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  1. Hey!

    Sims 4, I tried to do sims 3 but when I downloaded cc it killed my sims 4 and I couldn't handle sims 3 without cc. Wowie that was a rollercoaster
  2. Hey!

    Obvi, what do you expect! It's not like we're human! Thank you
  3. Hey!

    Ong thats crazy!! I always try to make my sims as miserable as possible (i like to say its for the challange) and so like ill make them poor af then make them immediately have kids plus the worst lot traits and they end up so poor and i love it honestly
  4. Hey!

    Hi! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I kinda forgot about this place for a while. Ima try to be on more now! Nowowow ill actually do the thing u said. i play the sims, a lottt. I also draw sometimes. I probably have anxiety. Im in high school and while i live in a v accepting place, everyone at my school is so heckin straight!! I was previously addicted to the allosexual aromantic tag on tumblr, but i've gotten to the bottom of it and i dont know what to do with myself. So yeah... theres a list of things about me?
  5. Hey!

    Hi everyone,, im Saf. I just joined the community and i geuss i just wanted to say hi! She/her pronouns, im homosexual aromantic, and id love to make friends and talk to peeps! So yeah i geuss