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    Midlands, England
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    Prison training Centre Manager
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    It's complicated
  1. What makes you feel romance repulsed?

    I second this, romance is weird. But funny to watch most of the time
  2. I Feel Like Meeting Someone New

    I take it back. We shall stride forth into the sun on our steeds of platonic love and hail in the day of harmonious non-romantic feeling
  3. I am not trolling Arocalypse and reading fanfiction at work.. :D

    1. Momo


      Never trolling, not you.

  4. I Feel Like Meeting Someone New

    RUDE. **sulking in the corner for mbeing second best to @Momo**
  5. I Feel Like Meeting Someone New

    I love how you have a brand new account and already 39 posts #eagerbeaver I lived to prance through this weird romo world another day, that's enough for me
  6. Confused and Questioning

    Very true! It's hard when you don't quite understand the whole romance issue, so you miss the ques and as Momo said, they feel they're not getting enough of what they need. It needs to be made clear I think that to you romance doesn't equall feelings, so you lacking romantic action towards them isn't a signal of how you feel.don't feel about them. It's a pain but romo people like their romance *sigh*
  7. Sex with feelings #NoRomo

    I know right! @Eklinaar gets all the cute stuff. Jealous
  8. New profile pic! The old one was adorable but I guess this one has the virtue of being more up to date? :aroicecream:

    1. SamwiseLovesLife


      Yes! Well I can't be a Bear foever.. **sighs** Thanks :D I like having my face up there so If I ever do meetups people know who to look for

  9. Hey!

    Hello!! Welcome <3 My name's Sam and that's my face <-------- Tell us some more about yourself!
  10. Confused and Questioning

    I absolutely think this is fine, wanting to be with someone doesn't equate to attraction I'm a fairly romo-positive/neutral Aro. As for specific gender, do you have more female friends? I find myself more drawn to certain groups of people simply because we tend to gel better, so wanting to pick a partner out of that group makes perfect sense. Girls smell good and are soft, so If you're going to be with a person there's plenty reasons why you might want to chose a girl; it doesn't necessarily mean you're romantically attracted to them. ^ This too. Honestly I find myself wanting a QPR, but willing to accept romance too if it's worth it for that person. Maybe you might look for something along these lines? If you talk to a potential partner about what you're looking for in a relationship, and what your bounderies are, they should be able to decide whether that is what they will be happy with or not.
  11. Favorite Podcasts?

    I love The Minimalists podcast. I love their books and blog too (don't forget their videos and documentary) but the podcast is a great 0.5-1.5 hour chunk of easy-listening advice. I also Like Colin Wright's Podcast 'Let's Know Things' which each week is about a different topic which he intellectually studies (Plus his voice is reeeeeeeeally easy to listen to, like chocolate and cigars)..
  12. Could I make myself more sexual?

    Ahhh you mean Alloromantics? If so then yes, I agree. I think Allo-romos tend to take everything non-sexual (that's more than basic friendship) as romantically coded, which I quite vehemently disagree with. I share many 'romantically-coded' (according to alloromos) actions with my closest friends with no romantic intent or feeling at all. Lack of sex does not make it romance imo
  13. What's your favorite book?

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy <3 An epic story I can escape from the world into. Also The Help. Beautiful, simple, poignant.
  14. Could I make myself more sexual?

    @Momo so would the uncommited/commited be counted as monogomy or simply commitment to each other (regardless of third-party involvment?) I assume the inclusive/exclusive is indicitive of polyamory/open-relationships?
  15. Could I make myself more sexual?

    I'm an ENF P/J, so I would be roughly 90,75,75,50 (or on the 50/-50 scale- 40,25,25,0) Wow this is hurting my brain..