romantically, but platonically and it can be as deep as romantic love is. That said I can honestly say I wouldn't know since I've never felt romantic attraction in any way and it's hard to say it's possible to experience something when I don't know what it is. There are, of course, aro-spec identities and they allow for the leeway of identifying as aromantic even if you have experienced romantic love before.
  8. Cee Fox

    Early signs that you were aro

    I don't mind sharing a bed but if I do I stay as far away from the person as possible, sometimes going so far as to use a different blanket. I couldn't begin to fathom the thought of cuddling.
  9. Cee Fox

    If you could take a pill...

    I wouldn't change either I think. I do sometimes wonder what it might be like on the other side but I can't imagine living any other way.
  10. Cee Fox

    Corrupt a Wish

    In due time you start muddling up the languages and speak to people in the wrong language, leading to massive confusion. I wish I could cook well.
  11. That's definitely a possibility and I wouldn't put it past them but we can hope, right?
  12. Cee Fox

    A Million Dollars But...

    Camping can be a lot of fun! As long as it's in a warm place... A million dollars but you can't buy anything worth more than 100 dollars.
  13. Happy Belated Pride! Sorry I missed it.

  14. Cee Fox

    Hey there! I'm new!

    Hi there and welcome! Its nice to meet you.
  15. I'm aroace too and also very very very very very recently discovered I'm aro too, but I believe the aromantic or platonic version of a traditional crush is called a 'squish'. What I can tell from my experience of squishes is that a squish is like a very strong platonic attraction to someone which is sort of a really intense form of friendship. For me, it's like I find someone really cool as a person but I still wouldn't date them. I also find people aesthetically 'nice' but that's never motivated me enough to describe my feeling as 'attraction'. Is this cute boy someone you've talked to or is it someone you've seen a picture of?