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  1. Ice Queen

    Change one word!

    Greedy Scot
  2. Ice Queen

    Corrupt a Wish

    Your memory will fail you and soon you'll end up being unable to recall who is who. I wish the climate of my country were identical to the one they have in Iceland.
  3. Ice Queen

    Other languages!

    Ich liebe die deutsche Sprache, aber ich habe kaum Gelegenheiten zu üben. Glücklicherweise aber ist mein bester Freund ein Deutschmuttersprachler .
  4. Ice Queen

    Nobody is perfect

    I'm forgetful, disorganized and sluggish xD.
  5. Ice Queen

    How to find companionship for life?

    This one comes with lots of trouble for me. I deeply wish to have someone to share my life with. The home, the joy, the sorrow, everything. But in order to conclude whether a certain someone is right for me or not, I need time. Lots of time. Apart from the face that I don't fall in love, I'm capable of offering support, lots of physical affection, intimacy and all... but only if I love that person... and love doesn't just "happen" in my case..that person must be worthy of it. I need to form a strong bond, we have to be comfortable and at ease around each other, trust each other...in other words, we have to be best friends. But I don't think anyone would wait for me. When a guy asks me out, with the intention of pursuing a relationship with me, what am I supposed to tell him? "I don't like you now because you're a fucking stranger, but I MIGHT come to love you deeply in two years' time"? The other problem is that I don't want children, ever. And this is the only thing for which there is no middle ground to be found. I lost the life partner of my dreams for this reason and I am still devastated... What we had was the relationship I've been dreaming of ever since I was 14. And I fear that I will never find what I look for.
  6. Ice Queen

    Identity Symbols

    Well, not exactly a symbol, but more like a way of representing aromanticism with the help of art. Just a product of my strange imagination xD. I think it would be cool if I could pose for some photographs in a mysterious setting, wearing a long, fancy dark green dress + matching lipstick, and holding a bouquet consisting of green and yellow roses xD.
  7. Ice Queen

    Romantic stories that you like?

    Yes, I have, it's my favourite series of all times. I like it how all relationships that Aelin has had had were born out of friendship. ACOTAR left a deeper impression upon me as far as relationships are concerned because it Feyre was smart and knew when to walk away from Tamlin, who was toxic for her. By the way, I noticed that both Aelin and Feyre are demiromantic and demisexual :-?.
  8. Ice Queen

    Roses are red, Violets are blue

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I love you tremendously, But I'm not IN LOVE with you
  9. Ice Queen

    What would you say to your younger self?

    "Do not befriend X" (he's a guy who pretended to be my friend, but all along, he secretly wanted to bang me, to use me like i'm a piece of meat and nothing more, that b*stard)
  10. Ice Queen

    Romantic stories that you like?

    For anyone familiar with the ACOTAR book series by Sarah J. Maas - I very much like the relationship between Feyre and Rhysand. It's healthy, and if we were to take romance out, it is true love that remains. The only difference between me and these 2 characters is that I'm not overwhelmed by my feelings when I love someone - my knees don't run weak and my heart beats normally :p.
  11. Hey, I noticed you haven't posted anything in a while.  I hope everything's okay.

    1. Ice Queen

      Ice Queen

      Hello, I'm fine, don't worry! ^_^ It's just that I've been busy working on my diploma project in order to get my bachelor's degree :-s. The presentation is due in June. x_x

    2. Eklinaar


      I'm glad you're okay.  Good luck with your project!

    3. Ice Queen

      Ice Queen

      Thank you ^_^. 


  12. Ice Queen


    It's over now. She blocked me :c.
  13. Ice Queen

    Roses are red, Violets are blue

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Dating is boring, And romance movies, too
  14. Ice Queen


    This story should be the living proof that aromantics do have a heart and they can have it broken, regardless of what those foolish myths say... So I met this woman online 4 years ago. Both of us were members of a lyrics translating website and one day she approached me on the chat. Even though she was 11 years older than me, she was young at heart. I was only 17. We started talking more and more often and came to realise that we have quite a few things in common. It felt comfortable talking to her. One year later I realised she understands me better than anyone else. I came to love her for what she is: for her wonderful soul and her great personality. Despite the distance(we live in the same country, but different towns) we've been through a lot together as we were always there for each other, we shared our deepest secrets. She made me feel safe and warm. I loved her so much. I really thought we had a special bond. But one year ago durig our last comversation she told me about some symptoms she's been experiencing, such as nausea and headaches and she was scared because she thought she had some horrible disease. I tried to chase away her irrational fear but it seems I failed... 2 weeks after she sent an e-mail to me, apologising she hadn't contacted me since and telling me she was depressed and isolating herself is her coping mechanism...Of course I respected her decision, but I thought it was just a brief phase...I was wrong...back in April something devastating happened, I lost the queerplatonic partner of my dreams and it was a big schock because I didn't see it coming (but me and the boy are and will always stay best friends, I love him just as much as back then and he cares deeply about me as well, so don't worry about that :3). I sent an e-mail to her because I felt the need to talk to someone and she was the only one who could understand me...but...she told me she couldn't help me as she was "too much of a wreck to help anyone at that point in her life"... That was horrible news, can't even describe what it felt like...But all this time I've been waiting for a sign...it never came....it is now that I realise that things will never get back to normal again and I lost her...a goodbye that was never said and explained...I never thought this could happen....We once made a promise to never leave each other's side, no matter what happens...I meant it and I believed it....Thing is... I can't forget her. Sometimes I dream about me and her talking again...but it's never reality...just dreams... Time and again I can't seem to stop the tears because the pain gets unbearable. My wound doesn't seem to heal. She broke not only her promise, but my heart as well. I am devastated 💔💔💔.