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  1. Yeah, I reckon it's a uniquely human thing but some animals do form pair-bonds. And since most humans pair-bond with romantic partners, it looks like romantic attraction to a (non-aro) human.
  2. A British politician put her foot in it and it led to this article about giraffe sexuality. 😊 https://www.theguardian.com/science/shortcuts/2019/oct/29/99-per-cent-giraffes-gay-loving-looks-misunderstood
  3. I've had mixed experiences with coming out. With a couple of friends it was a non-issue because they already knew I wasn't "romantically inclined", they just didn't know aromanticism was a thing. One or two friends were positive and accepting. One "friend" accepted it, then asked me to be his girlfriend about a week later, so clearly something went wrong there. I've never regretted it, but there are plenty of people I'm not properly "out" to, including family. If I suspect someone is going to be shitty about it, I don't bother telling them.
  4. Do you mean non-fiction books about aromanticism, or fiction books with aro characters? I don't know of any non-fiction books I'm afraid, though I do know of some fiction with aro characters. Either way, we need more!
  5. I was literally just moaning on Twitter about this. Good Omens: "angels are sexless unless they really want to make an effort". Me: "So Aziraphale's asexual, right?" Good Omens fandom: "Wrong. Here's some porn." I know shippers are gonna ship, but it is frustrating. And the Riverdale thing is not OK at all because that's not just people writing shippy fanfic, it's professional writers getting paid to erase a queer character's identity.
  6. It doesn't really matter how you feel about people. Treat them well and you're a good person. Treat them badly and you're a bad person. I know that sounds really simplistic, but I honestly don't see how feelings are ever more important than actions when it comes to morality.
  7. "Soulmate" by Lizzo is all about being your own soulmate.
  8. "Kissing is gross, you just mash your food-holes together!"
  9. I actually enjoy a good romantic movie, especially romantic comedies. But I've seen some pretty dire ones, and my personal least-favourite is "He's Just Not That Into You". There isn't much of a plot - it's just a bunch of people and their romantic entanglements. What made it so irritating is the relentless sexist stereotyping. Despite the women being beautiful and intelligent with interesting careers, they are all total messes without a man to depend on. They're portrayed as clingy, needy and desperate, while the men are all emotionally-constipated and commitment-phobic. Bleurgh. Also, the fourth Twilight movie. A teenage girl gets knocked up with a vampire baby that makes her all emaciated and weak and damn-near kills her - I just think it would work better as a horror movie than a romance.
  10. Buy the tee-shirt! If nothing else, you could wear it as a pyjama top. And if you want to wear it in public, you totally should. I know how discouraging it can be when people say ignorant stuff, but awareness of "invisible orientations" is increasing, and people are learning and growing all the time. Whether or not you choose to come out, I hope your friends get their heads out of their bums. Best of luck!
  11. Yesss! I stumbled across this on Twitter and I'm very excited about it.
  12. Aha, this looks like the perfect thread to post this. It's a kickstarter-funded anthology of speculative short stories and poems, centered around aro characters and platonic relationships. If you're interested in submitting a short story or poem, here's a link to the submissions page. https://commonbondsantho.com/call-for-submissions/
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