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  1. Zorcodtoa

    Wanting internet friends

    Fixed. It's true though. It's just easier to hide, mask or deceive online in some ways at least.
  2. Zorcodtoa

    How to find companionship for life?

    Basically some dating schemes and suggestions are so rigid when it should differ from person to person that it inevitably results in disaster or inefficient partner finding for some. Rules should be made up naturally for each individual, not imposed. The biggest mistake in dating is not dating itself, but probably the way it's done. When people go so far as to shame or alienate someone who doesn't do it the exact same way as them, or at all, now that really pisses me off. Relationships and dating doesn't belong in fashion, let alone fascism. (Is it any coincidence that fascism and fashion sound very similar? 😝) Dating strangers is like trying out any or every car without checking out any of the specs or price first, or even figuring out if you can even fit the damn thing in your garage. Marrying strangers is like buying said car because you like the feel after just sitting in it. Then most people wonder why the steering wheel comes off or everything falls apart mid-ride and plummets into the nearest obstacle or sea.....
  3. Zorcodtoa

    Wanting internet friends

    The older I get, the harder it is to find, make and keep "friends". I'm just tired of it, and miss the ability to connect or engage in long but interesting conversations or even just fooling about, playing games, etc. The newest "friends" just feel so distant and unrequited and most regulars just go missing anyway.
  4. That's quite an algorithm.
  5. There's Pulse/Kairo, which is a Japanese thriller. No romance in that, just philosophical.
  6. Zorcodtoa

    Another Aromantic Test

  7. Why do you have a closed-minded friend? They're not worth keeping in my books.
  8. Zorcodtoa


    Then why reply to my post over-defending yourself? What? Self-contradiction. My point is it may very well "suck", regardless if they know it will or not. I dunno....the Earth will implode? The four fundamental forces of nature will come undone? Maybe I'd be the world ruler......... Anyway I at least wouldn't score any points for sexual harassment because I interact with strange women the same way I interact with any other stranger: I don't.
  9. Zorcodtoa


    I'd like to see those who insist others to try sex explain how one would find such a person to try a sexual relationship with. There's no "one-size-fits-all" type and if it doesn't go well, which is quite likely, one would be more convinced that either sex is bad (for them) or they're asexual, anti-sexual or whatever. Imagine someone who tries coffee for the first time and they didn't like it....was it just a bad drink (e.g poorly made) or maybe they'd prefer it with or without milk, sugar, etc? The coffee fan who recommended it might not know themselves because they didn't taste it before and might not be able to find out. I've drank barely palatable coffee drinks before (one of which I poured down the drain) but also ones that made it hard to believe I went on years happily on instant coffee. But sexual relationships is harder when it requires a lot more complicated variables and conditions for two people, let alone both need to be attracted otherwise it probably won't end well. Personally I refuse to try anything with anyone who I don't like enough, or those who doesn't like me. It's gotten harder to make let alone sustain friends over time and I'm exhausted with having to introduce myself enough alone every time. I may not be able to bash it, but I sure know if I want it and am attracted to someone or not. If anyone however has any suggestions to how I should try it anyway feel free to say so....I could do with a laugh.
  10. Zorcodtoa

    Tell me about your day

    I woke up. To be continued....
  11. Zorcodtoa

    Count to one million 🐭

  12. Zorcodtoa

    Count to one million 🐭

  13. Zorcodtoa

    Anyone want to help me make a website?

    If you expect just a minor-traffic website with straight forward content then you can settle for just about any self-managed web host for as little as a few dollars/pounds a month. Many provide built-in packages to auto install and configure webware (what I call scripted software for sites), with a user-friendly back-end website management portal like Cpanel for 'free'. If you expect to expand however and need more control over the 'engines' then a Virtual Private Server is an option although maybe more expensive. VPS gives you an OS instance to control, install your own web server software and such, all running parallel with some other isolated customers on the same machine. If you expect to grow more or wish to have full control of said computer, then there're dedicated servers which are the most expensive but gives you more resources, rights, value for money as well as flexibility. However the latter requires one to be more tech-savvy in securing, configuring, etc although managed solutions exist. Then there's cloud hosting but you may not need to do anything for that at least any time soon....it can be like the basic web-hosting deals but they use multiple servers in multiple data-centres to provide redundancy and reduce latency by hosting cached content closer to visitors. I have experience most in dedicated servers and basic web-hosting. I have a dedicated server and have more than enough room for another low-to-mid range website or two. The biggest issue is the lack of usage for something that's quite costly, but one can run just about anything else (like game servers) as long as it's legal and not against the hosting company's ToS.
  14. Zorcodtoa

    Boston College Professor

    I would ban universities from banning or enforcing dating.
  15. Zorcodtoa