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  1. The Banning Game

    Banned because you just repeat yourself
  2. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, however your dad will only have a knowledge (albeit extremely on point) about the Psychrolutes marcidus, also known as the Blobfish I wish I could dance
  3. The Banning Game

    Banned for being a narcissistic being that think they're always right
  4. Life is...

    Life is like a cat : it doesn't give a fuck about you most of the times but they will occasionely either scratch or cuddle you to death..
  5. I'd rather ... than get Married

    I'd rather do a speed dating meeting than get married
  6. Aromantic survey

    A well thought test. That was enjoyable
  7. Count to one million 🐭

  8. Share your Talents!

    uuuuuh....so many possibilities I'm good at being sarcastic in the most inapproriate situations. I'm good at being clumsy and a airhead, like it's not even a talent anymore it's a gift from Mother Nature I'm weirdly good at imitating the goat's voice and mannerism in the film Willow (super spcific I know, but apparently it's a pretty great imitation) And I'm pretty good at memorizing random and completely pointless facts while forgetting about relatives' names or birthday But more seriously, I can say I was pretty good at playing the piano (being at the conservatoire of Music since I was 7, helped a lot) and I'm rusty now, but I Think I could learn it again without so much difficulty
  9. Roses are red, Violets are blue

    Roses Are Red Violets aren't even blue As you're reading this poem I'm in my bed, watching Doctor Who Roses are a crappy flowers So are you, but you aren't a flower Violet aren't fuckin' blue Smurfs'blood coulb be, though.
  10. Post something totally random

    Cats are the best. Cats are one of the fluffiest little thing that you'll ever pet. And their purring is the greatest sound of all sound. And kitten are deadly cute. Look at this. LOOK. MY HEART. And when you are a cat's magnet like I am AND many friends who own cats, you are frequently in heaven :3
  11. Scariest movies for you as a child

    Oh boy, seriously ? I'm the most fearful person I know. So there many things that have frightened me and still frighten me. First, there was Snow White. I absolutely hated the Queen/Witch. Her metamorphosis and her death scared me to death (badum tss). Then there was Fantasia, with the scene of the Devil with a capital D and the scariest music that ever existed in the backround. And ghosts. Lot of Ghosts. God, I cried every time I watched that scene. And of course Psycho. Dude. Motherfuckin' Psycho. I was 10 for fuck's sake ! What I was thinking ! I had nightmare for a week ! Oh god Yes ! Doctor Who. A brillant serie but a scary serie nonetheless. The weeping Angels ? Seriously ? I piss myself everytime I see them. Heck, I was 17 when I started Doctor Who and I had to see every episode that starred them with a friend so I could hide behind her during 90% of the episode.
  12. Supporting a friend who wants to date

    Heya ! I don't think my answer to this kind of problem will be helpful but I'll try. I can understand why you don't want to hurt your friend. She's dear to you and you don't want to lose her by saying that she aren't ready to date yet and that she would prefer some strangers over you. Kind of understandable. But you are her friend, right ? So you kind of know her and she kind of know you ? The right thing to do is to tell her and discuss it openly. Don't be afraid to tell her what you think about it : you have the right to express yourself but don't be pushy and respect her decisions. Tell her simply and it will be her right to listen ot not to it. Relationships are not easy : neither the love one nor the friendship one. But both of them need communication to work. If you bottle up your thoughts about the situation it will certainly explode right at her face whitout any of you being prepared. And it'll end badly. Here. I hope that piece of advice will help you. Don't be afraid ! You can do it !
  13. Aromantic irony

    Ooooh so many irony in the life of an aromantic person : I give better advices about love and relationships by pure logic and observation than the majority of my alloromantic friends. Like many of you have said : Valentine's Day is an excuse for me to get more chocolate at lower cost When you're at a party and you participe in a a less sexual 'never I have ever', and of course the maint topic would be romance and you humble servant (aka me) would remain sober while all the others would get smashed. And at the end of the party I have a clear head and several compromising photos of my friends
  14. Your funny/failish stories

    So, I realized that some of us were almost at the end of their semester and were stressing about their upcoming exams, including myself. Then, I decided to create this topic, in ordrer to relax a little by telling one or several stories of you that make you smile when you remember them. Cute, Hilarious, a little embarassing.... It can be about anything as long as we have a little smile at the end of the post (or laugh). So here I start : It was on my birthday: I had woken up and quicky discovered that I'd lost my SD card just after putting music in (I'd forgotten to put it back in my phone like an idiot). I searched everywhere: my bedroom, the living room, my sister's bedroom, the bathroom and so on... Nothing. So I went to school in a foul mood, because that wasn't the first time that Ive lost something (seriously, If I lose less than 5 items [wallets, important papers...] in a month it's an achievment] and my mother was kindly enough to remind me of this peculiar problem of mine. During the day, I managed to coat some of my hair in sap, so all the rest of the time at school, I had the urge to wash it away. So the first thing that I do when I'm home is to run to my bathroom and begin to undress. As I taked my scrunchie out of my hair (I have very short hair but I decided to make a tiny and ridiculous ponytail for the lol), I heard the little 'ting' of something that fell on the floor and froze. I looked down and was like : On the floor, was my freaking SD card. I had my card in my hair. I repeat : I had my card in my fuckin' head ALL THE FREAKING DAY, WITHOUT IT FALLING. HOW ?? IT DEFIES ANY LOGIC OF MINE Here. I hope that had make you smile I'm waiting for you own epic stories !
  15. What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking about my exam wich is in one week.... and how I would get drunk after