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  1. Rune_3435

    Hogwarts Houses!

    On Pottermore several a couple of years ago back when it was.....better (with the games and stuff like that), I got Slytherin. On the second time at its current (?) state, I have Hufflepuff and I have that every time I try with any other unofficial quiz site. For the official Divergent quiz at the end of the book, I think I got a tie between Dauntless and Amity and Erudite? so I'm Divergent. I probably need to check the book again. I understand why since I'm a nerd, salty, and artistic (probably) but Amity and Dauntless do not go together lol it kind of explains how weird i am tho
  2. Come to think of it, I've never kissed anyone other than my parents or relatives (or my cats, but I don't think they count). So........sometimes? I guess? I don't dislike it, but I also don't really want physical contact with other people in general. For cuddling, I have no idea since I've never been with someone that close before. Hugging? No. It feels like I'm getting choked and I don't like it.
  3. Yesterday I watched the Bungou Stray Dogs Dead Apple movie (with my pan friend) and......... it.............. it was amazing...............

  4. Rune_3435

    What Are You Listening To/Post A Song

    I really want to watch the Dear Evan Hansen musical... You just paste the full youtube link as text. I don't think youtu.be links work
  5. Rune_3435

    Change one word!

    Teacup pig
  6. Rune_3435

    Change one word!

    Chocolate mousse
  7. I was so happy during PE today (for once) because the teacher played FRIENDS (she always plays music on the radio during class)

    I just yelled "YES" the moment I recognised it lmao

  8. Rune_3435

    Hello I'm New Here Pls Help

    She's my friend be nice to her peeps runerune out
  9. Rune_3435

    Change one word!

    Single Pringle
  10. Rune_3435

    Change one word!

    Click bait
  11. Rune_3435

    Hello everyone

    Hello! I feel a bit jealous since I don't personally know any aromatic people lol Yaay! More Japanese-learning people! I speak it fluently (^ ^) よろしく!
  12. Rune_3435

    Other languages!

    日本語上手いですね!外国人で「w」って使うの初めて見ましたwww I'm half Japanese, half Lithuanian-American and fluent in English and Japanese. I'm currently learning Polish and Russian (when I have the time) and I also "learn" Japanese for easy XP lol I want to learn Lithuanian but Duolingo doesn't have it yet...