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  1. Immaturity

    I don't think it makes people immature or un-developed but I think without 'adult' attachments to people (aro aces) it's fairly easy to feel alienated by the general adult population and then find ourselves slipping into other child-like spaces as we feel more comfortable there
  2. Real friends with benefits are a rarity

    I totally agree, I'd love a real FWB relationship. Two of my favourite things in one person, friend and sex Why are people so weird about that?
  3. How old are you?

    22 this month
  4. Hogwarts Houses!

    Hufflepuff and Amity
  5. Sex and reading between the lines

    Preach! 'Our kind' <-- We are now mythical creatures. Love it
  6. Lonely Lithromantic

    Remind me what Lithromantic means? Also no worries! You're welcome here and no one really minds lewd, if I'm talking about something really graphic I just put a disclaimer at the top of the post
  7. Leading people on

    I think explaining everything, even if they might not understand it all is the best plan. Least people get hurt. The times someone comes onto me I flirt back, but then jokingly say 'no feelings though man, i don't subscribe to that icky stuff' and we can have a joke about it, without me assuming that they want more. Like saying 'No Romo' but in a way Allos will understand. If I want sex/close friendship with them I'll explain more thoroughly so they know where I stand before anything happens because letting people down sucks
  8. Singer comes out as aromantic!!!!

    THANKS I give hugs in exchange for compliments *squeeze*
  9. Allo-aros in fiction

    Does Voldemort count?
  10. Singer comes out as aromantic!!!!

    This is awesome! Calling in the new generation
  11. Childhood view: Lots of obese racist people on ranches I am so sorry..
  12. Queer (Quasi) platonic attraction?

    @hodges2 How would you personally define this attraction? Just so I can work out the difference between it and normal platonic/romantic desire/feelings?
  13. Sup

    Welcome to the big cynical party Free hugs, opinions and occasional rants.. something for all the Aromantic family!
  14. Mustard pickles are way preferable to trying to explain Aromanticism to Allo people. That's my 2 cents
  15. I'd rather ... than get Married

    Every time it was chocolate you'd get out like a mud monster.. I'd chase little kids around I'd rather BE in a swordfight than get married (any kind of sword fight ) TBH it depends how gentle they are, i mean who says this is a bad thing? I think it's just alien foreplay.. But yeah, definately better than marriage ^ this. I'm at work and literally had a fit of giggles that got me strange looks *wipes tear*