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  1. Harley_arogreyace

    "allosexual" and "alloromantic"

    Thank you so much for linking me to this! I never knew the history behind the terms we use and honestly i had only heard allosexual, sexual, and non-ace used before!
  2. Harley_arogreyace

    Aromantic Character Headcanons

    Honestly, because of those very rare times he had romantic feelings, I want to say Joey was grey-aro or maybe even demi romantic
  3. Harley_arogreyace


    I just found this place and I am very excited to talk to a bunch of other lovely a-specs but I honestly have no idea how to use this website. If anyone more experienced than I would be willing, I would love to hear about how everything works. thank you
  4. Harley_arogreyace

    "allosexual" and "alloromantic"

    Im not sure how many people have heard the terms allosexual and alloromantic as compared to referring to people who experience sexual or romantic attraction as 'sexuals' and 'romantics' but these words (allosexual/alloromantic) where created to describe such people in a clear and formal way. Im not one to tell others what to say and not say, but i personally like using these word more than saying sexuals and romantics. Especially when speaking. ex: someone trying to ask if you experience sexual attraction "are you asexual or are you a sexual?" or telling people you are aromantic "I am aromantic" 'A romantic? Like you love romance and things?' Idk I just think that it makes people communicate more clearly.
  5. Harley_arogreyace

    Help I'm Questioning?

    From this, my best guess is that you are either aromantic and confusing sexual attraction, sensual attraction, and romantic attraction (unlikely) or somewhere on the aro spectrum such as grey aromantic/greyromantic or lithromantic/akoiromantic or something similar. My advice is to just keep doing research and reading others experiences and seeing how they compare. It takes a while to figure yourself out
  6. Harley_arogreyace

    Which Aromantic Flag?

    I personally like the one that has dark green, light green, yellow, grey, black because I think its pretty and the Yellow means platonic. I also like it because the one with white instead of yellow looks a lot like the agender flag imo but also like that one. I absolutelty HATE the one with orange though. Its so aesthetically unappealing and its a bit of an eye strain. I think people should use whatever flag they want to though. (also, did you know that the one with orange is actually the first ever aromantic flag designed? As well as the bottom flag being the most recent design. Im not sure when the other two where designed)