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  1. rayofsunshine

    Hogwarts Houses!

    I'm also in Hufflepuff, and my pjo cabin is Apollo! ( I haven't taken the quizzes but but I think I would either be in amity or abnegation )
  2. rayofsunshine


    I'm scared that my friends will leave me for their romantic interests too. They are all trying to get boyfriends and I feel like eventually i'm just going to be on my own. But i also feel that i'll have more time to do things that i love because of my aromanticism, like all the time and effort people are spending on their love life i can spend on my hobbies and hopefully my career in the future.
  3. rayofsunshine

    How Did You Find Arocalypse?

    yeah i found it through this post too, someone from one of the aromantic blogs i follow reblogged it
  4. rayofsunshine

    would you rather

    pink starbursts! would you rather have fingers for toes or toes for fingers?
  5. rayofsunshine

    Post Yer Voice Here - Arocalypse Version

    i did the thing, i was super bored, please ignore me making weird noises because i don't know how to talk http://vocaroo.com/i/s0ylJIvDZs5e
  6. i just watched one of your Youtube videos and u r really good!

    1. Starry Sky

      Starry Sky

      Haha thanks : ) I appreciate it!

  7. okay... i'm really surprised no one has stared this yet. so you need to give the character that you headcanon as aromantic AND your reasoning (otherwise it's just a list tbh) i'll start: Rey from The Force Awakens: this bean is the best, so far she hasn't been given a love interest or been giving anyone The Look (tm), which is surprising because it is a Star Wars movie. I just want the new movies to end with her happy somewhere with lots of green and in a QPR with Poe and Finn,, i kno its not going to happen,, but i want it to. Dean Winchester from Supernatural: i didn't start headcanoning him as aro until i saw a post on Tumblr tbh. I can kinda see it because he honestly seems to be happy just on the road with his bro and the occasional one night stands. and also this picture: i rest my case (and i really really want that hoodie ahhhh) post yours!
  8. rayofsunshine

    I have arrived!

    welcome! i'm glad that you found a word that fits you, that's great! have some.....welcome ice cream!
  9. rayofsunshine

    Hey guys

    Greetings! I have a friend who loves Orphan Black, she has all of the characters POP figurines. What is college like ?
  10. rayofsunshine

    Generic Welcome Thread

    does this work?
  11. rayofsunshine

    hello ~ it's me

    i do that all the time, it takes me a year to remember how old when I tell people and then well... you know
  12. rayofsunshine

    Generic Welcome Thread

    here is some nice welcome ice cream for you! (now im hungry lol)
  13. rayofsunshine

    would you rather

    uum, star wars bc I haven't seen star trek except for the new movies. the prequels or the original ones (episode IV to VI)
  14. rayofsunshine

    hello ~ it's me

    hi guys, i'm alice! I've known that i'm aromantic for a couple of months now, but it took me a while for me to figure it out because i'm also bisexual and didn't know if i was attracted to people romantically or sexually. I'm 15 and i'm in my sophomore year of high school... i like dogs, i play the violin, i do sports,i art, and i watch too much tv. I really don't know what else to say so?????
  15. rayofsunshine

    Aromantic Moments

    Those annoy me soooo much, especially since they don't even have to make it romantic, they could have made it for their love of ice cream or their friends or something else, but they just wrote it as a romantic interest and its so lazy.