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    Good. Then that's 2 votes for Zae to keep consistent avatars.
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    No. I'm trying to learn how to process emotional attachment.
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    and again you've changed your avatar ಠ_ಠ
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  8. G'day

    Welcome to my servers. We recently had a theme change but little tweaks are happening here and there to fix everything up. Hope you enjoy!
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    yes, much.
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    So that's why this upgrade has made me feel unwell
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    Just because you don't see something doesn't mean we can't do that. What do you think we are, your slaves?
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    you're referring to multidisplay which yes, all computers can do that.
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    For extra proof, I have rendered you a simulation of what it would be like if all the themes were together at once. I guess this would be the teal and ghost topics theme.
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    Next to each other or against each other? Because that's totally different than the question you asked before. If you're talking about the first then you're talking about multi-display, which all computers have. If you're talking about the second, then again, that would look ugly.
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    You said see them simultaneously so no, because what with that even look like? Blue on black on green and white borders, are you saying that you think deserve to be stuck with that version? That sounds worse than the black with white borders