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  1. The thing is that what TripleA is proposing is using the allo aro flag to represent the entire aro community- doing away with the current aro flag, and using the allo aro flag to represent aroaces as well as allo aros. That wouldn’t be fair for anyone; Allo aros deserve to have a flag just for us without it being co-opted for other purposes (and erasing our identities in the process), and aroaces deserve to not be identified with a flag that’s meant to represent allosexuals.
  2. Hi, I designed this flag. Please DO NOT start using it to represent all aromantics. It was made to represent allo aros for a reason. Please do not go twisting the meaning of a flag that was meant for a specific group.
  3. Oh also hey OP, aren't you the person who got banned from the Arocalypse discord server in record time for joining and immediately proclaiming how you don't think arospecs belong in the community, right in front of all our lovely arospec members? 🤔
  4. Bruh. I’m probably one of the most stereotypical no-romance-ever aromantics, and honestly, I think this is pretty rude. Why shouldn’t arospec folks be included in our flag? They’re aro too. It’s called aro-spec, not some-attraction-sometimes-spec. Why are you so determined to separate yourself from them? Why does being inclusive of our arospec siblings upset you so much? If you feel so threatened by the thought of one single stripe out of five on the flag having something to do with arospecs, that’s a you problem. Now sit down and stop being exclusionary, because that attitude is NOT what this community is about.
  5. Oh big yikes, that’s messed up!! I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I hope you can find a new partner who’s not a jackass.
  6. I agree, it definitely sounds like the majority of this is a you issue, not a her issue. Of course, if you are someone who needs romantic affection specifically, and she isn't able to meet your needs on that, it might be fair to just break up with her (provided you're not, like, a dick about it ofc) and date someone who's more compatible with you. But honestly? In any kind of relationship, if you're upset that your partner values their friends just as much as you- not even more than you, just equally- Yeah, uh, there's definitely something going on there that you need to work through. And I really think you should try to do that. Even if you break up with your girlfriend and start dating someone else, if you go through life always needing to be the sole #1 priority in your partner's life, that's likely going to lead to a lot of unhealthy relationships. Start working on addressing what it is that's making you feel jealous of her friends, and then you can decide where to go from there. Good luck!
  7. Yknow sometimes I see aros (and aspecs in general) on other parts of the internet dismiss certain labels, concepts, etc. as being mainly “””tumblr things”””. But you know what? I think instead of ignoring and invalidating a sizable chunk of the aro community, maybe you ought to ask yourselves: What is it that Tumblr's doing that so many aros gravitate towards? Why do these aros not choose to join wherever it is that YOU congregate? What can you learn from Tumblr aros, and why do you automatically think our community development isn't as valuable as yours?

    Food for thought.

  8. Question: What would you say that means for aros who are still interested in pursuing romantic relationships?
  9. It sounds like even you don’t think it could really be a crush. I don’t see why it would be. I think your other friend needs to learn to mind her own business and not try to dictate other people’s feelings for them.
  10. I’m always emotionally vulnerable babeyyy!!!! I have ADHD and everything hurts ✌️ Yeet
  11. @eatingcroutons is right to some degree, I will admit I made too many assumptions about the relationship, and in that regard I was at least a bit too harsh. I definitely don't agree with everything you've said, Crou (which I won't go into detail on because it's not relevant, god knows this forum has enough of an issue of people going off on nitpicky tangents already, we don't have to agree on everything and that's fine), but I will admit that I should have been more... Thoughtful. Oof. Sorry! That being said, I'm glad I was able to provide some useful perspective... I think? Good luck.
  12. "Oh, asexual? So you're asexual? You mean asexual? You're aroace? Hey, Alex, you're asexual, right? So you're not interested in sex? You're asexual? Hey has anyone ever told you you have really pretty eyes you look lovely today are you doing anything this Saturday-" Nah, but for real though... My best friend is pretty chill with it. My family initially reacted horribly (calling me a robot who uses people for sex, etc.), but now they're... I mean they make hurtful jokes sometimes, but at least they don't try to talk me out of it or anything? But yeah, most people I encounter can't seem to understand that aromantic and asexual mean different things, if they can even somewhat grasp the concept at all instead of thinking I'm just saying "I haven't had a boyfriend yet" or "I'm not an overly affectionate person" or flat out just tuning out what I said entirely.
  13. Welcome! Always nice to hear from other bi aros.
  14. I agree. To act as if the relationship means nothing is to dismiss 13 years of him including you in his life. I understand it may be disappointing to learn that he doesn't experience the same type of attraction towards you as you do to him, but why should that make it less important? Do you seriously believe someone would stay married and put in the time, energy, money, and effort to raise three kids with someone they only care about exclusively for sex? Get real. You know your relationship. If there wasn't a huge problem with your marriage before, why would there be now? To act as if your partner never "really" loved you just because he's aromantic is extremely disrespectful to him, it's disrespectful to you as the person he clearly cares about, it's disrespectful to your children who grew into the people they are as a product of the love between you two, and it's disrespectful to all aromantics. Now, are you going to let a long-standing partnership fall apart because you're too narrow-minded to see anything in your partner beyond harmful stereotypes regarding his orientation, or are you going to demonstrate to him that you love and support him in his self-discovery? Oh, and frankly, I'd be pretty devastated if I found out that my partner of 13 years thinks I don't care about them based on what label I choose to put on the relationship rather than my actual actions, so you better hope he doesn't read this forum, or you better be prepared to offer him a hell of an apology.
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