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  1. Banned for being depressing~
  2. Banned because the drawing of teddiursa looks cuter than that plushy~
  3. Banned because it's evolution isn't~
  4. Banned for you shouldn't have plushy schemes in the first place~
  5. Banned because there is no truth like that~
  6. Banned for agreeing that I'm a plushie~
  7. Banned because an argument against that literally does not exist. It's a fact~
  8. Banned because being so squishie is the best state to be in~
  9. Banned because you're so great, no compliment could ever be too much for you~
  10. Banned for getting to 10 posts way faster than I did~
  11. Banned because I still don't see how that makes sense in that context~
  12. Banned because I have no clue what you mean~
  13. Banned for having an ori profile picture~
  14. Banned for pointing out my misdemeanor~ \XD
  15. Banned for being a way to great person yourself~