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  1. DavidMS703

    Is kissing romantic or sexual?

    That's definitely possible. I'm pretty sure I'm not totally asexual, but I'm really not interested in kissing, at least not on the mouth, for any reason. And don't feel like you have to tolerate anything that makes you uncomfortable. There are definitely people who feel the same way as you. There are whole cultures where kissing is uncommon and even that view it negatively (Source: http://www.soc.ucsb.edu/sexinfo/article/some-culturally-based-differences-sexual-activity), which I think shows that kissing doesn't have to be a part of sex.
  2. DavidMS703

    Help, I'm really confused

    It definitely sounds like you're aromantic to me. Being aromantic just means you don't have romantic feelings for real people; fantasies are something separate.
  3. DavidMS703

    Arocalypse pen pals

    I would like to be part of that. I've found that it's hard to find other aros anywhere near me and it is definitely hard to make friends in a society that values romance so much more than friendship.
  4. DavidMS703

    What Are Your Favorite LGBT+ YouTube Channels?

    I felt her video about being aromantic was one of the best videos ever made on the topic. I sometimes give it as a resource to people who want to know more. She's become one of my favorite YouTubers since I discovered her from that because she's great at all kinds of videos.
  5. Another problem with many of the studies is that they only counted the people who stayed married as married, though some looked at if people had ever been married but that still doesn't account for society and the fact that what is best for one person may not be the same as for another so that if most people did what would make them happier but those who did one thing were rewarded for it and those who did the other were treated like there was something wrong with their lifestyle, that could produce different outcomes for the two groups not caused directly by relationship/marital status.
  6. The largest focus of that speech was on the studies that claim to prove being in a romantic relationship or getting married makes you happier. I pointed out that they were conducted in society rather than a controlled lab setting and compared it to doing a study of the relationship between height and happiness done in an apartment building where all the doorways have a low clearance of around 5'7" and finding that shorter people are happier without considering that maybe bumping their heads frequently is what's making taller people less happy rather than not being shorter. I also talked about how most other ways the argument that you should get married is made depend on logical fallacies and about the prevalence of amatonormativity.
  7. I can help with that. Actually, just a couple hours ago in my public speaking class I made a persuasive speech about why amatonormativity as a claim about how everyone should live is invalid. My teacher and multiple classmates told me I did really well so I think I'm going to try to start making more speeches about that in more public settings.
  8. You can identify however you feel at this time. To quote Connie Glynn's great video about aromanticism, "Some people are what they are forever, and that is valid, and some people change their identity, and that is also valid." She goes on to say that, "This is my truth right now, and if it changes, it doesn't mean it was any less true." Which basically means, if you feel that an identity fits you in the present, you can identify with it even if you're not sure if it will always fit you. And you can still be on the spectrum if you have some level of romantic attraction, or not. Only you can define what you are because only you know exactly what you feel.
  9. I filled out the form a few days ago but haven't gotten the questionnaires.
  10. DavidMS703

    Our Favourite Aromantic Songs

    Heart Eater by aromantic YouTuber Connie Glynn is a great one. Her other original song, Video Boy, has some lyrics to suggest not having romantic feelings toward real people but is about being romantically interested in a virtual character. Another good one is Me, Myself, and I by G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha.
  11. DavidMS703


    Welcome Nicole! Here's some ice cream. I'm David. I'm not sure if you meant the state or the city, but I'm in New York State as well. You've come to the right place for answers about the aromantic spectrum, so I hope you enjoy the site.
  12. I tried to write a Wikipedia page, but they merged it back with romantic orientation because it didn't have enough content for them.
  13. DavidMS703

    Celebrity squishes?

    I don't know if she counts as a celebrity, but Connie Glynn. I think she is the most of a celebrity of identified aromantic people, and I feel like she understands me in ways most people I actually know don't for that and other reasons, and her personality is the type I feel I would get along really well with.
  14. DavidMS703

    my parents think i am in denial

    I would recommend telling them what you are because I think it will be easier for them to accept something they have a name for and can read about online. It still took some people a while to accept that as who I really was, I think mainly because I had tried to find a romantic partner before I knew my own identity because of the messages society had sent me saying I was "supposed to" do that. Still, many people who were trying to support me went from seeing my not wanting to date as an extreme decision I had made because of rejection to understanding that romantic relationships weren't for me once they had a name for how I felt. And unless your parents can invent a device that accurately identifies everything a person is feeling somehow, they don't have the proper authority to accurately tell you how you feel, so maybe it would be a good idea to point that out to them. These are just my suggestions. Some people believe so strongly in the idea that romantic love and the desire for a romantic relationship is universal among all humans (amatonormativity) that it's really hard to convince them that anything contradictory to that is true.
  15. You can totally still be aromantic and like those things. Aromanticism is only defined by what you yourself feel for other people, not what kinds of books and movies you like or what you do or don't understand about other people. I personally don't mind if romance is involved in media that has an actual story I'm interested in, though I don't especially like extended kissing scenes but I'll watch through them to get to more stuff I'm interested in. I actually really like the show "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," partly because it's a funny story about the worst of the types of drama I basically get to just bypass without experiencing them myself, kind of like the time when I was on a bus that got to bypass a big traffic jam by using a bus lane, and I enjoyed seeing people just sitting still in their cars as the bus went by them.