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  1. What is sold at an inconvenience store?

    Selling sinks that don't have a mixer tap, only a hot tap and a cold tap oh wait those are just british taps
  2. Simple concept, what sort of items wouold be sold at an inconvenience store? They need to be items that would still work (technically) but would be incredibly inconvenient. I'll start us off. A phone which only takes non-rechargeable batteries. A laptop with no screen. A monitor that inverts all the colours.
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    Oh man. Now I have to comment here again.
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    Finally someone else posted here.
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    ugh where are they?
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    @Arocalypse lift. your. game.
  8. Queer Activism Must Be For Aromantics Too

    I have yet to see ace and aro exclusionists within the queer community produce an argument which isn't a logical fallacy or based on false information. That doesn't stop these people from spewing their bullshit rhetoric. It isn't even original either. Most of it is recylced biphobia and TERF rhetoric.
  9. Queer Activism Must Be For Aromantics Too

    I'd just like to add that people in the queer community need to stop saying that the split attraction model is homophobic. It's just so blatantly manipulation to try and convince people that aros and aces are the bad guys.
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    but you can send emojis
  12. woah!

    Yeah that looks like it could have been taken by me.
  13. woah!

    I know for a fact that I didn't take that screenshot. Unless you meant that you took that screenshot in which case I isunderstood you.
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  15. How old are you?

    I just realised that now I technically fit under the 20-25 option, but also the 15-20 option. Does this mean I should revote??????