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  1. Not right now but she's going on about wanting to have grandkids some day 🙄
  2. That sounds like my mum, just with kids. She insists I would be a great mum and everytime she meets one if my friends she asks if they're my SO and if I'm dating someone. I told her a couple of times I don't want kids but she's just like, you still have time and you'll change your mind eventually. Also I'm 20, like I'm in uni and don't have any free time so great idea to have a kid.
  3. I have two chevron bracelets I made with the aro and ace flag (it's an arrow pattern). I want to get a shirt or hoodie with aropride ^^
  4. You could approach it carefully (for lack of a better word) and just test the waters. I know I didn't come out to my mum because she's always asking if I have a boyfriend and she's always disappointed if I say no. So I told her I don't want to date anyone right now, without explaining my aroness or that I don't actually want a SO and just watched her reaction. Even if your mum told your family, she would just say that you wouldn't want it right now. Whatever you do, do it if you're comfortable and feel safe. I hope this was of some help 😅
  5. I was in a romantic relationship and it lasted one year and a half, then we broke it off but he's still my best friend. Would I want it again? I get the feeling of wanting a romantic relationship when looking at the picture movies and the media in general are painting but it's different in real life. I'm not really searching for a romantic relationship, and if it does happen again I wouldn't want to be doing romantically coded things (in my previous relationship that wasn't a problem and he understood the aroness to a point). Long story short, I get and have had that feeling of wanting to be in a romantic relationship for the sake of being someone's important person but I'm not actively searching for one.
  6. Aliyiah

    Body Mods

    I have double lobe piercings on each ear and a helix in my left one, which I really love. Been wanting to get a tattoo on my left either upper arm or wrist, I still haven't decided on a design but it's not going to be too big.
  7. I'm only out to two people about being on the aro-spec. The first one is my best friend, who is supporting but not really understanding (he just doesn't quite get it, also we've dated once and he just brings that up). The other is another close friend of mine who is ace, she's been very cool about and she actually set me on the path to discover aromanticism because she came out to me. Not out to my mum but I indirectly told her that I didn't want to date anyone and it's just frustrating how she always asks about my dating life and about the kind of relationship I have when I tell her of a new friend.
  8. I feel like that a lot. I don't have the romance repulsion but still a lot of anxiety and just trust issues in general. Although I'm lucky to have great friends right now, half of them have a SO and spend most of their time with them. But moving to a bigger city and having a bunch of roommates, like @Emerald Cheetah said, sounds like a plan ^^
  9. I relate to that a lot, when my sister got a boyfriend I couldn't stand him at the beginning. After all he stole my sister and he was the person she spent the most time with. Then they moved together and I saw her even less (maybe once a month) and we just grew apart and it hurt. Right now we're growing closer again, because I'm studying close to where she lives and we can hang out more, but I sometimes feel like I don't know her. I get along now with her boyfriend, after I got over the jealousy that he got to spend so much time with her, but it still hurts sometimes. My advice is, talk to her. Talk to her about your feelings of being left behind and being second choice, I know I should've done that. Maybe she can relieve your fears a bit or she realizes that you could spend more time together.
  10. So here's mine 😅 http://imgur.com/0c0L9gc
  11. The colours are so pretty 🙂 But did anyone else experience the displacement of the aro flag and hiding parts of the descriptions? It may just be a fluke on my phone
  12. So, I have been in two romantic relationships (the most recent one ended a while ago). I want all the hugging and cuddling and just being close, too but going further I'm just not comfortable with. My last SO and I were fully honest and he knew from the start that I was aro and potentially ace ( I hadn't really experimented because I was always just not comfortable with that level of intimacy) but I think he kept hoping that it would change but that was who I am at the moment and it just became suffocating with all the expectations. So in short, I don't mind labelling a relationship a romantic one as long as I'm not expected to behave a certain way and not be pressured or stuffed in a box of expectations. I kept thinking something was wrong with me or that I was broken because I couldn't meet the expectations (as I said I wasn't sure about the ace thing) and in my opinion that is kind of a toxic relationship, more damaging the mental state than the emotional support can balance out.
  13. If I had to choose, it would be the skulduggery pleasant series by derek landy which I'm rereading right now The books revolve around the adventures of the skeleton detective, Skulduggery Pleasant, and a teenage girl, Stephanie Edgley/Valkyrie Cain, along with some other friends. The central storyline concerns Valkyrie's struggle to stop evil forces threatening the world, finally find justice for her late uncle's death, and her internal struggle of keeping the darkness within her to stay within. As I love books with magic, adventures and dark humour, this one was perfect ^^
  14. So I guess I'll start at the beginning: I currently have a friend whom I met during a festival this summer, we've kept contact after it. He lives a few hours away (by train) and I visited him this weekend and now I'm kinda confused about some things. We met with some other people in the evenings but I spent the day from friday til this noon at his place. I realized it was really easy to talk to him, even though I normally don't tell people much about me because I have slight trust issues (the joy of too many broken friend-/relationships) but we kept talking about everything that came to mind, also personal stuff (of course we've talked before in person before and through social media but I just realized how easy it actually was). Right now I'm confused because I feel drawn to him and really want to keep the friendship up and I want to keep contact, does this sound like a squish? It's nothing romantic, that's the only thing I can say for sure. I would say it is but we're already pretty close and from the definitions of squish it's the desire for a platonic connection (please correct me if I'm wrong) but we already have that. Could this be a squish or is it something else? (I know it's different for everybody but some advice would help)
  15. I told my boyfriend that I'm aro before we even got together and we're the best of friends. I also am an affectionate person and he knew from the beginning that a label like aromantic wasn't going to define our relationship. I told him I would do what I was comfortable with, and that he should ask about whatever he was unsure about. That's actually the key point: communication. Most of the things or doubts he might have about it or some things you might be unsure about you can always talk about. Explain it to him the way it feels for you and assure him that your feelings won't change becausr you want to name your relationship a different way. I hope you two work it out (: Please ignore anything I said if you think different, just trying to give advice like I would want to receive.
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