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  1. Naegleria fowleri

    What is your reaction time?

    Average = 417 ms my first set of trials... Knew I wasn't submitting that so I tried again and got 296 ms.
  2. So I have this idea for a website called, "I'm Questioning". It would serve as a resource for anyone questioning their gender or their romantic or sexual orientations. Sort of like a guided data bank with information about the split-attraction model, the many genders, fluctuating identities, etc. It would include places for people to add their life experiences to give context to labeling terms. My experience with websites so far has been minimal (I made a website once with Weebly at a summer camp). I'm sure I could figure it out, but I believe some teamwork would better the website. I would also appreciate it if you guys could add some of your various experiences, if this website ever makes it out. Anyway, give this a like if you're passionate about creating a resource like this, regardless of tech experience, and we'll figure this out.
  3. Naegleria fowleri

    What made you happy today?

    I went to the beach yesterday and played with my mom's boyfriend's friends' kids. Watched a three-year-old gleefully discover water balloons for the first time
  4. Naegleria fowleri

    Cupioromantic or Internalised Arophobia?

    I'm so glad you brought this up. I've been having the same questions. Especially because this: is me. In my mind, I want to go out to dinner with someone or lay my head on their shoulder or something, within a romantic context. But as soon as I'm actually sitting next to the person, thinking these things... I freeze. It's just too much. I slow danced with someone, once, and that experience was repulsive enough. Not the person, just the experience. Actually, we're still friends, and I occasionally long to become the adorable couple we would be if I could handle such attention. He doesn't pressure me though; he didn't even before I had a word to justify my discomfort. I suppose it all depends on how you interpret the definition of cupioromantic. You can interpret it as meaning someone who likes the idea of a romantic relationship, or you can interpret it as someone who wants and seeks romantic relationships. From what I can tell, the amount of research on aromanticism isn't vast. Maybe this thing we're talking about is an unnamed aro-spec identity. Who knows? Although I do find that, when I'm in a good mood, I admire the idea of a close platonic relationship, and when I'm in a bad mood, I admire romantic relationships more (which sounds like arophobia to me). And then sometimes I'm like, maybe I'm quoiro? Maybe I'm aroflux? I suppose what I'm getting at is, I think a lot of us wonder what the hell we are. Maybe that can be as reassuring as having a name for what you're feeling.
  5. Naegleria fowleri

    Corrupt a Wish

    Only one copy of your body can exist at any time (ie. you must travel "through" past/future versions of yourself in order to reach your destination). Therefore the time machine is limited to the years during which the user has been/is/will be alive. You will never meet a living dinosaur. I wish I was straight (please corrupt this wish )
  6. Do you think some of the people who make these comments are aromantic and/or asexual and in denial? "That butterflies, giddy, can't stop thinking about them, in love, stuff, etc. That stuff never happens to a lot of people. It doesn't mean they're unusual in any way, it just means it's never happened." -onona Sometimes I wonder if, when people say what's just been described to them is completely normal and doesn't need to be labelled, they are taking that stand point because it is completely normal to them.
  7. Naegleria fowleri

    The Aro <-> Romantic Q&A Thread

    Another question for the romantic people: What does it feel like when someone is interested in you, but you aren't interested back? I've wondered if the feeling is similar to what aros experience in these situations (keeping in mind that there is wide variety among aros alone). However from what I've observed, it seems like the uninterested party can go along for the ride, just to see if anything is there (ex. They can kiss the person to see if sparks will fly). Is this a difficult thing to do? How big of a barrier is the absence of attraction at the first point of contact?
  8. Naegleria fowleri

    Coming out stories!

    Most people in my life are pretty open-minded, so I've come out a lot. First I came out to my Mom, and her response was basically, "Alright, is there anything else you wanted to tell me?" Then I figured the boy I friend-zoned at prom (before I knew I was aro) deserved some sort of explanation. He was pretty understanding, although the labeling seemed to irk him. We're still good friends though. When I handed out pamphlets and chocolate during aro-spec awareness week at my school, I got responses all over the board from, "Wow, I had no idea that was a thing, that's so cool!" to, "That sounds like a psychopath!" (I had to explain to one lady that we are not soulless creatures, that we still love family and friends but just don't fall in love; after that she was more accepting.) And then there was the time I came out to a friend as aroace and she was like, "Hey me too!!!!" Anyway, this thread might help anybody looking for a way to accurately and succinctly come out to others.
  9. Naegleria fowleri

    The Aro <-> Romantic Q&A Thread

    I scored 6, with a little generosity. 3 = kinda 17 and 18 = yes (based on my platonic infatuation for a particular musician) 20, 40 and 174 = yes Alloromantics: Do you feel there is an age at which someone is "too young" to have a crush? I've heard people talk about having their first crush at age 10 or so, or realizing their sexuality before hitting high school (age 13), and my instinct was always, "What? You're too young!" However, I've also heard the term "kid crush" used when referring to the crush-like behaviours of younger children. Do you consider kid crushes to be legitimate crushes, or do they sort of "not count" because the child is too young to really know what they're feeling? Thanks for your response!
  10. Naegleria fowleri

    How are You a 'Bad' Aromantic Spectrum Person?

    -In my head I want to do quasi-romantic things (sensual things?) like sit extra close with a person who's not family or lay my head on their shoulder but in real life it's like, no, no, too close. Hence why I asked my friend to slow dance with me at prom and then instantly regretted it. I don't know when a situation is going to romance-repulse me until it does -I think romance done right is kind of aborbs (especially when it's my Mom and her boyfriend leaving each other little notes) -I own a concert T-shirt that says Hopeless Romantic on it, and I wear it
  11. Naegleria fowleri

    New aro here

    Oh jeez, don't think about it like that! I was like, three when all of that happened, and my parents had already been separated for about a year. There was no "loss", in fact he had been living in another province and I only saw him after he had been recovering for quite some time. He wasn't mean, he was just uninvolved. And honestly, when you are the sunshine in your mom's world, you don't really care what daddy's doing. There was no shortage of love in my house, don't you worry. In my experience, if you are your child's cheerleader, they will be yours. I respect the hell out of my mom for focusing on me rather than trying to "find me a father" (ugh) just to make things seem normal. I like to think of it this way. Everyone grows up learning that people are different. Some are taught that it's ok. Some are taught that it's not. Which side would you rather be on?
  12. Naegleria fowleri

    physical 'symptoms' of romance repulsion

    I've tried to describe it as feeling itchy, inside. But only when it's serious, and directed at me. People kissing in the same room as me is no biggie. And in elementary/high school, when romantic feelings manifested as antics, I just thought it was hilarious. Fake proposals? Hilarious. Austin saying hi to me in the hall and then following it up with a mumbled, "Loveyou." Hilarious. I always just assumed they didn't *actually* like me, they were just trying to be funny. Who knows. Does anyone else find their romance repulsion is linked to eye contact? I find I generally am not a fan of eye contact, but the discomfort reaches a whole new level when it's romantic eye contact. It just seems like it goes on for far too long. Like please, I can't watch you look into my soul and hear what you're saying at the same time. How do people do it?
  13. Naegleria fowleri

    New aro here

    I'd like to have a kid or two someday as well. I don't have any details worked out though (I'm in my teens still, and sex is icky, lol). I can provide some perspective on this. My parents are not aro, but when I was really young my father got this brain infection, and he ended up permanently brain damaged. He relearned a lot of things (walking, talking, writing, swallowing) but not so much on the social side. He can't handle people hardly at all, not even family. He's pretty much estranged now, and I like it that way. Anyway, for a few years we all lived in the same apartment, and my parents not being in love was just a fact of life. Nobody else's seemed to be, either. I would go to a friend's house, and the dad would either be at work or in a room away from the rambunctious kids, on a computer. Not helping the mom make sandwiches for the kids. No hugs, no kisses, nothing. However, what I saw was that the love my mom would have shared with my father, she shared with me. We grew very close. We were best friends back then, and we're best friends now. What I'm trying to get at here is that there would be upsides to having aro parents, as long as they are both dedicated to the child. And in the case that only one parent is dedicated, well, that just makes things harder for the parent, not the child. I think the rarity is having parents that are still in love, that tell each other and show each other that every day. And in that way, an aromantic household could be considered completely normal.
  14. Naegleria fowleri

    Aro/Queer Family Members?

    Coming from a scientific perspective, I love hearing the answers to questions like this. There's more than just genetics at work in us, it seems. I've come out to a few members of my family, but as far as I know everyone's pretty cis and hetero. I've made sure to explain aromanticism to my little cousins, so that they can grow up knowing this is an option (my aunties are far more amatonormative than my mom), but alas, no aros have revealed themselves yet.
  15. Naegleria fowleri

    Can being aromantic/grey-romantic change?

    It's not really on my bucket list. It more depends on the mood I'm in that day. So I brought up a topic a while ago called: "How has your upbringing influenced your attitude towards romance?" For me, growing up with a single mother meant I became very close to a single person, but I also tended to devalue romantic relationships. The things I would desire from a romantic relationship (ie. snuggling, sharing the important and menial events of my life, cheering each other on, emotional support) I get from my mom. However, if I were to meet someone I could bond closely with, either romantically or platonically, I could see myself sharing a life with that person. From what I've seen, a relationship doesn't survive off of romance alone. "Falling in love" is a chemical trick of the brain, it doesn't last. People stay married either out of obligation, or emotional closeness. When I used to envision myself married, I skipped the wedding, skipped the honeymoon, skipped the gooey-eyed looks, and went straight to the silent, mutual appreciation of each other's existence. You might have to ask yourself what it is you really want in a relationship, which can be complicated because relationships are so multi-faceted. But once you figure that out, you'll have a better idea of how to make life better for yourself. The power is with you.