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  1. Dealing with friend/future roommate in a relationship?

    What has been said ahead of me is very good advice. I do think you should have a chat with H and E as well. Especially talk with H and ask whether they will be alright compromising for the short term by exposing themselves to PDA for a 6 month or so period so that you can feel better, and ultimately A will have much more freedom with S once there is no roomate. If everything is accepted by H and E you can then approach A with a 'Perfect Solution' to the issues you feel you face. Hopefully A will see the value of swapping roomates then.
  2. Coming out stories!

    I have now come out to 3 more people and they seriously went like this: 1st reaction: I'm gonna google that 2nd reaction: lol aromatic 3rd reaction: cool, I'm demi....so is AVEN as drama as it used to be? so sort of a mixed bag, but at least I am not winning at aromantic bingo, so yay!
  3. Being a Wedding Guest

    snacks for later
  4. Romantic stories that you like?

    Ignorance is seriously the best place to be. But if you must know.... (it is basically a dictionary definition page) Warning: weird kinky sex words are found in the link. https://fanlore.org/wiki/Alpha/Beta/Omega
  5. Romantic stories that you like?

    Would these be romances though, if they don't even like each other? I guess if their feelings move to a neutral or something maybe. I think I understand what you are saying though (what you are saying basically describes all of the Alpha/Beta/Omega stuff I have ever read, angsty relationships with some weird sexual stuff).
  6. romance repulsion in qprs?

    I was wondering this myself recently. People come into things with their own ideas and likes and dislikes, so I guess learning from a lived experience would show some more things you hadn't previously known about yourself because this is a new experience with a new person. Maybe you have to be completely confident in them also being aro to be accepting of romantic coded things you were not completely comfortable in the first place? maybe not. Say if they are fully comfortable with holding hands they might go about it in a blasé way which might trigger a aversion reaction simply because initially you are not as comfortable with it, those feelings might build over time ~this is the point I was pondering~ would it be a different story with someone else who was more careful at holding hands?
  7. Romantic stories that you like?

    Just because I like bringing her name into every book conversation I find, I really like Anne Bishop's portrayals of romance. In her many books there are many sorts of love and romance woven into the stories but there are a few that really stuck with me like in the second Tir Alainn book Shadows and Light one married couple have a very soft and practical love for each other, and I really connected with the scene where she plants more beans than peas, because her husband loves beans while she prefers peas. I really love that example of conscious unasked for compromise in favour of another person. I generally like my romance angsty, but the Tir Alainn trilogy has quite a few examples of quietly sweet loves (romantic or not). I did quite enjoy Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, and if I ever want a laugh I pull out my copy of Twilight.
  8. I am feeling good about things right now. Like I am sitting on a little bubble of calm positivity. 

  9. Hello everyone

    Glad you found us. It doesn't matter how you found this place, just that you did find it!
  10. Being a Wedding Guest

    so I guess the reverse logic is true, to make sure people don't put you in a 'in a relationship' box go by yourself? but then would you be dodging the partner questions all night....I guess it depends on the crowd, I (obviously) went unpartnered as did all of my cousins and no one asked us anything about that. I guess they all hear it through the family gossip grapevine so being face to face is reserved for the important things like small talk, rants, reminiscing, embarrassing stories and jokes.
  11. Late and End of Life for Single Aros

    Due to where I was previously working and other places where my family are working there was much interaction with older frail or dying people. The issues you speak about are quite common so most regions would have certain resources available, though it would greatly vary from place to place as generally it is something local and personal rather than a national programme. All the information I have is for specific regional areas of Australia so for peace of mind you should investigate locally to yourself. For general examples, you could have your neighbour as an emergency contact, or a godchild if you end up being a godmother/father to any of your friends kids, or even someone you have a friendly connection with like an accountant or gardener. Always with their permission first of course. If you truly want to live like a hermit in an anonymous apartment block and know no one you might have a problem as I think emergency contact advocates are appointed for victims of crimes only. For more critical things like power of attorney it can be bypassed in some cases by having a life plan registered with a healthcare service, many aged care services have some sort of option to write something up so that if you have a stroke or something they have your wishes written out. I believe that at any point you can go to your local hospital and fill out a 'do not resuscitate' form to be added to your file. It just takes planning ahead and knowing what you want.
  12. Is it worst after 30 yo?

    Hopefully that is a long way off, but since then she has started working in various mentoring positions so now she has a constant 'supply' of young fun people not worried about marriage or kids to become friends with (in a totally not creepy way)
  13. Being a Wedding Guest

    I was invited to a wedding and I was sort of dreading it. I was wondering how I would react to everything now I know more about myself (I was 12 when I went to the last wedding, and being a kid I got away with running around on the lawn when I got bored). Happily there was a nice requirement of no +1, so no dates were allowed. And it was a family wedding rather than one of my friends meaning there were very few people under the age of 30 and certainly no one else was all lovey dovey or planning their own wedding. Basically it felt like a formal family gathering rather than a 'marriage event' so I had quite a good time even though I did feel very unsure about the appropriate etiquette sometimes. I know some of my friends will be getting married in the next few years and I am just wondering about the differences between a family wedding and a friend's wedding. Any tips and helpful hints on how to not seem completely repulsed would be very welcome. Hopefully this topic can turn into a 'Wedding Survival Guide' that other people can use when the events come up.
  14. Anime/Manga with a purely platonic relationship

    I was reading Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, even though I haven't finished it the friendships are interesting. Whenever questions about romance where brought up, in the case between the two main characters she ends up blanking him. Not sure how it will turn out, but I did hear that the ending was a rush job and some things are left unresolved...lets hope the 'romance' is something left unresolved.
  15. Using Valentine’s Day to show platonic love.

    very maybe possibly.