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  1. DeltaV

    The Expanse tv show

    It was certainly difficult to get into the first two or three episodes: few action Miller's dorky hat 🤠 the Belter Creole, sasa ke? characters aren't that likeable at first lots of not-that-interesting world building I don't think that Star Trek: Discovery is stupid nor The Expanse boring, but when I watched them in parallel, I always got a slight feeling in this direction for both. 😊 Of course, no Star Trek series is remotely that “hard Sci-Fi” as The Expanse, but Discovery is considerably “softer” than the earlier Star Trek series. The mirror universe was reserved for more experimental and funny episodes in the past and didn't play such an important role. The softening of Sci-Fi seems to be a modern trend… which would explain the lack of appeal for The Expanse. Yeah, swearing Chrisjen!
  2. DeltaV

    What are you reading?

    From Bacteria to Bach and Back by Daniel C. Dennett. The culmination (or so he says) of his work. Anyone else read it? A challenge to your self-affirming beliefs? Or more a challenge to your patience? 😃 🐢
  3. DeltaV

    The Expanse tv show

    Well, maybe exactly the right timing. 😊 When did you hear from it? Though it likely wouldn't have been cancelled if it was a SyFy original series. By the way… what Sci-Fi is actually still left on SyFy? Killjoys… and…? Yeah, the hoops you have to jump through to watch it outside the US without long delay approaches typical alloromantic behavior levels (okay …… that's some serious loosening of association). yeah!
  4. DeltaV

    The Expanse tv show

    @Holmbo Since SyFy has now announced to cancel The Expanse after the 3rd season what do you think the chances are for it to survive (like bought by Amazon etc.)? They announced it some 12 hours or so before I wrote the post above. Though I always expected the cancellation, I didn't at all expect it to be announced at this time, so I was out of the loop for some days! (embarrassing…)
  5. DeltaV

    What is your reaction time?

    Proof: Any pro gamers here?
  6. DeltaV

    What is your reaction time?

    I have the feeling this thread won't get the same attention as the typing speed thread… Awww… but the average for the users who took the test is 284 ms, so 301 ms is not as bad as the poll above suggests.
  7. DeltaV

    What is your reaction time?

    A simple test, average of 5 trials. I usually get below 220 ms. (Your technical equipment is a factor, though. I used: generic wireless mouse / monitor refresh rate 60Hz.) Let's see if there's an unknown aromanticism–reaction-time correlation.
  8. DeltaV

    Eurovision tonight!

    haha Fun statistics: 43% of the lyrics are not English words– e.g. “bakbak”, “cululoo” Oh yeah, and the understandable parts are like… Damn… nobody wants to get insulted like that!!! “You're dangerous just like your smartphone1” … that's better! 1 Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  9. DeltaV

    The Expanse tv show

    Yeah, Dark Matter didn't achieve critical acclaim… to put it mildly. 58% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch! It would be an exaggeration to call Dark Matter a Sci-Fi-Sharknado … but it still sometimes managed reach its “brazenness”: S03E04 “All the Time in the World” ––––> like Groundhog Day in space?? COME ON!! S03E09 “Isn't That A Paradox?” ––––> oooh nooooo…… brazenly cheesy. Just a look at the trivia section of imbd says it all: What's bad for The Expanse is that AFAIK it isn't a SyFy original series, too, it's produced by Alcon. Yeah, I second this!! It's either the best episode or is only surpassed by S02E05 “Home”. Did you know the next but one episode is named after me: S03E07 “Delta-V”? PS: gonna push this thread up for advertising
  10. I'm 150% aromantic but that still happens, and it's also connected with loneliness and “neglect” (probably too strong a word) by friends. Funny how vague the daydreaming is, though. Because if I go into the details I reach “how should that work out?” or “do not actually want” level very soon. I would vote “internalised arophobia”, but that's only my personal opinion.
  11. DeltaV

    Favorite thread on this forum?

    Things you've never understood about romance Yeah! So funny.
  12. DeltaV

    The Expanse tv show

    The last episode reminded me of Kim Jong-un, though. I so hope “The Expanse” does not get cancelled. The ratings (I know ratings are outdated, but still) aren't that good. Roughly the same as “Dark Matter”1, which got cancelled. But the show is – by all indications – far more expensive than “Dark Matter”. If that happens, at least I can read the books for the conclusion. 1 as cheesy, silly and full of hackneyed Sci-Fi-tropes as it was, I still liked it.
  13. DeltaV

    The Expanse tv show

    Yes! Love it!
  14. DeltaV

    Astrology: Venus in Retrograde?

    Yeah, it's retrograde for me, too. This is quite an understatement of my situation.
  15. DeltaV

    Astrology: Venus in Retrograde?

    It's 50% : 50% up till now.