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  1. Yes, because he did also philosophy. Why is he your favorite philosopher? 🤔🙂 My favorite one is Descartes. I think his system is endlessly fascinating and a great pop culture inspiration, though I regard it as wrong. Still he's far more subtle than he’s usually given credit for. I learned that after reading Demons, Dreamers, and Madmen by Harry G. Frankfurt. I also like his writing style very much. After reading him it feels like having a conversation with a good friend. That's an interesting contrast to his eminence.
  2. Whos your favorite pokeyman philosopher?
  3. Oh yes, the Symposium again, it's like mandatory reading for aros … too bad that Plato is so difficult. That four-legged humans story though wasn't a real myth, though, but is rather regarded as a satire of Greek creation myths.
  4. To be fair, the ‘intrigue‘ and ‘uncover secrets’ thing simply follows from psychoanalytic theory… Most extremely shown in Spellbound by Hitchcock, though that's not about depression. I was some kind of Salvador Dalí fan as a teen, and I watched this movie just because of him.
  5. I prefer hot temperatures. I indeed experienced 40 °C once. During one exceptionally hot summer (very unusual in central Europe). I didn't feel uncomfortable, but in many trains the air conditioners were defect, and that was too much. I don't know what temperature it was in the train, but it felt like death valley.
  6. Well, I'm not even claiming that a romantic relationship cannot “cure” someone's mental health problems. It's just certainly not true for everybody.
  7. Psychiatry suffers from major foundational problems, for example take axis II disorders, which include “abnormalities” how somebody lives and sees themselves as a part of society. That's obviously shot through with value-judgments. So I'm not surprised that mental health professionals have a problem accepting aromanticism. Anyway, sorry for your experience. It feels pretty stressful to me without knowing somebody at least a bit.
  8. Still most US-based sites do display the annoying cookie disclaimers. Since not 10% but rather 90% of sites use cookies, it's not a real choice. You have to be a privacy fundamentalist to say “Okay, nytimes.com and washingtonpost.com say they use cookies! So I won't read them anymore!” but in that case… you're probably knowledgeable enough to get around it anyway, so it doesn't matter. If they really wanted do something about it for the average user, it would've been far better to more aggressively ban the most shady tactics or to regulate the browser level (like enforcing a short cookie expiry time).
  9. we’re pretty close. How do you call that one genre … “dark romanticism” oh no, that’s an unfortunate name… Stormy: Villa by the Sea by Arnold Böcklin Snowy: Winter Scene in Little Russia by Ivan Aivazovsky (huh, one of the few without the sea!)
  10. @NullVector well, at least you try. I always left it at “beauty = too complicated” and can just give examples of how difficult it is to systematize it. A bit far fetched maybe, but now I also have to post two of Ivan Aivazovsky “shipwrecked” paintings: Just because we intellectually understand the horror of the situation, it doesn’t mean they can’t win us over emotionally with their beauty. The Rainbow The Ninth Wave (considered his masterpiece)
  11. @NullVector Maybe… But C. D. Friedrich painted too many barren trees, also single ones. Oak Tree in the Snow
  12. Well… do we? Spoiler Caspar David Friedrich: The Abbey in the Oakwood
  13. What might be the difference between aesthetics and philosophy of beauty?
  14. Thank you. It’s confusing… at least an iPhone having bad reception means the iPhone really exists and indeed has bad reception, so it is a real problem, while the OCD problem is 100% imaginary. But then OCD is itself a problem and not just of the first-world variety.
  15. Yes, but it was already conflated in the original question (title vs. text) and I did want to leave it at that. So to correct it: Might cause aromanticism or could be mistaken for aromanticism: avoidant personality disorder schizoid personality disorder Could be mistaken for aromanticism: social anxiety (severe) autism asperger syndrome
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