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  1. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Allow personals/dating requests?

    Also, guys, aros can date. Nobody has to conform to relationship anarchy. There are aro-spec people who feel romantic attraction sometimes, as well as romance-favorable aros who might enjoy dating, and they deserve respect and a space in this community to be themselves just as much as anyone does. It seems really rude to just dismiss the whole topic because "well why would aros date?"
  2. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Allow personals/dating requests?

    I think it could be a good thing, but also has to be handled carefully to ensure safety and all that. Especially re: underage users.
  3. "Cancel out" in what way? Your personality is your personality. I'd still have the same personality even if I were a ghost possessing a toaster. The only way to change your personality is by actively working on your behavior, although idk what you mean by "weird" personality, and frankly as someone with a neurodevelopmental disorder myself I think "weird" is usually a derogatory label given by narrow-minded morons who can't handle someone being different from them. Better to find friends who aren't massive assholes than to try to mutilate your sense of self.
  4. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Aromantic activism Poll

    It was hard to pick, but I went for "visibility in media" because I think there are probably a lot of aros out there who don't know they're aro, and media representation is a really important thing for showing people we exist. Had I ever even heard the term "aromantic" when I was younger, outside of being a specific type of asexuality, I would most likely have identified as aro at a much younger age and saved myself a lot of pain and suffering. I definitely think the other items on the list are important things that I want to work to (particularly irl aro stuff), but I think before we can do that at all, we need to gain more visibility and more strength in numbers. It'd be hard to make an aro group if out of the 20 aros in your town, only two of them actually know what aromanticism is, yknow what I mean? I feel like the first step is just, hey everyone, we exist! And then we can go forward from there. Basically what I'm saying is step 1: Find and kill the writers of Riverdale, step two ???, step 3 profit
  5. Jot-Aro Kujo

    I'm really confused

    Eh, I'm a little confused as to what you're asking here... It might be better for you to try an asexual-specific site like AVEN? Not that I'm saying you're not welcome here, of course, because you totally are! But it sounds like your question is about asexuality, not aromanticism? I'm not asexual, so I don't really have any advice for you otherwise... Although some of our ace members might, but in any case what I'm trying to say is it sounds like this specific question, you could probably get better answers for on another site. Good luck though, and welcome!
  6. Jot-Aro Kujo

    An Informal Short Form for Non-Binary

  7. I was in a similar situation once, although admittedly mine lasted much longer and also started for very different reasons (no self-harm involved, but a lot more pressure from other friends who "shipped" us). My advice is to just... Be honest with her. I don't think it's really "lying" if you misunderstood your own feelings. Tell her your line of thought, explain the misunderstanding, and make it clear that you do still care for her in a non-romantic sense. She sounds like a good friend, so I think she'll probably understand. Good luck!
  8. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Is amatonormativity a product of capitalism?

    Yeah probably tbh. After all, Valentine's Day sure is, and how would they made their money if nobody cared so much about romance? 🤔
  9. Ah yes. We're so very privileged. That's why my family called me a heartless robot who uses people for sex. Love that privilege
  10. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Does aromanticism affect appearance?

    Oh worm. I dress up all the time because I like it. I am but a simple woman, I see the poofy dress, I like it, I wear it. And I dye my hair green because I like it, too.
  11. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Aromantic Character Headcanons

    Oh god, yeah. It's like you watch one (1) clip from a TV show involving two characters, and next thing you know your YouTube recommendations are like "HERE HAVE 20 DIFFERENT PUZZLESHIPPING AMVS, YOU LIKE THAT RIGHT? RIGHT?? KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE" no. die
  12. Jot-Aro Kujo


    What does this mean in human words
  13. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Am I aro, ace, or just young?

    I've known I wasn't like everyone else from the time I was about 10. I didn't know how to put this into words until I was 18, but I'm a week shy of 21 now and I still feel the same way. If you feel it, you feel it.
  14. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Aromantic seems like an odd name for us

    I mean, don't see how it's any different from any other orientation label. Should one refrain from calling themselves gay in case it rules out the possibility of ever being attracted to the "opposite" gender? The fact is, the reason so many people tell aspecs such a thing, and why so many believe it, is because of amatonormativity. You can worry about future "what ifs" all you want, but I refuse to disallow myself the freedom of having a way to describe my experiences just because some fuckos are more concerned with the possibility that I might someday become "normal".
  15. Jot-Aro Kujo

    Christmas Is McFucking Over