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  1. I wouldn't recommend telling strangers that you're aro. I think Cee Fox is probably on the right track here.
  2. Talking on Medium and other places is actually a really good idea. Much of the reason those big brands are up the top is actually the relevance algorithm - things that are talked about and linked to more are 'more relevant' by virtue of the fact they are more popular. Interlinking between websites is and has always been a pretty important part of Google's algorithm. I've recently started my own website with a resources section. If anyone has anything they feel I should add then please do let me know!
  3. you make it sound like i left or something~
  4. Every new person I meet, or literally every time I meet someone? I could probably live with the former because I rarely meet new people anyway. I couldn't deal with the latter though - it'd basically rule out any interaction with another human whether you were against being married or not. Can you imagine walking up to your boss and having them propose every time? A million dollars but your bank account will be debited $5 every hour for the rest of your life and if the payment bounces then you will instantly fall over dead.
  5. Something random. (it's 2am, ok?)
  6. Oh boy, I think I may just start hanging around here a bit more again. It's been a while!

    1. Ace of Amethysts

      Ace of Amethysts

      I haven't been on the forums much either.

  7. Roughly the same way you worked out you were aromantic - it's a lack of sexual desire. There's plenty of other aces to talk to here though if you're still questioning!
  8. Momo


    Welcome! I'm sure you'll find something helpful here. There's lots of cool people here.
  9. @Blackscarlet666 is the best liar ever.
  10. Allow me to offend you further by presenting the name in the original Japanese: もも Only one letter! I'm offended that you assume that we assume that...
  11. Usually it's about how much they can earn, not how much they are earning at any given point. But how much they are earning right now is a simple proxy for how much they can earn when you're first trying to get to know someone. But I also feel like how much you earn is often used as a proxy for how 'successful' someone is. People want to be in a relationship with someone at least as well of as they are. Which feels strange to me personally.
  12. If you headbutt someone when you hug them you may be doing it wrong! Not that I'd mind.
  13. I'm offended you don't care if you have anyone who cares to reply to you.
  14. This is a mild claim, but it's an agnostic claim not an atheist one, at least in my mind.
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