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  1. i got around it by changing my birth name to a gender neutral one sam and changing my prefix to mx i use any pronoun going as they dont mean anything to me
  2. Why not both?
  3. Granted: sardines, wasabi and dog meat pizza coming right up I wish I could shapeshift
  4. You is kind, you is smart, you is important.
  5. i personally like your use of whatever in your pronouns
  6. Yeah I always make a point to talk to quiet people as usually I find they're just unsure of how to start a conversation, then when you get them talking they're fine
  7. ENF P/J OVER HERE I got pretty much 97% on the E.. Lord of the Es
  8. i like this game better cos i dont have to press the caps button
  9. @Dodecahedron314 Or classical, no lyrics I reccomend Ludivico Einaldi
  10. Mary Landon Baker wasn’t “shy.” Rather, she was free. Perfection
  11. An emerald knight riding a Unicorn shooting arrows at evil cupid babies
  12. I see marriage as a money-suck with few benefits, but I like your idea of derailing it
  13. My first ex (from when I was 16 = 5 years ago) is chatting to me on facebook and keeps trying to flirt #allthenope #aromanticproblems I don't even know how to explain I'm Ace/Aro because I dated him (for a whole 2 weeks)
  14. I've come across people also using zedsexual and zedromantic as this is the antithesis of Asexual/Aromantic. Allo works just as well though and I think is more widely used
  15. Said every non heteronormative person ever