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  1. running.tally

    Arocalypse Discord Server

    Same issue here; I'd love to join and see what shenanigans people are up to if there's room
  2. running.tally

    Writing Thread

    I use both my computer and pen/paper for writing, which might not be typical! Though the pen/paper stuff is much more often for poetry, I'll admit. I would hate to lose one piece of paper out of 50 for a longer work. I like this thread! What kinds of genres do people write? For poetry, what styles and muses inspire them? I'm a big fiction writer myself, and write a lot of poems on nature and people. I'm curious what you guys do.
  3. running.tally


    Welcome As is the usual here, here's some aro ice cream to help you feel at home with us:
  4. running.tally


    Welcome! We're excited to have you. Have a complimentary aro ice cream:
  5. running.tally

    Confused hello from newbie

    The other responders did a great job at welcoming you and giving you some information to work with, so I will only add a welcome aro ice cream that new people receive: I'm glad you've found us and we'll do our best to support your questioning and research!
  6. Hi all, I swore this was talked about somewhere else but I couldn't find the thread, so here we are. I stumbled upon an LGBTQ+ and aro-inclusive friendship finder app that essentially works like traditional dating apps but is purely for platonic relationships. It's called Patook. You can swipe left/right and contact matches (or non-matches, it's pretty free) to chat about common interests and be friends! I just started using it and already made a friend. It's easy to navigate and figure out UI-wise, and you can customize your profile and preferences to a great level of detail. There's also an algorithm that checks for flirtiness and warns you before you send anything that could be construed as too flirty. There's a strict platonic only policy the app developers have put in place, and it's really helpful. I know that a few fellow aros sometimes worry about coming up against romantic feelings and the like when making friends, so I thought this would be a good suggestion for those peeps.
  7. running.tally

    Allo-aros in fiction

    Is this where I might promo my own novel? Hahaha I am writing a fictional piece called The Charlatan, which focuses on an aroace protagonist who has to flee her country in response to being scapegoated for bankrupting the nation and starting a war. (Oof, what a mouthful.) One of the characters that joins up with the protagonist early on turned out to be a bisexual aro, and I am doing my best to write all of the characters' orientations and identities into canon as explicitly as possible, even though they're not the focus of the book. You can find The Charlatan on Wattpad or Booksie. My writing might not be amazing, or everyone's cup of tea, but I love when others share their work and representation with me so I thought I would do it too.
  8. running.tally

    Kahnaahn: A Voidpunk Fairytale

    I absolutely adore this, thank you for sharing. I am such a huge fan on fairy tales, and your style is breathtaking.
  9. Not sure there are other karateka here, but I'm just really uncontainably excited that the kata (a series of moves kind of like a dance but with punching) I am slated to learn soon is the one Rika Usami performed when she won world championships - Chatanyara Kushanku. I have a soft spot in my heart for that kata because I've seen the recording so so many times to cheer myself up. :) Edit: Here is the recording: https://youtu.be/iiiznDpoapQ


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    2. NullVector


      @running.tally Ooh, you posted it. That looks like it will be fun to learn!


      It's closer to some of the Chinese martial arts 'katas' (they don't use a japanese word, lol, but it's a similar concept) I've done than I was expecting. The turning movements and 'blocks' remind me a bit of wing chun's chum kiu 'kata' (some 'snake' and 'crane' influences in both maybe?)


      We need a super slow mo version of the start so we can see how the power generation works 😁. She seems to be doing a lot of waist/torso rotation at 1.29 which would make it similar to the way tai chi does it? 


      @SoulWolf Whoops, I remembered wrong! At least it was still a japanese martial art tho 😊

    3. running.tally


      @NullVector I love the comparison to the crane! As for power generation, I know that in my own style we rely a lot on hip rotation so it looks like she is doing something similar. :D

    4. Holmbo


      So fast :o

  10. running.tally

    My Intro....

    Hi and welcome! Hearing stories like yours is really validating when I myself worry I'm too old to be figuring myself out (which is silly, because I'm in my 20s). I'm also glad you've found this forum! We've all gone through (or are still going through) emotional messes, so you are not alone there. You said you prefer brownies to cake, so pretend this is an aro-themed brownie (as a welcome gift):
  11. running.tally

    how to reintegrate into the world as an aroace

    Excellent questions and excellent responses. I agree with much that has already been said. One thing I do want to add might not work for every person, but is something I find liberating. Sometimes I like to deliberately ignore my identity and focus on commonalities I have with other people. It makes me feel less alienated. Less "other." I am highly logical and like research, as do many of my colleagues, so I cam talk about my love for that and bond that way. I share interests in media and creative hobbies with friends and even with strangers, so navigating the world based on these common denominators can avoid a lot of unnecessary awkwardness or long explanations that I don't have the energy to give. In essence, there are plenty of non-romance-related aspects of human life that don't end up circling back to romance in conversation, and these are the things I take advantage of when I am out and about.
  12. running.tally


    I've read similar experiences from other people on this forum - where the idea of romance and romantic media appealed to them, but when it came to actually being part of it themselves, it just didn't fit. Definitely look through those resources above, and maybe also look through some of the labels here that describe different attractions on the aro spectrum. It's a great masterlist. I hope you can find something that clicks, whether aro-spec or not.
  13. running.tally

    my first pride

    I didn't realize you were also in the GTA! I also attended Toronto Pride yesterday and had a blast. I painted my face with aro and ace flags (and also genderqueer and non-binary, despite "looking like a girl" with the rest of my outfit). I've been to Prides before but this was the first time I went representing my identities publicly. I experienced that same nervousness you did, but everyone there was so welcoming! I met a cool lesbian lady from Germany who asked me about the flags and was really chill with my participation too. She said she really enjoyed the Canadian Pride experience, and loved that the celebration doubled as a political statement and kind of educational march. She took so many pictures to show her wife at home and it was adorable. She kind of adopted me for the duration of the parade; we shared my umbrella (lesbian and aro solidarity!). As for Ace Toronto, I've just gotten involved with them and they're an excellent group! They do monthly social events and also deep discussions and educational outreach. They also officially include aros and everyone a-spec. I plan to attend my first meetup in person with them next month. I'm so glad you had a great time at Pride! (And I hope you had an umbrella because that rain was so unpredictable...) It's so nice to see that real life LGBTQ+ communities include us in the revelries and outreach.
  14. running.tally


    Welcome! Here's some aro ice cream as a treat:
  15. running.tally

    New aroflux member here~

    Hi Tath! Welcome! Nice to see a fellow aroflux Your English is excellent, by the way. It's cool that you're involved in so many things and I think I can say we're all happy to have you here in this community