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  1. awkwardchickenpotatodragon

    Share your Talents!

    Apparently me able to balance books on my head is a talent, according to all the people who come up to me when I'm casually balancing them on my head in the halls of my school. Personally, I just think it's because I have a flat area on my head, but whatever. I obsessively draw dragons (and only dragons), so I've gotten decent at that, I guess?
  2. awkwardchickenpotatodragon

    Some Arospec Questions (For fun) (Part 1?)

    I feel like I'm late to reply to this, but I'm going to do it anyways because these are some interesting questions. 1. As far as a mascot goes, I don't really care, as long as it's cute. Of the already suggested animals, I kinda really like the cat, because I like cats. 2. I wouldn't use it personally, because I feel it's usually used in a romantic context, but I do absolutely believe that it should be able to be used in any instance where it applies... So, yeah, if someone lost a friend, I'd be cool with them calling it heartbreak. It still counts. 3. A QPR is its own thing! It's different than romance and different than typical friendship! Though, I personally think it's far closer to friendship than romance. If I were in a QPR and someone called it modified romance, I'd be a little bit offended. 4. That's complicated; I think no, it wouldn't be better in some ways. I'd mess up something we didn't know we could mess up, and discrimination would probably still happen. But on the other hand, more focus on friendship. Better for us, probably, but what of those who aren't? I don't know. That'd take a lot of thought to fully think through the pros and cons.
  3. awkwardchickenpotatodragon

    Are there any other teens on here?

  4. awkwardchickenpotatodragon

    What kinds of physical touch do you like/dislike? (Poll)

    Hugs- it depends. I guess I'll hug my mom, because I'm expected to hug her, and it doesn't make me that uncomfortable. I love hugging my little brother, and hugs with young children is perfectly fine, because they're adorable and innocent and such. But everyone else, even friends? No. I'm uncomfortable with that. The idea of kisses mildly grosses me out. I'm the one looking away and occasionally loudly saying, "Ew!" when kissing scenes come up on tv or movies. What is cuddling anyways?? I mean, if a little kid wants to sit on my lap, sure, go ahead. I'll rest my feet on my dad occasionally when we're both sitting on the couch, but that's it. Anything beyond that scares me. I'm just scared of/uncomfortable with touch, I suppose. I have a big personal space bubble. Even at school, if I can sit anywhere, I'll always make sure to have at least one desk between me and anyone else. (I'm sorry, other people; it's not that I don't like you, I'm just uncomfortable sitting so close to you) With friends it's different, and I can sit beside them, as long as there's enough space between us to keep me comfortable. High fives scare me, but I can do them alright, although it's a better idea to never initiate them with me. I dread handshakes. I can shake hands with people if I'm socially expected to do that, but I'd rather not. I once had a friend who I told about me not liking touch, but being okay with handshakes and highfives, and so when she gave my other friend a hug, she offered a handshake to me. It was in that moment I knew that I should have specified that I'd rather not do any touch if I can help it. Suffice it to say that it felt way more awkward in that scenario to shake hands than it is normally. (I mean, handshakes are so formal!)
  5. awkwardchickenpotatodragon

    Hello? Am I supposed to introduce myself?

    Thanks! I'm happy to be here!
  6. awkwardchickenpotatodragon

    Hello? Am I supposed to introduce myself?

    Thanks! It's really nice to have a label, though before I never really considered my sexuality at all.
  7. awkwardchickenpotatodragon

    Hello? Am I supposed to introduce myself?

    Hi? I've been stalking/lurking/looking through this site (and AVEN) since Saturday and I finally gathered the courage to make an account- so here I am! I'm a very shy 16-year-old girl, and I don't think I'll post much? Maybe? But, I really really want to be able to talk openly around here. Anyways, I'm aro/ace, have been sort of identifying with that (to myself) since I discovered the terms by chance while wandering the interwebs. I'm not out yet to anyone, but I'm trying to gather the courage to do so. I'm not so much scared as how everyone will react, but more scared of actually saying it, going out and admitting it (and then explaining it ugh). Nonetheless, (I love big fancy sounding words) yeah. Hi. Am I supposed to say something of my interests?? I like dragons. So there.