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  1. Romance is 57,005.

    1. Next-Level Consciousness
    2. Zorcodtoa


      Fellow maths and computer nerds may know.

  2. Zorcodtoa

    Does aromanticism affect appearance?

    If I dress nice when I don't have to you should perform an exorcism. I don't follow fashion, I don't go by unwritten rules besides my own and I'm picky in what I wear when it comes to comfort. I don't ever dress up to "sell" myself for romance....ick. When it comes to others, I just wish they don't make themselves too distracting or offensive.
  3. Zorcodtoa

    Count as high as possible before a staff member posts!

    86 This is too easy.
  4. Zorcodtoa

    I'd rather ... than get Married

    I rather get dead then married.
  5. Zorcodtoa

    A Million Dollars But...

    Yes......I don't have a best friend anyway. A million dollars but you can't personally use any computer again. That means no desktops, laptops, tablets, game consoles, network switches/routers, smart phones/TV's/etc, mini computers like the Raspberry Pi, ATM/cash machines, self-check outs, digital cameras, servers and internet services, any computerised device at work, MP3 players, DVD players, etc directly. And if you do, even unknowingly, you'll lose half of the money each time even if you'll go in debt.
  6. Zorcodtoa

    Why I will be shunned from Arocalypse....

    I love chocolate.
  7. Zorcodtoa

    Managing being third-wheeled by your friends?

    I got rid of all mine that third-wheeled me.... The problem is I now have none left to get rid of.
  8. Zorcodtoa

    Wanting internet friends

    Fixed. It's true though. It's just easier to hide, mask or deceive online in some ways at least.
  9. Zorcodtoa

    How to find companionship for life?

    Basically some dating schemes and suggestions are so rigid when it should differ from person to person that it inevitably results in disaster or inefficient partner finding for some. Rules should be made up naturally for each individual, not imposed. The biggest mistake in dating is not dating itself, but probably the way it's done. When people go so far as to shame or alienate someone who doesn't do it the exact same way as them, or at all, now that really pisses me off. Relationships and dating doesn't belong in fashion, let alone fascism. (Is it any coincidence that fascism and fashion sound very similar? 😝) Dating strangers is like trying out any or every car without checking out any of the specs or price first, or even figuring out if you can even fit the damn thing in your garage. Marrying strangers is like buying said car because you like the feel after just sitting in it. Then most people wonder why the steering wheel comes off or everything falls apart mid-ride and plummets into the nearest obstacle or sea.....
  10. Zorcodtoa

    Wanting internet friends

    The older I get, the harder it is to find, make and keep "friends". I'm just tired of it, and miss the ability to connect or engage in long but interesting conversations or even just fooling about, playing games, etc. The newest "friends" just feel so distant and unrequited and most regulars just go missing anyway.
  11. That's quite an algorithm.
  12. There's Pulse/Kairo, which is a Japanese thriller. No romance in that, just philosophical.
  13. Zorcodtoa

    Another Aromantic Test

  14. Why do you have a closed-minded friend? They're not worth keeping in my books.