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  1. aro_elise

    What Are Your Favorite LGBT+ YouTube Channels?

    i agree. you've probably seen her video about why she's single, which since she made it before she came out does not include the reason that she's aro. i actually related to what she said in it too, which i'm sure isn't a coincidence but i thought she made some good points without actually mentioning aromanticism. and i do like some of her other videos.
  2. aro_elise

    How do i know if i'm aro?

    i'll say the same thing i always do: if you think 'how can i know i don't experience romantic attraction if i don't know what it is?' (like @Divinidia said), that in itself should be a pretty good indicator. if you'd felt it, you'd probably know. how many allos (non-aros) do you think wonder whether what they're feeling is actually romantic attraction (and it is)? maybe a couple. and maybe you're one of them, i can't decide that for you, but as someone who's identified as aro for over 3 years i can relate to what you said. you don't have to choose a label now or ever, and if you do choose one and later find it doesn't fit, that's totally fine too. i understand it's nice to feel like you understand yourself and have a community of people who understand you, and i hope looking at some of the conversations on here will help with that.
  3. aro_elise

    Does aromanticism affect appearance?

    i wear lots of makeup and i care about my style, which i think is mostly due to being in fashion design, but you might have a point about the sexuality thing. i occasionally find myself hoping to look hot, by which i guess i mean sexually attractive. i don't think there would be a huge difference in how i looked if i were ace, since my style is mostly about self-expression and aesthetics, but perhaps a small difference. and i can't be sure but i don't think being alloromantic would change anything.
  4. ok idk whether this has been mentioned but have you guys seen bojack horseman? there's an ace character and the representation is really good (in my allo opinion) and i was like, nice, but then! they said the word aromantic! boi, i paused that real quick and screamed. i wasn't expecting to hear that on tv in my lifetime. and they brought it up again in a later episode and it just made me so happy. also the show has some real talk about lots of stuff, i recommend it.
  5. aro_elise

    At what temperature do you like to take your showers?

    depends how warm i am. usually cool in summer or after exercise, warm the rest of the time. not hot or cold.
  6. aro_elise

    What Are Your Favorite LGBT+ YouTube Channels?

    I like Parker J, he's trans; I actually started watching before he came out. I watched a bit of Connie Glynn because she's aro (and bisexual) but she doesn't talk about it much. I've seen some of Ash's stuff, they're pretty good.
  7. i find myself thinking i'd like to meet a guy...exactly what sort of relationship i want, i don't know, but i've been single for almost 3 years and, well, if nothing else it would stir up some drama in my life. 🤷‍♀️

  8. aro_elise

    Romance in media

    yeah, it can be good. i'm just finishing a very long chaptered fanfic with an on-and-off romantic relationship (m/m) as one of its main plot lines--not the only one--and i must say, it's excellent. it's well thought out, well written, fitting with the rest of the story, and interesting from start to finish. she writes beautifully. really talented. i've read/seen a handful of other good or decent romantic stories, but most have been boring and many have been problematic, like how i was saying earlier, like promoting romance as the only possible happy ending. if you can write a good romantic story, i'm impressed. if you can write a good non-romantic story, i'm also impressed.
  9. yeah, if it feels right, you can totally continue to identify that way, and you don't have to tell anyone now or ever (except maybe partners). aesthetic attraction (based on appearance) doesn't necessarily have anything to do with any other type, nor does platonic; i can think girls are pretty, like, my best friend is gorgeous and i love her so much, and some of my squishes have been girls--i'm completely heterosexual and very aromantic. just take your time. i questioned being aro for almost a year (age 16-17), and started to tell people several months later. if you have any more questions, i'm here.
  10. aro_elise

    Advice on figuring out my romantic orientation?

    sounds kinda qpr-ish, but that could look differently for everyone. i can't comment on what romantic attraction or relationships are supposed to look like--truly a mystery. the only thing i've gathered is that it's something different. like with a squish, you feel platonic attraction, like you do toward your friends, but stronger or more immediate; romantic attraction supposedly feels somehow differently. then there's quasiplatonic, which could be somewhere between platonic and romantic. also, wanting a romantic relationship and feeling romantic attraction may not go hand-in-hand (ex. cupioromanticism). as for dating, it might help you decide how you feel about it--sure did for me--but be careful: you may end up inadvertently hurting yourself and your partner. just do whatever feels right and be open and honest with yourself and your partner (queerplatonic or romantic), if you have one. don't force anything.
  11. @Luizaprt it's Angelica. and if you want recs, she's not aro to my knowledge, but Latte ASMR is my absolute favourite.
  12. aro_elise

    i may need help

    i know it's hard, i had to do it, but it's better for both of you that you tell him rather than continue to prolong it. tell him that it's just your orientation, it has nothing to do with him personally, and that you really care about him (i assume) but in a different way--you love being his friend. yes, it'll surely upset him, but if he cares about you and he's reasonable, he won't resent you. any hostility towards you is not your fault. good luck.
  13. aro_elise

    Aromanticism and Religion

    i go to estonian lutheran church on holidays. my mom taught me to pray every night, and for a while i did, of my own accord; now i do it occasionally. i declined the opportunity for confirmation because i believe in God more than i believe in organized religion and i don't need to prove anything. for me, a relationship with God is natural and wonderful; i don't identify with the sentiment some Christians share (or my interpretation of it), that they worship God because He gives them strength. I mean, He does, but that's not why i turn to Him--He's just there, in good times and bad, and while i of course can't confirm his presence, i certainly can't deny it.
  14. no worries, i've been vegan for over 3 years and vegetarian for another 10.
  15. i saw someone (not on here) whose username had 'aro' in it so i messaged her asking, "like aromantic?"  she goes "how do you know???"  apparently she'd never met any others.  we had a good chat.