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  1. Zorcodtoa

    Anyone want to help me make a website?

    If you expect just a minor-traffic website with straight forward content then you can settle for just about any self-managed web host for as little as a few dollars/pounds a month. Many provide built-in packages to auto install and configure webware (what I call scripted software for sites), with a user-friendly back-end website management portal like Cpanel for 'free'. If you expect to expand however and need more control over the 'engines' then a Virtual Private Server is an option although maybe more expensive. VPS gives you an OS instance to control, install your own web server software and such, all running parallel with some other isolated customers on the same machine. If you expect to grow more or wish to have full control of said computer, then there're dedicated servers which are the most expensive but gives you more resources, rights, value for money as well as flexibility. However the latter requires one to be more tech-savvy in securing, configuring, etc although managed solutions exist. Then there's cloud hosting but you may not need to do anything for that at least any time soon....it can be like the basic web-hosting deals but they use multiple servers in multiple data-centres to provide redundancy and reduce latency by hosting cached content closer to visitors. I have experience most in dedicated servers and basic web-hosting. I have a dedicated server and have more than enough room for another low-to-mid range website or two. The biggest issue is the lack of usage for something that's quite costly, but one can run just about anything else (like game servers) as long as it's legal and not against the hosting company's ToS.
  2. Zorcodtoa

    Boston College Professor

    I would ban universities from banning or enforcing dating.
  3. Zorcodtoa


  4. Computers are not phenomenons and neither is the internet. Ignorance however is.

  5. Zorcodtoa

    Can being aromantic/grey-romantic change?

    Unlike getting drunk and high, being in love is longer lasting and healthier and enables one to feel more at ease with at least someone without any hang overs. It may make living with them easier and more enjoyable, while living with a drunk or drug addict less pleasant. Love/person addiction can be just as harmful though.
  6. Zorcodtoa

    What do you like most about yourself?

    I no longer have to ask anyone for any tech help.... I just ask Google instead.
  7. Zorcodtoa

    Denial, Depression and Aromanticsm

    I'm currently going through another phase of questioning my orientation no less because of depression and whatnot. However AVEN had woven even more doubts about my sexuality.
  8. Zorcodtoa

    aromantics in romantic relationships

    I want romantic relationships the same way I want lasagne - I can't stand the white sauce and don't like the cheese either but I may crave the rest. At the end of the day though, I rather not go through the bother and prefer not to have lasagne, at least on a frequent basis. Garfield may not agree but to each his own. But the key difference is I've not yet even tried a romantic relationship. They're bloody expensive too.
  9. Zorcodtoa

    Intersectionality with aromanticism

    By that definition I'm probably a minimalist by nature. Another thing I'll add is Asperger's Syndrome, as that's closely related to my aromanticism and maybe partly caused by.
  10. Zorcodtoa

    Can being aromantic/grey-romantic change?

    @Somewhatgrey1989 I've always thought I was aromantic or demi/grey as soon as I uncovered it maybe a decade ago. At that time I thought I was "just asexual" and that meant being aromantic as well. When I discovered the difference it made me reflect on the fluidity of both orientations as well, so then went by "aromatic" or maybe demi from then on. I've not been romantically attracted to anyone yet so that's good enough to me.
  11. Zorcodtoa

    Can being aromantic/grey-romantic change?

    Sometimes I feel like "maybe I am demi romantic/sexual" but other times I feel like it's the last thing I could be. What I feel changes and what I think is based on experience - something which I have next to none of, so maybe only "grey".
  12. Zorcodtoa

    What is your definition of a QPR/squish?

    Squish - A strong friendly interest or infatuation in someone, non-romantic but still with emotions running high. QPR - A close relationship.
  13. When I first came on AVEN I thought being asexual meant aromantic as well, then I realised I was aromantic. Then I thought maybe grey-A, demi and now I'm not sure however I'm still more confident I'm aromantic or at least demi. Before all this though I thought 'straight'.
  14. Zorcodtoa

    A Million Dollars But...

    So 22.8 years of being rich or maybe longer being not so rich.... Well it's kinda obvious....I'll pick the money and then give it all to charity. A million dollars but inflation will cause that and all other money to be worth less than 0.1% at a unpredictable point within the next decade.