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  1. Shipping

    I personally have One ship that I'm randomly attached too and am either indifferent towards or repulsed by most others. I tend to be very stubborn within my own head about what ships are Allowed (fit with my own personal specific views about characters) due to romance and sometimes sex repulsion and am constantly having to restrain myself from unnecessary ship bashing.
  2. why are there goddamn thirteen year olds on tumblr with aesthetic blogs labelling themselves as aphobes like it makes them cool that's a) horrifying and b) embarassing

    1. Cavalier080854


      The arrogance of youth. We were all like that at that age, only I didn't have social media as an echo chamber in the 60s. You were more likely to meet a fist if you were insufferable.

    2. Costati


      I didn't know about that. It's depressing. I hate when some serious issues are being cutyfied or trendified by younger people. It's like the insult "retarded". It's a serious mental illness that makes life hard for a lot of people stop saying it like it's hyper degrading and negative. That's like gay also...a lot of time young people say "What are you gay or something" like it's the most mean thing they could think about when clearly it's not. There's nothing wrong with being gay or mentally retarded or aro either (obviously). It's overall very sad that hate and negativity is seen as being "cool" and "trendy" for younger people. I hope one day it will change and the cool kids would be the one that are really nice to everyone and are admired for being true to themselves and really brave. 

  3. yeah my aro identity feels like it has a much bigger affect on my like than my ace one. I guess since I'll never date, the fact I don't feel sexual attraction doesn't really matter? Plus the asexual community feels to me like it caters primarily to alloromantic asexuals so I feel excluded there and more welcome in the aro community.
  4. wish I could... talk about aro issues in real life without feeling like an attention seeking embarrassment...

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    2. Zorcodtoa


      Try having a mum who thinks I'm one big embarrassment just because I'm different from her, as well as having quirks some of which is related to Asperger's. Then spending my whole school life being afraid to speak at all because no matter what I say someone would use it to make fun of me or turn it against me, or waste energy expressing a preference (even when asked) but not going my way because it doesn't suit them....


      If there's one thing I've learnt from that, it is people will judge and hate no matter who or what you are and some will try their best to control or shape you with their words....but at the end of the day your matters are about you not them. Some people just want people to revolve around them and get angry when others, especially their children, remind them that they're not the only individual.


      But feel free to talk here, where at least most of us are here to listen without judgement as well.

    3. Costati


      @Zorcodtoa Wow your mum sounds so much like mine. They would probably be great friends if mine wasn't so uninterested and repulsed by friendships.

    4. Zorcodtoa


      My mum's not quite like that, if one is willing to pour sympathy down her throat from the start or stay and engage in some backbiting for a couple hours.

  5. k so sometimes when my romance repulsion is very bad it has manifested as feeling hot, shaky, sick etc. and I wondered if that's common in aromantics? I'm also very interested in what triggers romance repulsion/how it feels in general so any other personal experiences would be welcome knowledge.
  6. Romantic stories that you like?

    Yeah I second that. fanfiction might not be something you're interested in but that doesn't mean you get to call it a lower art form. I've put a ton of time and effort into fanfiction writing, and devaluing that work (that I receive nothing for in return I might add) is very insulting.
  7. S.A.G.E Gender Test

    Your Raw Score is: -325, which indicates that overall you are Androgynous Your appearance is Androgynous Your brain processes are mostly that of a Androgynous person. You appear to socialize in a androgynous manner. You believe you have mild conflicts about your gender identity. You indicated your were born Female. ANALYSIS: Female to Male Crossdresser NOTES: Your Answers indicate your psychological state has likely prevailed since you were quite young. You are in a statistical minority as a anallophilic crossdresser. Most crossdressers are heterosexual. Your motivation for crossdressing may be driven by the undirected nature of your sexuality, as a way to more fully explore the Male gender role. that last part was interesting to me? (though... anallophiliic? I'm so confused as to why this test had an aspec vocab all of its own). The vote results up top say the vast majority of people got androgynous too, so I can write this off as a tool for gender questioning, but to be honest I did that as soon as I saw how stereotypical the questions and answers were. I guess that's why so many people weren't male or female according to this test. I doubt anyone perfectly fits those ludicrous and archaic gender roles.
  8. I feel like it's perfectly reasonable (and socially acceptable) to tell your roommate you're super uncomfortable with feeling like a third wheel, and perhaps asking that she spends time with her boyfriend in his room or going out together as much as possible. Even if you weren't romance repulsed many people feel uncomfortable with PDA and the like so hopefully she wouldn't be offended? Try explaining that since this is your room too, it's like if another couple was constantly hanging out and kissing right on top of her when she was trying to sleep or study or just exist. maybe that will help her understand.
  9. so turns out seeing her partner for the billionth time this month is more important to my friend than seeing me to celebrate my birthday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    2. arokaladin


      my birthday's the 18th, and thank you I'll try to have fun anyway

    3. Cavalier080854


      At least it is on a work free day. You did say there would be booze ?

    4. techno-trashcan


      WOW hard relate. we'll have an arocalypse birthday party for you :aroicecream::aropride:

  10. Well only you can really say if you're aromantic, but it does sound very possible you are experiencing sexual but not romantic attraction. Like you say, it could just be internalised homophobia around PDA with another girl but your attitudes to relationships in general, particularly the relief when they're over, is a very common aromantic experience. Your ideal relationship being fwb also really points to aromanticism, as 'what do I want from a relationship' is a really good starting place for 'what attraction am I feeling', as well as a much easier question to answer! My advice would be to examine what about PDA makes you uncomfortable, and possibly to talk over your feelings with your girlfriend. Good luck!
  11. Obligatory introduction thing...

  12. What's your favorite book?

    rather than falling in love with another human being, I fell in love with the Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson.
  13. Late and End of Life for Single Aros

    I actually wonder if this might be one way alloromantics would benefit from the concept of queerplatonic relationships, in that the lonely elderly might be happier if moving in with and having a committed relationship with a friend was encouraged.
  14. every so often I get sad that my bad experience with one qpr means I no longer want one and I haven't thought about it for a while but here we are again I guess

  15. Hello everyone

    whoah nice you're so lucky to know other aces! nice to meet you!