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  1. S.A.G.E Gender Test

    Raw score 765 Male, masculine, completely at ease with biological sex aka cis.
  2. Late and End of Life for Single Aros

    As an alternative to your thread, I think I could turn the tables. As people get older their world starts to turn outward. Friends reappear from the past after years with just a couple of long term friends. Just a couple of years ago I had 27 friends, some since school in the 60s. Now they are dying one by one, so much so that I have had to buy a black tie especially for these funerals. My friends number 23 now and my mother, who is 85 is not very steady on her feet, but is still a feisty soul. I may end up out living them all, except my mother, she'll out live Cher.
  3. Romantic stories that you like?

    Anything by Jane Austen
  4. Count to one million 🐭

  5. Change one word!

    Single track
  6. Where are you from?

    Northern England. The Land of the Prince Bishops. Durham.
  7. Nobody is perfect

    I'm perfect, my 85 year old mother says so. So there.
  8. Could someone help me write my history essay?

    The treaty of Ghent never addessed the impressed sailors from American ships, which was reputedly the cause if the war. From my British viewpoint, most of the sailors were from British ships. American ships paid more, so a number of British sailors absconded, the boardings were to reclaim them. Also, with Britain at war with Napoleon the military forces were fully committed. The only forces were a few regular regiments and trained militia, as well as most of the native Americans under Tecumsa, the only obstacles were the terrain. So a possibility of a land grab was in the offing. Though many American States were neutral, prefering to trade than destructive war. When the Peninsular War was over, the entire well trained and experienced British Army and Navy turned to Canada. The war would probably have been won by Britain with these new forces. This is not meant as a detailed analysis, just a few points not covered in your paper.
  9. How old are you?

    I'm 63, turning 64 in August.
  10. What's your favorite book?

    Dune by Frank Herbert. It has stood the test of time and has been my favourite since it was first published. I have read it 33 times since then. It has everything, politics, intrigue, action, ecology and personal exploration.
  11. Custom Pride Flags

    Booo, the Durham flag is the new one, I prefer the old one.
  12. Where are you from?

    North of England here, the Land of the Prince Bishops (Durham).
  13. A Million Dollars But...

    I already do that, and have done for years, thanks for the money. A million dollars and you have to be in an Aromantic relationship for life and say "I love you" 10 times a day for the rest of your long lives.
  14. Seeking help and thoughts

    Seems like he wants his cake and eat it. You are his go to sexual partner. No commitments from you from his point of view, all sex. People say things which they think the other wants to hear, in this case "I love you" to oil the relationship along. This is very manipulative, or so it seems, but this is a simple fact of nature, not evil or cruel intent.
  15. Late and End of Life for Single Aros

    Alas, we all die alone, even in a crowded room. As a life long single for 63 years I can honestly say all you can do is prepare yourself for the last trip in advance. I have pre-paid my own funeral. The ashes are someone else' problem, I will not care then. No matter how many friends and relations you have, they also have lives to lead and you will always be low down on their list of priorities. This true for even the closest of family and friends. Only if you live in the same house or a home with others will you be noticed when you die. This is very depressing, but a simple fact of life. Not just or Aces and Aros, but for all humans whether sexual or asexual.