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  1. DeltaV

    am i aromantic?

    If we apply the “official” doctrine, having crushes indicates you can experience romantic attraction. So if they're indeed crushes, you are not aromantic. Your experience sounds like akoiromanticism. Now, those distinctions are very subtle and refined. IMHO what really counts is that your romantic feelings and motivation significantly differ from the majority in the sense of “something's lacking”. That means you're on the aromantic spectrum.
  2. DeltaV

    Aromanticism effect on social skills

    I don't think there's a causal influence except that there's this one big topic where you may feel stupid in conversations. Maybe there's a correlation? Asociality likely leads to poor social skills (though they are not the same). And the direction “asocial (which is not antisocial) → aromantic” is also plausible: (In my case, point 3 and point 4 partly apply, but not the rest. If I read about romance / sexuality of schizoids many of them come pretty close to what I feel. Btw, that schizoid person here seems really interesting and mysterious, I'd want to get to know her – good luck with that. ) So, I suspect that poor social skills in aromantics might (??) not be a negligible issue. Statistically because those correlations exist and aromanticism isn't very common (it's not like “alcoholism causes high blood pressure → if you have high blood pressure, you probably are an alcoholic”). And yeah, the bell curve of our super-scientific poll here is skewed in the direction of worse social skills! PS: to understand antisocial vs. asocial: (Lol, those comics… as cute as personality disorders can get! Contrary to aromanticism or asexuality I regard asociality as a negative trait: it's bad in certain circumstances, but still it's not something that defines someone as a “bad person”. Antisociality OTOH IMHO does.)
  3. DeltaV

    Writing Thread

    I tried to produce a poem with real versification in English, but I simply cannot do it. So then “free verse”, lol.
  4. Scared of our bad influence?
  5. Since you are 13, in this case “you are too young to know” is a valid answer for once. It is possible. It's normal to want something which is connected with happiness by society. Or maybe you genuinely want it – companionship and a family – even that's compatible with being aromantic.
  6. DeltaV

    Post something totally random

    … because MAYBE was aro. [this must have been one of the last ones – in the civilized world. But according to my research, still from this decade, 2012!]
  7. DeltaV

    Aromantic Character Headcanons

    I never met one in person. But according to the documentaries I've watched they seem like uptight, puritanical posers who are so arrogant that they don't even recognize the dark force when they literally sit above it!
  8. I sometimes suspected that romantic love was, as you described it, some sort of acquired taste: You had to get used to it and I simply missed that opportunity. But not like normal chocolate… no, like 90% cacao chocolate brrrrh… Tbh, I have no idea why I ended up like this, there wasn't really anything that much out of the norm how I grew up.
  9. DeltaV


    But what about values? Where do they come in? Mr Spock lacks emotions1, but he certainly doesn't lack values… 1 yeah, ok strictly speaking not true
  10. DeltaV

    Aromantism and Marriage

    The cake is the best thing about marriage. Preferably a green-white ombre cake.
  11. Well, maybe. But more so than it's always the case with psychological classifications? How would you interpret the verse? Surely it's not about a comparison “male friend” vs. “female friends”.
  12. Often some misogyny is admixed in the ancient examples where something negative is said about romantic love. But it seems also somewhat unavoidable to unintentionally sound like that if it's not written in a gender-neutral way. Regardless how we interpret it, in my opinion this verse does not make sense without interpreting “[love] of women” = romantic love.
  13. Yes, that's the simplest reading, but then it very obviously is a comparison of platonic vs. romantic love: I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women. It could also be about homo- vs. heteroromantic love (see here); either way that passage doesn't make sense without recurring to romantic love.
  14. DeltaV

    If you could take a pill...

    no. I don't even want to know what I'm missing. Ignorance is bliss here. I only would like to be more able to have a romantic relationship, so it could theoretically be an option; I seem to be stuck at the level of “If you can afford two rooms why on earth would you share a room with your partner? Why deny yourself that luxury? W… why???” nope. I agree, I don't understand the criticism against antidepressants from that direction, for me the problem is just that they are overhyped drugs. It's one of those super weird moments when the new huge meta analysis by Cipriani is touted in the press as the definite proof that antidepressants “work”, but then you actually read the study and notice Cipriani got even a bit lower effect size (0.30 vs 0.32) than the infamous “antidepressants don't work”-study by Kirsch?!?! Seriously, why is it so difficult to admit that we struggle to treat depression effectively (compared to, say, OCD)?
  15. DeltaV

    How various sexualities view aro

    though it says “Australian Aboriginal astronomy” … is it also used for divination?