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  1. I'd rather ... than get Married

    I'd rather giving up on cuddling cute kittens than getting married...
  2. would you rather

    Program really well, 'cause programing is dope af and because it's more useful than making absolutely gorgeous art (I'm not jealous, nope) And, I can draw by using programing, altough painfully hard to do, sooooo.... yeah programing WYR be eating whatever you want, however you want without it affecting your health or be able to hold your liquor very well (as in "russian" level) ?
  3. I'm quite thick-skinned : I have the amazing ability to don't care what people/family/friend think or say about me. It's not the 'I don't care about you humans, leave me alone'' or the 'You've insulted me, and I'm gonna cry in my corner''but more of the ''You give me an advice/insult or approve/disapprove about my way of life, and that was your right to say it. Now it's my right to either totally ignore it, accept it or aknowledge it without doing anything to change it'' kind of "I don't care". That's me in real life. I But let me read/watch something sad and I'm like : I believe that I build it over the years : I'm someone who watch the way everyone interracting with each other, and integrate the most useful parts onto my acts and way of living with the goal of ''living the most peaceful life ever''. Being bullied, and watching over my twin sister greatly help with that. And if I'm thick-skinned about myself, it's quite the opposite when it concern friends or family : basically, you hurt them because you fell like so, you're dead ^^ I'm an overprotecive mama bear .
  4. Aromantic Product

    ... I need this Don't care if it wasn't the goal of the company but I. Need. This
  5. Aromantics Just Want to Be Your Friend

    Super interesting ,it's kind if refreshing to see there were people interested enough in aromanticism, back in 2014, to wrote an article about it without saying nonsense. Thanks for the sharing
  6. Yum or Ewww!

    Oh god yes with some whipped cream please ! Chili ?
  7. Genders and platonic attraction?

    Yup I agree : I don't really care about the gender. If I got along with them, then who care if they are a female, a male or a horse or whatever else ? Altough, most of my platonic attraction and frienship are with guys, but if I have one with a girl, it will be much more deep, I don't know why I've got that same pattern for 10 years so.... And for the QPR part, well... someone who's nice and is crazy enough to want to be in a QPR with me ?
  8. Change one word!

    Resurrected Jesus
  9. Yum or Ewww!

    Anything with meat have my upvote Beef bourguignon ?
  10. Give the worst description Possible

    Man is killing people with a diary and being buddy with a death god while being hunted by a sugar addicted genius Young people enslave monsters and are freeing them only to see them battle against each other A robot marshmallow-ninja-nurse and a band of super genius kids
  11. You might be aro if...

    YMBAI when you asked someone what it's like to be in love (because you need to UNDERSTAND what's the freakin' fuss about it, godammit !), and when most of their answer are cliché such as ''your chest feel funny and your heartbeat is increasing when you see them" the "you're thinking about them all the time" or"you can't sleep sometimes because you always think about them and what it could be to be with them" etc.... and of course your only valuable answer is to stare them right in the eyes for some time and say "Damn, that sound painful, bro" YMBAI when someone told you that he/she have a crush on you and all you can do is to say bad puns about having a crush and ''being crushed to death", hoping that the person will understand. If not, run.
  12. Aromanticism and French culture

    Yes I think so ^^ Well, I'll read it and tell you cause I'm bored and I had to read this book anyway !
  13. Post something totally random

  14. What's your favorite book?

    Just one book ?? You meanie ! But If I had to save one from a bookstore in fire, it would be the The Warriors of Silence by Pierre Bordage, a space opera trilogy. From the very start, the author take us deep into a futuristic world, with a conflict between opponents possessing advanced abilities, futuristic weapons, mixed with notions of philosophy , sociology, ethnology and even some poetry, adding to the complexity and the diversity of the story. Religion and all its derivatives such as religious fanaticism, inquisition, political alliances and actions in the name of a greater scheme takes a large place in the plot and are very well presented. The really precise description of the various worlds and especially the relief of the characters, their psychological portrait and their spiritual dimension are also one of the main strenghts of the book. There is, of course, romance and a quite cheesy happy ending but it didn't really bother me
  15. What would you say to your younger self?

    Me to younger me : ............. THE HECK I AM HERE ??? *1 hour of intense panicking later* Buckle up, young padawan, life is coming ! It won't be easy or wonderful, but it'll be okay : you'll get one hell of a friend and many video games to cope about it. Also, you've got a cat, you're aro but there nothing wrong with it and you're about te be the coolest legist in the world !