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  1. What is sold at an inconvenience store?

    Every device or system that can be programmed to process data automatically is technically a computer thus "a computer". Interestingly though my home modem-router has a conventional power button that really cuts the power, unsurprisingly though it's at the back out of the way. A store that sells gallium kettles.
  2. Count to one million šŸ­

  3. Is it worst after 30 yo?

    I'm over 30....by several months. I don't know about settling down....I've never started courting, dating or anything yet. If it's the "ultimate goal" of life then why do most live decades beyond the optimal child bearing age and often decades beyond one's children growing up and moving on? Life has no ultimate goal contrary to what Hollywood suggests and some would like to believe. I think the fear is really based on wondering what'll happen if one does change one's mind or losing the window of opportunity, because like me there has been things one regrets long after it's too late. But that's not living, that's wasting time [word I can't think of right now because I'm very tired right now] over the past and things one can't do anything about. So let me quote Alan Price: "Memories are only about the past The present time will never last The future lies within your heart" But 30 is not too late to change ones career, start education (no age is too old IMO) or even "settle down" or give birth. However I would say by that age you'll have a better idea of yourself and what you want and maybe how you'll get it - so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want kids. If anything you'll probably get less of "oh you're still young you'll change your mind" and such. Just keep going and enjoy life by making new good memories and not ones envying what you might've missed.
  4. Using Valentineā€™s Day to show platonic love.

    I petted one of our dogs....that's about it.
  5. so, it's valentine's day

    Literally nothing special yesterday, no better than any v-day. But from now on I get to enjoy chocolates on special offer.
  6. would you rather

    I'm used to one species of animal hating me on sight *coughhumanscough*....and enjoying taste is one of the few pleasures in life so I think it's obvious now what I'll pick. WYR have only mixed/indifferent dreams for the rest of your life or one nightmare and two good dreams every three days?
  7. would you rather

    Living in isolation in Antarctica sounds nice. WYR be buried at sea or in the ground?
  8. How old were you when you realized you were Aro?

    Approximately 20, when I was aware of the term. I was aware of my unusual lack of romantic attraction well before that though.
  9. Be the newest comment

    Lol. And stuff.
  10. Interesting how it can be a culture thing. It's definitely not the case for me, as I'm pretty much the only one in my family who's even repulsed by kissing. Then again I've never been particularly fond of my own culture or one to easily catch on.