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  1. I don't know. I just feel out of place if that makes any sense. Because there are a lot of expectations that I don't meet. And if you do, that's awesome. But I don't and I feel alone. Because I've yet to meet anyone who feels the same way as me. Not to say that they don't exist. And when I said "I live like an alloromantic person" I may have phrased it poorly. What I ment is that I don't feel bored or digusted by other peoples romance(s), and I don't really broadcast that my relationship isn't romantic and that its actually a QP. And I want to be around other ARO people, but in every online space I join I feel separate because I don't see others like me. And you say you came here so you don't feel like a freak in the world, I feel like a freak in the world and on here. Just because I """""pass""""" as an alloromantic doesn't mean I'm not made to feel weird and bad by passing remarks. I made that post to try and reach out to other people who feel the same way. The same thing most people on here did just by joining.
  2. I've been reading a lot of literature about aromantisim, and a lot of it talks about how aro people are disgusted and hate any kind of romance, and how they would never have a partner, and how they have squishes. But I don't relate to any of this. I like to read/ watch romantic media, I have a partner (queerplatonic) and I don't fit most of the stuff on the "you might be aro if..." List on here. I live my live very similarly to an alloromantic person. Obviously its totally cool if you're completely disgusted by romance. But that's not me, and I want aromantic diversity to be acknowledged. I don't know, just something that's been on my mind recently. ~Henry
  3. Okay, so I came out to my partner as aromantic very recently. We had already been together when I told him. I'm a very physically affectionate person and he knows that nothing will change, aside from that fact that I'd rather call our relationship a queerplatonic one instead of a romantic one. But he still seems a bit hesitant. Has anyone gone though something similar and have any tips on how to help him feel more comfortable as I continue to figure out where I stand on the aromantic spectrum? Thanks, ~Henry
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