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  1. Well... my Discord updated itself to a version I literally cannot use at all and I'd have to start from scratch if I used an online account so my presence on Arocalypse is dead. Yaaaay.

    1. Anything_but_allo


      Aw I’m so sorry! Is there any other computer or device you can use that could possibly allow you to use discord? I’m sorry I’m not great at this stuff myself. I hope everything will be ok though :(

    2. Ace of Amethysts

      Ace of Amethysts

      There is my phone, but battery power is a thing and I have other things I use it for so that's not really an option.

    3. Anything_but_allo


      Aw I’m really sorry about the situation :(

  2. Ace of Amethysts

    New Here, Romantic Ally

    Hi! Don't be afraid to settle in here. It's good to have different perspectives. Hmm... do you like ice cream? We have an infinite supply of welcoming !
  3. Ace of Amethysts


    はい, こんいちは! Hello and welcome Feel free to help yourself to as much cake or ice cream as you please.
  4. I went to a wedding yesterday! It actually went really well. I ate all kinds of finger food and danced the night away :3

  5. Ace of Amethysts

    Romance in media

    I've said it before but romantic plots in TV or movies almost always bore me.
  6. I don't know either. My eldest sister is wasting $2,000+ on hers, so I guess it's a boon for capitalism.
  7. Ace of Amethysts

    Admiration attraction?

    I had a few toxic squishes based on that, oogh.
  8. Ace of Amethysts

    Salutations, I'm new

    Hi! Welcome. We can also offer you .
  9. Ace of Amethysts

    The 'Why I don't want to be a parent' thread

    First off, sorry for necromancing this thread. I have stress issues and depression, but they don't have much to do with why I don't want biological children. I don't want any because I think it's a waste of time for me.
  10. I don't know how I'm aro either. 😕
  11. Ace of Amethysts

    Got my ring!!

    That's cool!
  12. Ace of Amethysts

    I'd rather ... than get Married

    I'd rather eat free wedding food than catch the bouquet.
  13. A situation like one described in the OP would drive me nuts. My condolences (is this a good word to use here? Words fail me sometimes).
  14. Ace of Amethysts

    Finding fellow aros in the real world?

    Huh, that's interesting.
  15. Ace of Amethysts

    The Banning Game

    Banned for reviving this game.