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  2. G'day

    Welcome, always nice when new people find their way here~
  3. Hey!

    Welcome to Arocalypse~ It's always nice to see new people around here~
  4. Favorite Podcasts?

    I know a number of people here like podcasts, so I thought it'd be nice to have a place to discuss them and bring attention to ones that really deserve it or find new podcasts to listen to. So, what are your favorite podcasts? And why?
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    I have to agree, nothing can beat the dark theme~
  6. What's your favorite book?

    I quite liked the Zamonia Series by Walter Moers. It's not an actual series, but rather just different stories that all take place in the same world. I love the world of Zamonia the autor created and it's clear, that a lot of time has been put into developing it and it's different species. The books also have a few illustrations which are rather nice too~ I'd really recommend these books to anyone who's interested in exploring a world that's so unlike our own, with the book "The 13½ Lives of Captain Blaubaer" presenting the most varied picture of Zamonia out of all the books~
  7. Gender in Dreams

    Well, my gender doesn't really come up in the few dreams I remember, but I did have a dream about a young transgender Sherlock Holmes, if that counts~
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    There isn't a way to mute threads, is there?
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  10. Greetings

    Hey, yeah. Welcome to Arocalypse~ I hope you'll have a nice time here and find some friends~
  11. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    @Ace of Amethysts loves every kind of filler~
  12. Count to one million 🐭

  13. Favourite Anime/Manga(s)?

    Back again, with an actual current favorite of mine~ Shirobako: The story follows a group of friends who are very passionate about anime and all pursue different jobs in anime production. It shows their struggles that come with being a young working adult in that field and how they manage improve trough those. This anime also teaches a lot about the way anime is produced and the people behind it, and generally feels very realistic in that. The characters are all very lovable and fun to watch, making it easy to root for them. If you haven't seen Shirobako yet, then go watch it now; I promise it won't waste your time~
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    It's actually more than three "Mmm"'s though~
  15. Hey Guys :)

    Welcome to Arocalypse~ I hope you can learn more here ^~^