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  1. 2018 New Years Resolutions

    That is a tough one! I would love to hear how things work out. I;ve been thinking about getting an answering machine so that I can screen my calls and tell all my friends to call the landline if they want a chat~ then maybe I will actually answer my phones more often
  2. Is there an aromantics day?

    yeah ditto. What do the aros who have been more self-aware for longer than us do for Aro celebrations?
  3. Fantasising and Thoughts

    I am a daydreamer too, but I guess I am just massively self absorbed as the daydreams basically are never about other people I know! I daydream about random things and things related to myself all the time.
  4. 2018 New Years Resolutions

    I've seen some episodes and really liked it! Hopefully I can find a collectors box of something floating around That should be fun! would that possibly expand to future 3-day eventing? < I watch that but never did it. I never got past jumping, I hate jumping do it! and live the dream! I always wanted access to the museum vaults, but they only really let researchers in there for the sake of a topic I labelled this New Years Resolutions when in fact I have been doing some of these things already, other things are just a vague notion of 'maybe this year'. New Years actually means nothing to me. Christmas day is the start and end of the year for me!
  5. 2018 New Years Resolutions

    For my New Years resolution I will...... come out to at least 2 more of my friends (because I was planning to do it about 2 weeks ago but didn't). finally give the birthday present that has been sitting at home to the friend I started it for 3 years ago. do something to celebrate aromantic day/week! Hopefully with friends! along with the usual: drink less, eat healthier, get a better job blah blah buy a Mushi-shi box set blah blah maybe get a new piercing blah blah
  6. 2018 New Years Resolutions

    Got a New Years resolution? want to share it or just write it down for posterity? add it here and discuss (or not).
  7. I only just found out about this yesterday, but maybe look for 'professional cuddlers' in the professional or services section. Apparently you can get training and diplomas and everything to become a professional. Just a quick search came up with lots http://thesnugglebuddies.com https://cuddlist.com https://www.cuddlecomfort.com/become-a-professional-cuddler So you could look to see what is in your area, or train to be one and then you can cuddle everyone and get paid for it. The article I read though the cuddler mentioned that most of her clients are divorced middle aged men who are looking for a 'motherly' cuddler. You can build up a professional relationship if you use the same cuddler all the time, so it isn't like cuddling a stranger in a cuddle/hug group session. I know it is still probably not what you were looking for but now the info is here if anyone wants it.
  8. I was severely disappointed in the soundtrack in TFA (like how much regurgitation of A New Hope do they need?) So is this new one along the lines of the subtle beauty of Attack of the Clones? (~I'm just assuming the plot isn't dark enough for the moody minor key glory of Revenge of the Sith). Not that either way I really care that much to go see it or pay any sort of money to see it ever. And by visually I assume you are talking about everything visual in the movie? 'cause as for costumes beating The Phantom Menace is a tall order.
  9. Nobody is perfect

    Thank you. We still haven't managed to work out how it happened and particularly how fast it happened (less than 20 minutes)...and why it only happened to that one half of the pumpkin on the tray....but yes the mysterious charcoal black pumpkin juice meringue was truly a curious fiasco.
  10. What made you happy today?

    I am just generally feeling super good this morning, plus I'm wearing my new dress
  11. yeah, no experimental tackling when you play touch football
  12. I have a squish.. I think?

    I've never had a squish so had no idea there could be levels of squish. Though I guess most of my normal friendship progression would be similar to the middle level you describe.
  13. Gender neutral pronouns

    Native English speaker here. For some reason I always think of singular 'they' as having a location component. sort of like 'they (over there) wont like that'. But fundamentally it is treated as a plural, like who says they is? it is they are. So it is not a clean gender neutral pronoun, in the sense you can't use find and replace to change it in a text and still have all the sentences as grammatical. I don't have a problem using it though. I use it quite a lot.
  14. Relationship Anarchy

    @aro_elise well there are some people who can't deal or feel for more than one other person at a time, so they are sort of default monogamous and it isn't a choice, same would be for people who can have relationships with multiple people at once. It isn't a choice it just is. I think how you structure your relationships is a choice between the people involved. Working around things like possessiveness, jealousy, expectations and repulsions is just part of the minefield of setting up the relationship you want. I don't know if relationship anarchy is really a choice, it mainly seems to be a framework about embracing what you need in a relationship and can apply to everyone. Really it should be the standard and all other relationships where you conform to something specific should be seen as the 'choices'. Sort of like the idea of you are you and everyone is individual, you start choosing to fit in and choosing to follow previous examples of what relationships should be.
  15. That's good. I was just worried that your squish was on some random or someone you just became friends with. Misplaced trust happens a lot when it is being driven by attraction or one-sided feelings. starting with touch types you are okay or at least tolerant of is probably the best way, just don't push yourself too far too fast