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  1. I just slept for two hours today after getting very little sleep last night.

    1. sarcastic kitten

      sarcastic kitten

      Yay ! A Panda like me :D

      This week alone I had a maximum of 16 hours of sleep. I would never thank Mother Nature enough for letting us having coffee..;

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  2. I am honestly a lot more protective towards allo aro people than allo aces, it seems. I don't hate them or want them to die or something- it is just their way of validating their humanity by saying they can "love too" makes me feel pretty disconnected with ace movement so I can easily see how us aroaces doing the "but we are mostly aces as well so we aren't 'heartless sex maniacs'" couldend up making allo aros feel the same way. Not that they all have to be always sexually active but because slut shaming and "cold, heartless monsters" are things they already might have and most likely do have said to them.


    I just.


    I am adopting you all okay.

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