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  1. Not sure there are other karateka here, but I'm just really uncontainably excited that the kata (a series of moves kind of like a dance but with punching) I am slated to learn soon is the one Rika Usami performed when she won world championships - Chatanyara Kushanku. I have a soft spot in my heart for that kata because I've seen the recording so so many times to cheer myself up. :) Edit: Here is the recording: https://youtu.be/iiiznDpoapQ


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    2. NullVector


      @running.tally Ooh, you posted it. That looks like it will be fun to learn!


      It's closer to some of the Chinese martial arts 'katas' (they don't use a japanese word, lol, but it's a similar concept) I've done than I was expecting. The turning movements and 'blocks' remind me a bit of wing chun's chum kiu 'kata' (some 'snake' and 'crane' influences in both maybe?)


      We need a super slow mo version of the start so we can see how the power generation works 😁. She seems to be doing a lot of waist/torso rotation at 1.29 which would make it similar to the way tai chi does it? 


      @SoulWolf Whoops, I remembered wrong! At least it was still a japanese martial art tho 😊

    3. running.tally


      @NullVector I love the comparison to the crane! As for power generation, I know that in my own style we rely a lot on hip rotation so it looks like she is doing something similar. :D

    4. Holmbo