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  1. My ex(from when I thought I was alloromo) told me that she still loved me and that the reason she broke up with her recent girlfriend was in order to be with me but because around the same time I had just figured out I was aro and came out to her, she had kept quiet about it until now and currently I kinda wanna punch a brick wall because my aro ass is taken by my lovely qpp and is not ready for this romance bs. 

    1. Costati


      So she knows you're aro but broke up with her girlfriend un the hope of being in a romantic relationship with you ? Or did I get this wrong..because it's sound super rude of her said in that way.

    2. arokaladin


      ^^^ yeah I don't know if it's appropriate to say 'that sucks' or 'damn her' lmao

    3. yenyyoo


      @Costati She originally broke up with her girlfriend but only told me about the breaking up part. I told her I was aro like maybe the next day or so. @arokaladin I honestly don't know if I should say this sucks or damn her because I was trying to move on in life while she was trying to rekindle something :/

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