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  1. Anti romantic movies

    Maybe Blade Runner 2049 is anti-romantic? There's a romantic subplot between the human replicant “K” and the holographic AI “Joi”, and Denis Villeneuve shamelessly recycles an idea from Spike Jonze's Her in it, namely what happens in the surrogate-scene; but in the end it's all deconstructed / subverted1. 1 At least in the “standard interpretation”; Blade Runner 2049 is very opaque (yet boldly so – not resulting from artistic infighting as its predecessor). Like taking the hints in the Final Cut of Blade Runner (1982) seriously would give the movie a dramatically different meaning, here already the theatrical cut is thoroughly suffused with paranoia that will not get dispelled.
  2. I'm not so good at describing this; much recycling took place, but still it was more varied, more complex and heavier than the TFA one. The biggest improvement was how it was utilized, contrary to TFA it really always fit the scenes and it was used more effectively (didn't interfere with the sound effects – you sometimes barely perceived the soundtrack in TFA). Yes, I mean that every frame looked just fantastic … and the scene of Admiral Holdo's sacrifice … wow. Now the costumes… yeah, ‘The Phantom Menace’ had Queen Amidala's costume, which is simply the most memorable of the whole saga, and it had tons of widely different costumes. There's not this massive variety in TLJ, of course. But it looks all very stylish, for example Leia finally looks great, who looked pretty rough and tumble in TFA. There's a lot to see in the Canto Bight casino scene (of the botched subplot). Now, every guest was dressed in black and white there; that was very likely the right decision to catch the elegant flair of the casino, but of course imposed a limit for variation – it's still pretty amazing what was done just with black and white costumes. Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guard is probably kind of controversial, they're Samurai-like and look more aggressive and ready to fight, less ceremonial than the Emperor's Royal Guard – and they're bright red, they take us a bit back to Sci-Fis of the 1960s, but IMHO it fit the style of Snoke's throne room which seems to have a Kubrick-esque vibe to it.
  3. Who has seen “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”? Oh daaaaaamn… the script. Though overall TLJ is far superior to “The Force Awakens” in many ways (scenes, visual effects, aesthetics, cinematography, soundtrack [way better utilized than in TFA], sound effects [TFA was just too constantly loud]…), the script was even worse. If there's one hackneyed plot device in bad TV soaps it's lack of communication, which creates situations that could otherwise have been easily avoided. You know that one, right??? Well, “The Last Jedi” has that, too, massively. Also a long filler side plot that doesn't go anywhere and lack of motivation of the characters. Again, like TFA such a script is simply baffling for a $ 200 million production. The problematic “safe” decisions regarding the backstory (recycle, recycle ♲) set some limits to how good the script could be, but that still doesn't excuse it. So, it's a mindless soapy script with liberally applied weak slap stick humor and also destroying iconic characters in a ham-fisted and deliberately mean way. Of course, if you want to just watch something that looks and sounds great, you will enjoy it. It's the visually most beautiful Star Wars movie and one of the most visually beautiful ones ever. Anyway, now there's romance in it!! Oops… so strictly this post is off-topic…
  4. What are you reading?

    Cosmicomics (the complete edition) by Italo Calvino. Sci-fi (in a broad sense) short stories.
  5. Yes, it's very difficult. I've never had problems with lack of sex drive, but I also simply do not feel sexual frustration. My willingness to jump through hoops for sex is low. I'm not choosy. To the point that I'm not even so sure about the “hetero” part anymore (I mean those guys at “Spartacus”, lol)… On the romantic side I'm just a total and absolute 0. And that's progress (negative score before??). Though a romantic relationship isn't something that would work for me except with an extraordinarily patient and accepting partner, I'm not weird in an FWB context. Yeah! I really doubt that, because [here should be some argument… but honestly it's just intuition]. TMI… my raw libido (i.e. the “functional part”, number of orgasms etc.) is quite “healthy”, but sex is very likely a good deal more “depersonalized” for me than for the average person. Still partnered sex is a really great experience, no doubt about that! But it seems when the powers that be made me aromantic, they just broke something away from the sex part, too. In general, if I read about the sex life of somebody with schizoid personality disorder, I can find some similarities. It's very complex and I don't know who is interested in the subtleties of my “condition” anyway…
  6. How fast can you type?

    how you manage to do that is a mystery for me, though. I'd never reach a speed of 66 wpm with two fingers, I touch type with all ten fingers…
  7. How fast can you type?

    wow, you're all pretty fast (@Eklinaar 120 wpm … ) … I blame it on R, which is the only programming language I use everyday, its code is too terse. Not like Java… AromanticProblem askedForCrush = AroFactory.getAro().getAromanticProblemFactory().getAromanticProblem(RomanceFactory.getRomance().getRomanceProblem(crush)).tooltip("I hate that…").bend();
  8. How fast can you type?

    You can take a test here. My results: IDK … just stuck at around 75 wpm… and that on a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches. With a cheap rubber dome keyboard even 10 wpm slower. Any tips to improve the speed? The practice text was: PS: please be honest!
  9. You might be aro if...

    Romantic love causes global warming! I have a driver's license, yeah. So I'm slightly less aloof than Dr. NullVector. But I too delayed it! Never owned a car, though. I wonder how much can you impress your date if you use a car like this? With “Car Sharing” (or maybe some especially stupid “sassy” variation of that) written on it in gigantic letters… and also so many car sharing companies impose a zero BAC limit. There are some serious consequences, some even might permanently ban you, if you violate zero BAC. Bad for dating. PS: is image embedding broken? It doesn't seem to work anymore…
  10. Yes, I'm very similar. I could write a 10,000 words essay of how I feel about the sex thing, but I'll just post an illustration here. Now, there's likely some yet undiscovered area of interplay betwixt romantic attraction and sexual attraction (why otherwise would we see such a strong correlation between those two? Where heterosexuality is present, you're going to find heteromanticism etc. …). Therefore: https://i.imgur.com/8nhiG8E.png 1. is “typical allo-allo”, 2. is one way to be aromantic-allosexual and 3. is like how I feel. If that makes sense. The strength and frequency of sexual attraction seems sufficiently strong (indeed on some occasions I experienced it quite strongly) for me to not qualify as greysexual, but still it's simply not a that important part of my life. This is not sour grapes, I feel the same regardless of how much sex I have. And yeah, my sex hormones fall in the reference range (long story how I got that extensive endocrinological test, but totally unrelated issue). Oh, the thread topic, of course… my romantic orientation is a waaaaaaay bigger part of my identity. Most other people's life revolves around people of their “preferred” gender(s) to an absolutely absurd degree. They seem so much more “passionate”, it simply beggars belief. I'm reminded about this literally every day. My aromanticism is noticeable for anyone who knows me, it's simply not hideable. With which sorts of people I have sex with and how often is pretty much hidden, nobody could infer that. If people talk about all their relationship stuff (oh, please change the topic) it easily gets embarrassing. I don't know if I have weird friends, but nope no “locker room talk” there, so I guess it wouldn't make a difference if I was an ace virgin.
  11. maybe “holding hands on the beach when you're going to die” counts as romance now…? Seriously, people get false memories of a kissing scene?
  12. Do most people want to come out?

    yes, curious, too!
  13. Good, comprehensive models have obviously more scientific value and can be connected better to objective reality (neural chemistry etc.) than labels ever can. But OTOH models are probably more authoritarian, because they are, well, imposed from above and there's a danger that they function like a Procrustean bed (what if the “axis” that corresponds to your experience is completely left out in the model? Like asexuality in the early Kinsey scale – the most widely known model). So it's labels (contra the claims presented here) which are more egalitarian, because anyone can create them based on their experience. One doesn't have to wait for neuropsychological research to finally catch up. Of course that's also a drawback of labels, because their status ranges from accepted-even-by-Mike-Pence (e.g. “gay”) to “nah that's something made up by teens on tumblr”. So while labels are great and I'm very “liberal” about labels, I admit there are some which strain even my credulity. Why such a “big, broad” label like “aromantic” is subject to so much skepticism is pretty weird, though.
  14. The Asexual Thread

    The problem is that the identities we're talking about are based on subjective experience; it's like grapheme-colour synaesthesia. And there's simply no direct way to prove that such a type of conscious experience really occurs, it can sadly only be made plausible indirectly, which exacerbates this problem.
  15. Religious fundamentalism

    To put it succinctly: on the level of kinematics, there's no contradiction, only on the level of (Newtonian) dynamics there is. And the light intensity isn't a problem too for the geocentric model. But that's not an uninteresting question. Sure, not many people get that upset and obsessed about greysexuality... So it now boils down to an argument of authority. Nick Huggett and Carl Hoefer claim that the scientific consensus tends more in the direction that absolute states of motion do exist; hopefully they got that right.