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  1. @Mark Varioriented was mentioned as part of Mixed Orientation Identity; we will cross-list it to include both terms more visibly. We will not add Quoiplatonic because we already have aplatonic spectrum and mentioned it can have any prefix assigned to it, such as demiplatonic; quoiplatonic would fall under that category and therefore is already included. Though, we may edit the definition of aplatonic-spectrum to list quoiplatonic as an example alongside demiplatonic. We will rephrase the definition for monogamy repulsion; you are encouraged to email us at contact@´╗┐aromanticism.org to help form an accurate and concise definition. This is the source we have for omniaromantic & panaromantic, and in it the two terms are listed as synonyms with a single definition for them both. The use of these prefixes in this context is not analogous to how they are used in pansexual and omnisexual. Rather than being a descriptor of genders towards which people are attracted, in omniaromantic & panaromantic it is used to convey a lack of all attractions; presumably, the person who coined it made both terms since the pre-fixes are both associated with the meaning "all". Overall, they will not be listed separately because that would require having separate definitions. Lush & Swish are both listed in the arospecawarenessweek's glossary. They list this post as the source for both of these terms (though it is unclear whether they coined the terms or just popularized them). *** As a general reminder, we prefer to get feedback via email at contact@´╗┐aromanticism.org because it is easier for us to keep track of.
  2. Yeah, I also think it seems interesting but you're not really giving us a lot of information to go on, both logistically and in terms of content. You said "a personal story" and "different perspectives"...are you planning to do one person or multiple? if multiple, do you have plans to represent diverse experiences? (for example, aro ace, aromantic allosexual, alloromantic ace, people who are arospec but experience some romantic attraction, etc?) Basic logistics? can it be done virtually or must it be done in real life; where are you based? presumably people must be over 18, but are there other restrictions such as where people are from? Can this be done anonymously/via pseudonym? what are your plans concerning privacy of participants? I am also curious why you are doing this project/what made you aware of it or motivated you to do it? Also yeah generally more information about the content and what you hope to achieve would be good.
  3. Magni

    Hogwarts Houses!

    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw....I've taken the pottermore quiz several times and I've gotten Ravenclaw each time lol....my secondary house would be either slytherin or hufflepuff Ilvermorny House (I don't think others have put this? but it's also from Harry Potter universe): Horned Serpent Divergent Faction: Erudite Godly Parent: Athena (though I reckon I'd end up as a Hunter of Artemis) so uh.....basically all the ones about intelligence, which isn't surprising because for a long time, basically my only personality trait was "smart"
  4. I don't really see the term "transgender pronouns" used? Like....many trans people don't use neopronouns. Neopronouns are basically any pronouns which haven't been regularly established in english, so not she, he, they, or it. Also, what pronouns people use isn't necessarily tied to their gender? People can use whichever pronouns they prefer, regardless of their gender identity. "neopronouns" is a term literally meaning "new pronouns", and while it's commonly used by nonbinary people, they're not named "nonbinary pronouns" because that would be unnecessarily restricting their use to specific gender identities.
  5. I don't necessarily agree with this? I think it's good to have an umbrella term to include these attractions but which is not itself a specific type of attraction. Though, I suppose having another word for a specific type of attraction like this could be useful? But I think currently, "alterous" is purposely vague in order to somewhat fill that role? Having both is good, but I would also like a term which is not itself a specific type of attraction, but which I can use to describe the other specific attractions I feel as a group. Hmmm....perhaps, like, Oblique attractions as the group, and Obverse attraction as a specifically vague type of attraction? at least, based on the terms that have been previously mentioned
  6. Anyone who isn't cisgender, heteromantic, AND heterosexual has a place in the lgbtqa community, so yeah.
  7. So, hir/zir would be analogous to her; these are examples of a possessive determiner, which is a pronoun modifying a noun to show possession. In contrast, hirs/zirs would be analogous to hers; these are examples of a possessive pronoun. The difference: "That is zir computer" vs. "The computer is zirs" Also, these would more commonly be considered neopronouns rather than transgender pronouns
  8. I am generally of the opinion that if someone finds a label useful for themselves, they should use it? Yeah, be aware of context and how you're communicating it and stuff, but if you find a label useful for yourself, you should use it. But similarly, people shouldn't feel forced into using a label, even if it technically applies, and thus people shouldn't try to force others to use a label. Also, as far as the historical context with usage of words: back in the 70's and 80's, there were way less words, and the lines were more blurred between groups? Such as aces being lumped in with the bi community and stuff. Also I think there was something about "bambi lesbians" who were....presumably ace? With butch specifically, like.....I know before I knew I was ace and aro, I knew that I was queer. Before I figured out I was agender, I wanted to appear butch/androgynous, not only because of my unrecognized feelings about gender at the time, but also because I wanted to distance myself from femininity and what would be considered "conventionally attractive", because I did not want to cater to the male gaze, I wanted to do the opposite such that they wouldn't have interest in me. There is a lot of overlap between lesbians and afab a-specs in how we both are....expected to be attracted to men and yet we're not, and subsequently how we want to distance ourselves from that. From what I understand, both butch and femme are based at least in part on these experiences, which also apply to us. And in general like.....we may only recently have the words for ourselves, but we have been part of the community for a long time, we just would've been grouped into different labels? So in general, arguments trying to exclude us because of historical context are just.....completely mis-interpreting context. *** I feel conflicted by the oriented aroace thing for myself in general.....because, like, I think I'm probably attracted mostly to other enby people? or enby and women but not men? But I also don't know, because while I do feel a distinct attraction worth labeling, the only solid descriptor I have of it is that it is very Demi.....so I usually go with demiplatonic. So, I guess technically I could be demi-oriented aroace? But the way it is set up seems to be only based on gender direction of attraction.....and uh considering they way the coiner has excluded arospec and acespec people, I a) am irritated with it on principle and b) feel that if I did consider myself that way, it would be misconstrued as demiro/demi-ace.....which would have backlash. And I can't really label gender direction with any accuracy because like......I have a sample size of 2 and 3 halves? And with several of them, gender knew them to be at beginning changed? So yeah, it's confusing.....Overall I feel really conflicted over the label so I'll probably just stick with demiplatonic since the aplatonic-spectrum is an established thing which I've always related to to some extent, and even though attraction might be less platonic and more.....mix of queerplatonic, alterous, and sensual, it is simpler. (suppose tangent to overall conversation, but had thoughts wanted share and stuff)
  9. Hmm I would've wanted to add more options for things...on one hand, stuff like non-SAM aro and also like....aplatonic-spectrum or nonamorous or partnering or oriented/angled aroace, etc. But yeah, polls are good! Would be nice to find out more regarding demographics and stuff. It would be nice to do a "census" at some point, but that requires....time, energy, and organization. I have a discord server for aro survey stuff.....which isn't particularly active, but it does generally have people who have interest in doing aro surveys and stuff. I don't want to post link publicly per ce, but if you're interested in joining you can PM me and I can invite you. (this is general/plural "you" btw).
  10. Mood, I don't like pepperoni and generally only eat cheese; the only other topping I like at all is bacon, and even then I often pick most of it off to eat separately first. though yeah there's a certain reasonably equivalent ratio you want between cheese and sauce and stuff? Like....if there's too much sauce the cheese tends to slide too much and it's generally messy....I suppose there's a point where too much cheese is a problem but it doesn't generally come up I think? Also, part of it depends on the sauce itself and how spicy it is though....and I think overall, the bread/crust is what's most important for overall pizza quality.
  11. One thing that can be useful in general is explaining the difference between sexual attraction and libido. Food metaphors can also be useful for explaining attraction in a more tangible way.
  12. Oof yeah....I haven't had any mental health professional who I've come out to, and stuff like this is part of why I'm wary and mistrusting of therapists because I wouldn't be able to talk about my issues without incorporating the fact I'm aro, but coming out to them seems...difficult. I doubt they would have made a big deal out of someone just happening to be single. If anything, there tends to be a healthy perspective that you need to take care of yourself before able to healthily enter a relationship. But society is such that NOT wanting a romantic relationship at all is seen as a weird or bad thing so...yeah. Tbh them saying a romantic relationship would improve your depression is....a really unhealthy attitude in and of itself? The narrative of finding a partner to fix you and make you happy is bad and could lead to over-dependence. I hope stuff goes well and you're able to actually talk about what you want to. Also, if they expect you to educate them about aromanticism, during the time they're supposed to be helping you, remind them of what you're supposed to be talking about and tell them to do research on their own time (though possibly useful if you can recommend sources).
  13. That's a good one! Also, "aurea" specifically translates to golden, which is cool because yellow/gold is kinda an aro color (since yellow symbolizes friendship and also is in the aro allo flag). It's also cool because I think a lot of people like AURA because it sounds nice and this sounds similar to that but would likely be a lot easier to search.
  14. Other types of attraction include queerplatonic and alterous; alterous is defined as basically wanting an emotional closeness which isn't strictly romantic or platonic.
  15. I tend to come out whenever I know the other person is also queer. I also was a leader in my college's lgbtqa club and in general wanted to create more visibility for aros (and aspecs in general) and educate others about stuff, so I often would come out and educate others as a part of that. And yeah I always explain with the actual words in these instances. On the other hand, if talking to straight people, I'd be far more likely to just shrug it off as me not being interested in dating. Overall, I don't think people should feel they have to come out to increase visibility, but if you're comfortable coming out in a space anyways, it's useful to feel confident in explaining things and it can be rewarding to educate others and increase visibility.
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