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  1. SamwiseLovesLife

    New aro in the house :)

    Welcome to the party
  2. This is a really great question. Interesting that most people here seem the opposite to me. Follow up Poll on how this relates to grey/demi-romo/sexuality and where the correlations are? (sounds very technical) For me it is actually my sexuality. It seems more relevant to my life that I can be sexually attracted to all (or rather any) people. If I want to engage sexually with someone I simply make sure it's mutually un-romantic. If I were to encounter a situation where I particularly wanted to be with a person but they wanted something romantic, I would probably have a discussion around my general lack of feelings in that department, but would be willing to engage romantically for their sake (if that's what I wanted to do). Honestly I feel platonic bonds very strongly so it isn't so hard for me to 'fake' romantic action as I'm very tactile and affectionate with friends so to do so with a romantic/sexual partner wouldn't be difficult. If I were to focus more on my romantic orientation I'd likely be keeping people at a distance that wouldn't allow for the strong sexual and platonic bonds I particularly aim for so would be counterproductive.
  3. SamwiseLovesLife

    Aromantisicm influencing nonbinary gender identity

    I relate to this so much
  4. SamwiseLovesLife

    The 'Why I don't want to be a parent' thread

  5. SamwiseLovesLife

    Famous Name Game

    Halle Berry
  6. SamwiseLovesLife

    Swearing Poll (WARNING: Swearing and Course Language) NSFW

    I don't swear in excess but maybe a couple times in a day. Usually the good old F***ing and S**t. Also more descriptive ones like balls or bloody (cos British)
  7. SamwiseLovesLife

    Where are you from?

    Midlands England.. so the ankle??
  8. SamwiseLovesLife

    Where is the line between sexual and romantic behaviour?

    I totally second this!
  9. SamwiseLovesLife

    feeling kinda straight

    SO MUCH YES. I struggle with majorly wanting to both snuggle and have sex with people (mostly male people) but not wanting them to get the wrong idea or want to date.. it's pretty hard to explain to non aro people :'(
  10. SamwiseLovesLife

    I'd rather ... than get Married

    I feel this.. talk about identity policing Wow man.. too far D:
  11. SamwiseLovesLife

    Hi !

    ^ I relate Welcome Oona! I like your name, it sounds pretty
  12. SamwiseLovesLife


    Welcome to the party
  13. SamwiseLovesLife


    I don't think it makes people immature or un-developed but I think without 'adult' attachments to people (aro aces) it's fairly easy to feel alienated by the general adult population and then find ourselves slipping into other child-like spaces as we feel more comfortable there
  14. SamwiseLovesLife

    Real friends with benefits are a rarity

    I totally agree, I'd love a real FWB relationship. Two of my favourite things in one person, friend and sex Why are people so weird about that?
  15. SamwiseLovesLife

    How old are you?

    22 this month