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  1. Where are your strongest relationships?

    I sort of feel sad that no one so far is 'living the dream'
  2. Being aromantic, and so mostly out of the loop for romantic partnering, I am wondering what our close relationships are like for all the members of this site. Who is your closest person? do you have many close people so it is hard to choose? or do you only have one or two close people while everyone else is a bit more distant? Are you happy with what you have or do you yearn for something different? No need to comment unless you want to.
  3. do you guys know what this means?

    I am guessing here but it seems like the girl likes the character who is narrating, and so notices every single time their face/eyes are vaguely pointed in her direction. So even when she is just moving past while the other person is staring at other things she sees the eyes as looking at her. But that is a damn confusing way to write.
  4. I'd rather ... than get Married

    I would rather be left in charge of a buffet table in a room with @Kickaxe and @Zemaddog 's dogs after being told 'don't feed the dogs'
  5. Is asexuality sinful?

    as this is a bit of fun I'll add something Translation via Urban Dictionary standards: 8yo, to all unmarried or widowed peeps it is good to be asexual or abstain. No sex FTW. 9But if you desperately need sex in your life, go get married. Being unmarried and sexual is the path to The Dark Side .
  6. would you rather

    ~ well seeing as I have drunk a Russian under the table already once in my life with my "Australian" level, I guess I choose the eating thing. Which would actually be very helpful for travelling! WYR be the only one in the cinema when seeing movies (no friends or anything either, always alone, every time) or be able to consciously control your heart beat like you do with breathing (remember there are Blue Ring octopi out there!)
  7. Aromantic Product

    So we have you to thank for the setting up of the (a)romantic forum on AVEN? You know this probably makes you an aro celebrity.
  8. Aromantic Product

    oh you go the 'ow romantic' route with pronunciations I feel like these products wanted to be 'romantic' but that was taken by another product so they just started from the beginning of the alphabet. So if 'aromantic' was taken they would have called their products 'bromantic' (as 'Be Romantic'.......though you never know 'Bro-mantic' might have a market) or 'cromantic' (as 'See Romantic')
  9. hi !!

    Welcome! have some aromantic mascot ice cream I am glad you have decided to make an account so you could have a voice here. Once you start talking and asking questions I'm sure someone will come along and relate, but desiring something you are repulsed by does sound pretty painful!
  10. Famous Name Game

    Mia Wasikowska
  11. Aromanticism and depression

    I can support that notion. It is even harder to notice the changes when you do have strong but fleeting moments of good emotions yet the downward spiral continues. Not nice.
  12. Aromantics Just Want to Be Your Friend

    I gave the article a pass, especially about not refocusing after the 'too young' bit, because it is an older one, but seeing it does bring up the question: why are some of the more modern articles worse? But I am just glad that I could add something old but new!
  13. Famous Name Game

    Raquel Welch
  14. Famous Name Game

    Hugo Weaving muahaha I will give you all the W!
  15. Famous Name Game

    Gerard Way