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  1. I imagine they've caught on to aros complaining about the asexual communities aro erasure and either (the optimistic view) this is a first step towards including us more or (the more pessimistic view but what I believe) are slapping a band-aid on the problem and think we won't notice that a name change is in most cases purely performative and only effects appearance
  2. seconding what @techno-trashcan says, sqishes/qprs can absolutely be sexual, they just can't be romantic. and again, a qpr can be whatever you want it to be. 'committed' is one way we distinguish qprs from friendship but honestly if for whatever reason you think your relationship differs from friendship while still not including romance, you're entitled to call it a qpr. I might also recommend looking into alterous attraction if your squishes feel like something else entirely? I'm not really an expert since I don't feel alterous attraction myself, but there's probably some info on the term somewhere on the forum. good luck!
  3. however you want to have a qpr is fine! and yes, lots of aros have a preference when it comes to the gender of their platonic partner. Not to say you couldn't still be a lesbian, that's sadly something only you can really figure out. since you're so stuck between being a lesbian or aro/ace you might want to look at some grey aro identities? there's a long list of those on the forums here! As for wanting to kiss and cuddle a girl, raise kids with her, but not have sex, that could be a nonsexual romantic relationship or a qpr, there's no real line between the two apart from the feelings defined and how a couple chooses to label it. I would say though, many of us do still enjoy affection like kissing despite it being seen by society as romantic. I hope that ramble helps to answer a few of your questions? but obviously feel free to ask more.
  4. what's up lads it looks like i have uuuuuh None (none) proper irl friends left so I;m back here asking for an F

    1. running.tally


      Here be an F for you, hang in there

  5. the first book has WHAT! oh hell yeah.... just started reading the long way to a small angry planet and you're right it's so aro friendly and lovely but I had no idea it Got Better... (also can I just say Sissix is a big mood I too have to hold back with affection because the normal humans don't like as much platonic touch.)
  6. I'm personally an atheist and definitely need to put more time aside for contemplating my views on the universe. I'm weirdly not distressed by the idea that it just... always existed? idk it's like optimistic nihilism I guess! That being said, though I'm not sure how much I believe them, all sorts of theories are interesting to me. That another universe spat us out, or another being, or that perhaps the end of our universe kickstarts the beginning. I have. thoughts about time. (sidenote relevant to this thread: as someone who's religious perspective is characterised by what I don't believe... it takes zero money or effort to respect things you don't believe in <3)
  7. I think I am coming on too strong in this friendship and that’s stressing me out I just want to express how deep my love is but at the same time I’d rather die than make a friend uncomfortable so uuuuuuuuh Time For Depression 

    1. Eklinaar


      oh, big mood

    2. Magni


      oh BIG MOOD.....hope it works out okay :)

  8. I'm rereading the catcher in the rye, have a reread of the rithmatist scheduled for after that, and am also dipping back into so you want to be a robot as I feel like it.
  9. heeeyyyy welcome! You seem awesome too!
  10. Some of the people in this article I think could benefit from hearing about aromanticism, but I doubt many of them. I'm actually kinda wary of some of the men feautured, since they seem to feel victimized. Some of them almost creep into 'nice guy' territory. It is nice that the article links to information about asexuality at the bottom. I would also note for any other asexuals who want to read the article, a lot of the people featured seem to associate not being able to lose their virginity with somehow being a 'monster', or otherwise act like not having sex is really really horrible. It was a little hard for me to read for that reason, though I definitely don't fault star girl for sharing it.
  11. me, partway through a sewing project that was meant to be finished in may but is now unlikely to be finished until october, realising I need to basically redo the entire skirt and also buy more fabric: hey what if I embroidered the dress bodice and made some jewellery to match that would be cool right!

  12. That sounds an awful lot like internalised arophobia to be honest, though that's just my personal opinion. I think a lot of us daydreamed of weddings and significant others, though not necessarily at a maladaptive level, which I imagine complicates things. It can be very hard to accept that you won't have the future you expected, and for me personally it was difficult to reconcile my desire for a relationship with the fact that in reality relationships are not good for me. That said you could still be cupioromantic, I'm not you so I can't decide for you. And it wouldn't be wrong to keep identifying that way to convey the loss you feel. Whatever happens, good luck.
  13. Would it kill my schools lgbt club to give a shit about the whole community rather than just gay people? I’m beginning to think it would. Every week I leave feeling worse than when I came

    1. Jot-Aro Kujo

      Jot-Aro Kujo

      Tbh that’s why I’ve never gone to my school’s LGBT group. They seem very... well, LGBT without the plus, if you get what I mean

    2. techno-trashcan


      my school's club is explicitly inclusive but i STILL avoid it because we all know that's just a formality and aspec people still get thrown under the bus

  14. I haven't heard of that! What's it about?
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