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  1. Wikipedia article

    I'm afraid there's not much hope in not getting this article deleted. I agree with @SoulWolf, improving the “Romantic orientation” article would be the best option for now. There's also a scarcity in scholarly work you can cite for aromanticism, so it's difficult to get to a good article of sufficient length that would warrant the split. The only thing I do on Wikipedia is correcting math mistakes, which is always accepted. Once I tried fixing a glaring historical mistake (about an obscure subject, admittedly) which was an uphill battle, so I don't bother. If the subject belongs to the hard sciences, I like Wikipedia, though.
  2. Romantic stories that you like?

    Okay, sorry. I didn't want to insult anybody. To me it seemed such a mild, humorous remark, I mean if you end it like this: I didn't call fanfiction crap or bashed it like the above mentioned Anne Rice (and many other authors). Didn't say “lower art form”; that would mean that no matter how talented the writer is, if they write fanfiction it would turn out to be substandard. That's not my position. The question is more if a serious, talented writer would decide to take up writing fanfiction permanently. Reuse of characters or the universe from another work can constitute copyright infringement. Here I'm actually on the side of fanfiction: this dissolves the idea-expression dichotomy, which is not okay. Copyright suddenly acts like patents, protecting ideas (e.g. the idea of Harry Potter, not just the text Rowling wrote), but with an insanely longer duration than patents. But still, that's the law and it's unlikely to change anytime soon. That one's work might be illegal (for a very banal reason – not like a political satire might be illegal) is a bad situation for a genre. Of course, in ancient times it was different, when copyright didn't exist and the attitudes about strongly derivative works were more favorable. It's pretty funny for modern standards how Virgil in the Aeneid brazenly lifted the hero Aeneas from Homer's Iliad to concoct a story in which the Romans are descendants from Trojan refugees. Still it's considered as one of the greatest works in Latin literature. Propertius thought it was even greater than the Iliad. But those times are over (for now). Also the works on which (according to my cursory review) the bulk of fanfiction is based on … are … Twilight, Harry Potter, Naruto … PS: Okay, I've edited this post, to make it more palatable. If I had only known that anybody takes fanfiction as seriously as you two, @arokaladin, @Jot-Aro Kujo! Please enjoy your hobby and don't be too mad at me!
  3. Romantic stories that you like?

    Never searched for fanfiction and don't understand the appeal of it. I don't waste the considerable effort it takes to read fiction on anything that's not high art. My guilty pleasures are authors like Calvino and Bulgakov, snob snob. Would you be shocked to find someone who doesn't know what “xargs” is? Did you know what it is? “A/B/O” or “Alpha/Beta/Omega” are even more obscure.
  4. Romantic stories that you like?

    Daaaaaamn… seriously?!?! I mean, seriously? I wish I hadn't looked – now I have to suffer the just consequences for straying from the Emperor's guidance: THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY: IGNORANCE IS BLISS IGNORANCE IS A VIRTUE IGNORANCE IS YOUR BEST DEFENCE BE STRONG IN YOUR IGNORANCE (source: various Warhammer 40,000 codices and rulebooks)
  5. Late and End of Life for Single Aros

    While imho having children dramatically changes your outlook on these issues, IDK why romance even matters. You have a 50% chance to outlive your partner, after all.
  6. Questioning my Sexuality

    Sounds like aegosexuality.
  7. Very likely it was done here and there, you just belong to a sociocultural group where nobody brags about such “adventures”. Actually, if I free myself from all this cultural conditioning, I regard romance as shallow. Not that I claim that it is objectively shallow, just from the standpoint of my aro logic. Romance is with few exceptions tightly connected to sex and for whatever reason regarded as the supreme relationship between adults in our culture. So something banal1 like sex – as it feels to me, e.g. like a hobby, a legal physiological high, etc. – gets absurdly exalted. Amusingly, the supposed non-shallowness of romance doesn't fit with how much extreme consternation alloromantic asexuals are met… IDK like Dan Savage's statement on asexual romance: “I couldn't help but think, as I read your letter, that your boyfriend is either a fool or a fag.”. But probably this strange amalgamation makes totes sense intuitively, instinctively for allo-allos… whatever! 1 though obviously it's still an activity that has to be approached with some seriousness and is recommended with people with whom you share mutual respect and trust … so not like eating ice cream … more like tandem skydiving … well, okay that's overexaggerating it again.
  8. You check a lot of boxes for aro, lol, so it's extremely likely you are, especially considering that you aren't like 16 years old anymore. I've seen crushes “in action” and I don't think you would wonder if you ever had one if you indeed had one. Ok, it's probably the term “friends with benefits” you used, which “mislead” us a bit. FWB has an inherently “not very serious” connotation.
  9. I really don't want to promote the well-worn stereotype of asexuals as childish, but … aces who confuse sexual attraction with aesthetic attraction are just too cute. That they think this frenetic and raw energy is just a serene admiration of someone's beauty… But well, I actually confused romantic attraction with aesthetic attraction! Made sense to me, because romantic attraction is widely regarded as more noble and lofty than sexual attraction and aesthetic attraction at least feels that way.
  10. Is it worst after 30 yo?

    Well, we live under a constitutional system, a good code of manners and an effective (with some serious exceptions) law enforcement, which all manages to keep social peace, so yeah. Also, nobody really ever got remotely that pathologically “obsessed” about aromanticism (or asexuality) as about homosexuality, for example. Probably yes…? Sadly there's rarely something not speculative about how we exactly ended up with our emotional makeup. It would be ‘funny’ if we apply base instincts, which developed for simple social settings of maybe some dozens of people, to a complex society of up to 300 million people. Surprising that we aren't all far more neurotic if that's the case. Okay, at least Trump can be instinctively imagined as chest-thumping big boss without sacrificing much nuance. I don't think it's really settled how we should assess harmful/self-defeating patterns and emotions. More like Freud, in the sense that they are at least somewhat rational on a deeper level, considering the patient's situation and life experience? Or more like a CBT psychologist, that they are just flat-out irrational and we have to train ourselves to get rid of them with repeated exposure and rational insight? Historically the first approach was generally more popular (very broadly – not necessarily including such crap controversial ideas as the Oedipal complex and castration anxiety, of course). But that's hardly an argument. A stronger argument is that CBT becoming the dominant form of therapy didn't pay off much in tangible benefits for mental health on the population level. For minor problems, I'd obviously prefer the CBT approach, though.
  11. Is it worst after 30 yo?

    I don't think we can draw a hard line here, it's a spectrum. Social “disapproval” with less serious consequences than DEATH can still be extremely nasty (e.g. becoming a virtual pariah, completely disempowered and pushed to the fringes of society). At the very lower end of the spectrum even in a society so tolerant, that not the slightest disapproval about your lifestyle ever occurs, sticking out probably produces some minor stress. Leo Tolstoy postulated three “motive causes” for human action: feeling, reason and suggestion. “Suggestion” includes routine but also a sort of “hypnotic power” of society that acts on the individual and to which we submit ourselves unconsciously. So if you stick out (and aren't part of the right subculture), you get the wrong “suggestion by society” (in the aro case: love ❤, love, ❤❤❤❤ love is the greatest thing ever) and don't get the “correct” one. And this may cause you to “over-concentrate on verifying the expediency of your feelings” (freely adapted from Tolstoy). And this causes stress, obviously. But you have to suck that up; it's also basically an unsolvable problem because there is something like … free speech (and this applies to a non-totalitarian concept of “free speech”).
  12. hello my name is

    Did @Puns really state that?!? Where?
  13. Is it worst after 30 yo?

    Awww, that sounds so beautiful!!!
  14. What are you reading?

    and continuing with the teen1 rebellion clichés, I'm reading “On the Genealogy of Morality” by Friedrich Nietzsche. 1 okay, I'm not a teen