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  1. Yum or Ewww!

    Yum, never tried that but I like a lot of Japanese foods Peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwiches
  2. G'day

    Welcome! It took me maybe a couple of months, and that was by accident. I'm not what I'd call truly aro, but I had that same 'I found my people' moment
  3. Hey!

    Woo, new members! *runs around flailing arms like a mad Sim* (sorry about the green stink clouds - I've had a long day!)
  4. Very confused person here. Please help

    Hey there first off, welcome to the forum! I might not be the most qualified person to answer, but reading the overall post, to me it sounds very much like you could be aromantic. Not sure if these are useful questions to ask yourself, but... If your best friends and this guy all asked you to go on a romantic date with just one of them, would you specifically pick him over them? Would you want any kind of exclusive relationship with him that's different than the ones you have with your friends? As in closer and you may do romantic coded things with each other that you don't do with others? Do you get butterflies or any other kind of intense feelings when you see him that you don't get for other people? (I suspect not from what you've written) That's about all I can think of, in terms of introspective questions. I hope they can help you start to make sense of your feelings, at least!
  5. would you rather

    I'd rather be washed out to sea - I know when I'm dead I won't be aware or conscious of anything, but I still hate the idea of a (probable) stranger seeing me naked, never mind cutting me up sorry vultures, you're going hungry! WYR have a lifelong passion in something really obscure, or many random short-lived hobbies? (sorry this isn't a great one lol)
  6. Got asked when I was going to get married for the first time in several years today.

    So liberating to say probably never.

    And to think "just watch me" when person who asked screwed her face up and shook her head at me.

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    2. Momo


      They would probably believe me too.

    3. Untamed Heart

      Untamed Heart

      That's the thing, Momo, she was saying it like she thought I was wrong ;) 

    4. Momo


      Yeah, I know >:( Silly people.

  7. Feeling less vulnerable?

    @Holmbo that's fine, thanks I did feel like I didn't do what I should have, but I think that was also partly to do with the fact I saw something on the news earlier in the year, or late last year - a preview of a news investigation thingy, where a woman went out with a secret camera in London (I live on the coast, nowhere near the capital anyway, but doesn't mean it can't happen elsewhere) to make a documentary about street harassment. In the bit that got shown, some dude came up behind her with a pro camera and was literally taking photos of her backside up close, and claimed he wasn't doing anything wrong when she confronted him (which led to me googling the laws about taking photos like that in public... bad idea, mental turmoil the rest of the night and all that jazz). So, I had that in my mind afterwards. I do try and have a 'pale blue dot' attitude sometimes - in the grand scheme of things, nothing matters, as we're on a tiny speck in the middle of space... but it doesn't really work! You are right, though. I still have to wonder why these strange people want photos of me, however! Must be the resting bitch face?
  8. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, you now have wings with a 6 foot span instead of arms and you get followed everywhere by curious ornithologists when you're on the ground. People throw birdseed at you as a joke and make jokes about pooping on things. Their nicknames for you are oh so imaginative (i.e. predictable and annoying). I wish I had a partner to practice martial arts with at home.
  9. Hello.

    Hi, and welcome to the site your dog looks a cutie!
  10. Feeling less vulnerable?

    Those are some really good points! Without going into too much detail, my trainer did indicate tonight he indeed wouldn't use his skills unless he absolutely had to, because of not wanting to lose his license/job etc. And I had a chat with him about how I've been feeling lately and what happened in the library before the first session (luckily he moved the sessions to a Methodist church instead a few weeks ago), and he said he'd bring some leaflets next week for me from someone who runs a women's survivors group - I had asked whether he thought it was better to see a psychologist or a normal counsellor about my issues, he wasn't sure so suggested the survivor's group lady instead. I do feel a lot more positive right now, just need to wait and see if this other lady would be able to help me. Thanks again, everyone!
  11. Sorry, I messed up my comment on your thread :( Just leaving a note since you liked it before I updated it.

    1. Untamed Heart

      Untamed Heart

      No worries, thanks for letting me know :)

  12. Give the worst description Possible

    A cheeky and sarcastic pirate reneges on a promise made 13 years ago and kills the person he cheated to boot. Briefly gets reunited with dad, steals the heart of someone else's wife and drinks all the rum before chucking himself into the mouth of a massive sea creature with lots of teeth. (I might have remembered it wrong - it's been a while )
  13. Feeling less vulnerable?

    Thanks for the replies, it means a lot to me @SoulWolf and @NullVector I am taking self defence classes, which actually made me feel a bit worse when I was thinking about this the other night - it was an utterly irrational thought, since I've only been going maybe 5 or 6 weeks at most (and bought a self defence for non experts book with really good advice in it). The group I go to is women only but has three awesome male trainers. I really like it there! I was the only person who turned up last week but we still went ahead with the session. But what you said about it being a slow process which you build on makes me feel a bit better - we do go over skills from previous weeks and while I'm good at some I know I still need to practice. I'm just not that disciplined when I'm at home, even though I have enough free time for it (yes, I'm awful! ) @Momo I think seeing a psychologist probably would be a good idea - I haven't really discussed how I feel with many people, partly because of the whole 'vicious circle' of the people I'm closest to not being able to offer practical advice and some of them essentially just saying 'people are dicks'. Where does that really leave me? I do have a few flashbacks to stuff that happened at school and in the years since I left, that my brain also usually likes to 'embellish' so it ends up worse than it really was (but it was already pretty bad when it happened). I even have thoughts like that about stuff that hasn't happened and likely won't. Silly thing is, I don't really think like that when I'm out - I just obsess and bitch inwardly a lot if anything happens. @DeltaV aww, that's sweet of you I think people probably see me as an easy target since I'm hardly ever with anyone else. I can't just get together with my friends at random times and go where I need to - I'm fine with that, though. Since I split with my ex last year and went back to being happily single, I realised it's important I can truly rely on myself whether I'm with someone else or not, which is why I need to work this stuff out and essentially heal my old wounds - not only because I plan on living by myself if I can afford to, in the future, preferably with pets of some kind. Glad you got out of your encounter with the drunk OK! @NullVector I agree with the whole ignoring thing being shit advice, even back then I realised it was as effective as me trying to fight back lol. I definitely don't have the same mind set as you, but I have a friend (I don't see her very often) who does and it's a quality I admire a lot in people. I do have a fuck you button somewhere, unfortunately it needs poking in just the right way to work! Meditation is something I've dabbled in before, but it's a great suggestion so thanks a lot!
  14. Confused??

    I feel very similar, although mine's mixed with depression/crippling anxiety when it happens - which is only when I'm crushing on someone, not just at random and very rarely thank god! It can be very rough, anyway, but we've got your back
  15. Aros and alcohol (poll)

    I'm practically teetotal - last time I had anything, it was a couple of shots last April. The time before that, probably around 2008? I drink so rarely I can basically remember what I had to drink at the time