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  1. i just said "omg" out loud to this. i relate /so/ much. welcome to arocalypse!!
  2. I follow someone on tumblr who sometimes posts their thoughts and opinions about books they've found through this database: the-probable-aro is the blog url.
  3. i hope being sick is a good enough excuse not to study because otherwise i'm going to drown in guilt and anxiety.

    1. running.tally


      Absolutely. Your body will recover faster with rest instead of cramming studying stress, right? Get well soon!

    2. time-is-ticking
  4. Omg, so awesome!! Where I live there's not even a pride parade (we hade one two years ago but I didn't even know about it lol) Welcome to Arocalypse!
  5. I feel you. Here's a thread with a playlist of aro friendly songs: Here's a thread too: Hope this helps I'm not sure how aro and ace friendly they are, but I hope you can relate to most of them anyway.
  6. Welcome!! Here's some aro ice cream for you:
  7. Great idea, I love looking at what people have created! This is far from what the end result will be, but I thought I'd share anyway. I've hidden the sketch from view because it's a mess, but I've sketched the full body and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try my hand at a background as well.
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