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  1. Does anyone else find it utterly hilarious that some people complain about the odd comment on a (debate) forum being 'too long', when they've probably read books that are 100 times longer and possibly more in depth? (If they even do read). I get a bit pissed off at people complaining when they're just being lazy and most of the time the offending comment isn't even directed at them.

    Sometimes you do need more than a couple of paragraphs to really get your point across.

    (This is on another forum and didn't actually happen to me, but I did call the lazy idiot out on it).

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    2. omitef


      wow this post is so long i didn't even bother--


      i kid

    3. Lex Barringer

      Lex Barringer

      I prefer the long winded posts as it gives me a chance to see how a person is thinking and feeling. The length of a post also gives me insight, if and when I post a response, it won't be ill received or have a very small percentage of it being "side eyed".

    4. cute kitty Meow! Mewo!

      cute kitty Meow! Mewo!

      I do appreciate what you're saying myself lol. I feel the same way often! But what I often think of to try to empathize or to consider if I should've written the post wiser, for me when I find long comments difficult to read, it's usually because the comment was one of the following three: not my interest; or heated/emotional/abrasive; or unpolished/unedited/unfocused.


      If a book or article isn't relevant to my interests, I'm not going to read it either. If it's heated, I'm probably only going to read it if I myself am heated and it's ridiculing something I also dislike. which personally I don't do :P and if it's unpolished, unedited, or unfocused, I'm not going to read the book or article for sure. so I recommend,


      1)  if I'm not willing to read through and edit it at least one pass, I'm going to delete it without posting. Sometimes this inspires me to write the same thing in three sentences in an efficient and clear way, and then I'm surprised and proud of my work lol!

      2) if it's heated, I keep it short, and then pause for a minute and think about a way to add to my post also with a short message in a non-heated way. perhaps even remove the heat, if I can, which is only easy if I can find a way to say what I want to without heat.

      3) if it's corner case interest, I "spoiler" the thread saying [long] and [disclaim my topic] as tags, so those interested know to read it and those uninterested in it or in {me as a friend}, can just skip it. For example, if I "spoiler"'d this post, I'd tag it [long] [advice on self-editing posts]


      and for me it's a work in progress lol!  it's difficult to not get upset by such rude criticisms. rarely do people offer constructive criticism in a fair manner, only ever are they rude, blunt, or irrelevant about their nagging. it's kind of funny kind of sad kind of frustrating.