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  1. Famous Name Game

    William Yeats
  2. Forming Intimate Friendships

    I wouldn't say making friends is getting harder now, it's mainly due to the lack of going out meeting new people and after being stung too many times or others just leaving me "for greener grass"....it's too tiring to bother anymore. As for intimate relationships....no idea but I think it's harder to find someone for that the older you get past early 20's. Damn I feel old now.
  3. Famous Name Game

    Wesley Snipes
  4. Famous Name Game

    Will Smith
  5. Post something totally random

    Funny the internet can act as a actual "black box" (that you'd find on planes for example); it's difficult to destroy and can effectively immortalise data indefinitely. And now for something more random:
  6. Every time I've seen an asexual related BBC article pop-up none of them say anything about aromantics (and in fact tend to give an impression that asexuality means sexless relationships) so they've hardly helped, although I don't know how much other high profile news and media publishers tend to give us exposure. I was going to say not so much from AVEN but actually I think many people have heard about aromanticality from there first and perhaps there alone. We'd probably gain more interest if we "advertise" aromantic but still close or intimate relationships. Humans are highly social creatures and many of all ages are often hungry for more relationships, caring so much for intimate and sensual relationships, followed by close friendships and family matters or stories that could affect their social life or bonds between others. "Sexless" romantic relationships easily turns heads or becomes click bait because the title contains something relating to sex (even just the word "sex") and it's about some couple, coupled (there I go again) with an unusual story, twist or headline.
  7. Real friends with benefits are a rarity

    To me a real friend with benefits include good friends that can also help out with things like car problems or delegate tasks when most needed. I wouldn't mind much either way, because real friends are hard to come by.
  8. Age range of openly aromantic

    Probably for similar reasons for asexuals. Romance is glorified as much sex if not more (I think it's more, especially historically) and aromanticality has only gained much awareness in the last decade or so. Many people over that age are in relationships especially marriage and some were pressured into it long before they had internet access let alone heard about aromantics....the last thing they probably want to do is admit that they're not really attracted to anyone when they've been married for years. Maybe it's just their parents or grandparents that are/were less forgiving for that sort of thing and they were brought up to respect their predecessors' expectations more. I guess I'll know more in 10+ years. I can't really see myself changing that radically though when I'm already 3/4 there. My mum, despite all her flaws, doesn't seem to care much that I'm unlikely to pursue such relationships let alone get married, but I wouldn't pretend to be romantic and especially get married even if I had the whole family pressuring me right now...."tradition" and "family values" can go to hell for all I care.
  9. ever been on a date without knowing?

    Nope. If I have then I don't know anything about it.
  10. feeling kinda straight

    Pretty (sorry) much this. However I don't really like strangers and even less like the idea of asking them out or anything. Hell I tend not to initiate talks to anyone I don't know in informal situations.
  11. Quite honestly I see singlism and such discrimination as yet another proof that humans are notoriously egocentric and we increasingly live in cultures of greed and especially narcissism. One of the reasons some (if not many) people greatly encourage or even force others to go through marriage is the whole title and ceremony - the ostentatious but rigid gesture of bowing before the will or wants of their parents, and/or peers. The sheer tradition of it is little more than an outrageous expression of compliance and conformity. It is a subtle nod to the increasingly vocal crypto-fascists who use it against us because they hate anything and anyone that doesn't remind them of themselves or at least their super-ego they're infatuated with.... But wedding cake is nice.
  12. I'd rather ... than get Married

    I would rather return to AVEN than get married.... ....probably.
  13. The general story goes something like this: Friend meets me, friend becomes friend. Friend learns I'm aromantic or that going out of the way for a RL relationship isn't practical, friend disappears or no longer is friend. Rinse and repeat. This effects females far more than males in my case but the same can be said for others if they deem me not worth hanging around for if there's greener grass elsewhere....until they want computer help or free second-hand components or whatever again. Now I remember why I don't bother with making "friends" anymore.
  14. Count to one million 🐭

  15. Why does the above post offend you?

    I'm offended because your avatar looks like a 2017 version of Death Note's L's logo.