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  1. Our Favourite Aromantic Songs

    Love Stinks, how could we forget Love Stinks.
  2. Aromantic Moments

    Here's a story for you guys. A tenth grade all girls slumber party. The guys had been evicted by eleven, and the rest of us had just turned the corner of midnight. Like the dorks that we were, we were camped out in our sleeping bags with the lights off, playing truth or dare without the dare. Except, instead of one person answering a question, everyone would answer. One of such questions was, "Who would you marry?" Everyone was naming their crushes, and making a big deal about it. Getting all nervous, squeaking out the answer, giggling, that sort of thing. Then it was my turn. I picked the person I got along with better than anybody. "Probably... My mom." "Your MOM????"
  3. Is there an aromantics day?

    When all the candy goes on discount after Valentine's day buy a bunch of mini Aero bars and hand them out with pamphlets.
  4. Our Favourite Aromantic Songs

    You are right on the money. I listen to Hybrid Theory every now and again. Although 70% of my music is your typical girly pop Anyone who likes tastefully written songs about love and heartbreak (as in, lyrics that don't necessarily have to be taken romantically) should check out Michelle Branch. Her songs are the type that have staying power (as opposed to the pop songs you hear on the radio, become obsessed with, then get sick of). "Breathe" and "All You Wanted" are great songs to start with. I know I said aromantic songs at the start but I just gotta blast my fave artist
  5. Because everyone like chocolate, right? So you'll always get questions about it. (How can you not like it? It tastes so good! What don't you like about it?) But how can you accurately describe a flavour? You would say something like, "It's too sweet," and they would be like, "But that's the best part!" And you sort of stand there at a loss because you just don't... like... chocolate...
  6. If you look up "I've never had a crush" you can find "aromantic" pretty fast although only in conjunction with "asexual". I think I learned the term on a tumblr post on pinterest. Same with demisexual.
  7. Our Favourite Aromantic Songs

    I like songs about love and heartbreak as much as the next person, but I think we can all agree songs without romantic/sexual themes can be few and far between. Post your faves here. I'll get us started with: Chasing the Sun- Sara Bareilles Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit One Girl Revolution- Superchick
  8. Aromantic Moments

    That awkward moment when you've brought a friend to prom, but they like you as more than a friend and you're like okay, let's try this out. So a slow song comes on and you're there, swaying back and forth, squirming under the weight of extended eye contact. And then he starts leaning in slowly. And you're leaning out, slowly... Amazingly, he understands when you say you just want to be friends. And the next day you're like hmm I wonder if I'm aro
  9. Is there an aromantics day?

    What do people normally do for Aro-Spec Awareness Week? This one will be my first.