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  1. Shipping

    I can answer that. NoTP is a piece of fandom slang. It's derived from fandom term "OTP" which stands for "One True Pairing", meaning the one romantic pairing the specific fan likes over any other pairing. NoTP, in that context means the opposite-a pairing that the fan will never ever support. Another derivative is BrOTP, for platonic pairs. Does this help?
  2. Shipping

    I don't really do too much shipping these days, mainly because I'm tired of the way the louder parts of fandom treat it (all the incredibly petty character derailing/demonizing/bashing...). Another factor was realizing that I wasn't really shipping some things because I liked the idea of the characters being romantically involved, but to spite shippers of rival pairs. So I figured maybe it was time to get some distance from it.
  3. Where are you from?

    Ohio, United States, UTC-05:00 Eastern time, US and Canada
  4. Fanfiction...

    I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel like people get so caught up in writing their favorite romance they completely miss the point of a character or the book/show/movie/whatever they are writing fanfiction about.
  5. Hello. I came here looking for a relatively safe place to try and figure myself out (and to stop lurking). So...