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  1. 2018 New Years Resolutions

    Make sure you stick to this one (I watched it recently and thought it was excellent)
  2. How fast can you type?

    Haha. When I've had occasion to try and read Java code, it has often felt like hacking ones way through a wild and overgrown forest of abstraction layers, in search of the elusive rare orchid of logical implementation
  3. I dunno though, I've wondered, how can you even quantify the strength of your sex-drive relative to other people's, given that it's only your own that you actually experience? (I don't inhabit somebody else's body, so I don't know how their experience of sexual attraction feels; similarly for the experience of pain) My intrinsic/baseline sex-drive could be weak, average, or strong relative to other guys - I have literally no idea! I just choose not to act on it . Wheras they do (and maybe stronger tends to incapacitate rather than enable anyway - how would we know?) I agree I'm probably close to 0 on the romantic side though . That seems easier to quantify somehow, but I'm not sure why it should be any easier than sex-drive would be? (maybe because it's more obviously coded in terms of the external behaviours that overtly express it? Or because overt displays of romantic attraction are seen as more socially palatable than the corresponding sexual ones? So the former is more a shared external experience, wheras the latter is more of an individual, internalised experience? I dunno, it's all so confusing! )
  4. Hah. I recently noticed this with a couple of people I sit near to at work. Seems like it's literally all they talk about to each other! (who they 'like', who they are currently in a relationship with and its status, who they are trying to get into one with next and their tactics to do so, etc, etc)
  5. You might be aro if...

    Interesting... I still haven't bothered to get mine!
  6. New aro in the house :)

    Yep . It is bestowed upon all new members
  7. New aro in the house :)

    Welcome @byebyeshadowlands Interesting username, by the way . I guess it means you are a fan of the Narnia stories?
  8. Aro/Queer Family Members?

    Nope . I've got good relationships with my family members, but all of them are very 'amatonormative', let's say. I wish I had known somebody else oriented similarly to me; I think it might have resulted in me being less out of touch with and alienated from my own romantic orientation (I think I sort of picked up the idea by osmosis that anything outside of long-term monogamous romance was a bit dubious, or mis-treating your partner somehow, since that was what my family members' acted-out relationships seemed to imply)
  9. Haha. Are you saying that from now on I can think of any unwanted female romantic attention directed at me as like the velociraptors escaping their cages and hunting me down?! Clever girl!
  10. Common Misconceptions About Aros

    Yeah, I agree with that. For example, in primitive cultures, even if you didn't have children of your own, I assume (although I've not done any detailed study of the anthropology) that you'd still play an active role in raising and teaching the children of the tribe. Whereas today most of that happens in the private context of the nuclear family setting and you're unlikely to have much intereaction with children if they're not your own (outside of specific jobs like teachers). So you're left a bit at sea re. partaking in certain natural human roles and responsibilities (like childrearing) outside of assuming very prescriptive and restrictive relationship archetypes. Hmm, interesting question. I dunno. The agricultural revolution? The industrial revolution? Something else?
  11. Feeling Left Behind...

    From my perspective, modern culture has some really messed up notions around the assumed shallowness and disposability of friendship vs. romantic relationships. Maybe part of the 'problem' is stemming from 'too much' security and comfort in the modern world? We don't actually need to depend upon friends for our survival in the ways we used to. For example, I can't imagine somebody having a similarly disposable relationship towards their hunting buddy (in primitive cultures) or war buddy (in modern ones) who had SAVED THEIR LIFE on multiple occasions. That would probably be a relationship deemed worthy of cherishing and preserving...
  12. Ooh, this is an interesting topic I guess I think of "heterosexual aromantic" as my identity (at least in this context) and for me it doesn't make much sense to sub-divide it further into separable heterosexual and aromantic identities. The aromantic part makes the heterosexual part functionally work very differently to how it would work for a typical alloromantic person (I'm far less likely to act on my sex drive, for example, as the likelihood of a mutually desirable outcome seems to be far lower than it would be for heterosexual alloromantics acting on their sex drives) Similarly, the heterosexual part brings different sets of challenges to the aromantic part vs. what an asexual aromantic person might face. For example, I'm the sort of person that isn't naturally great at negotiating inter-personal ambiguity (I'm more of a things/systems oriented person than a people/relationships oriented person - not that I don't like people, they are just oftentimes confusing ). So I like there to be reasonably clear sets of rules to follow in those contexts. Unfortunately for me, the reasonably clear (and almost universally) accepted social ruleset for entering into sexual relationships is to follow the romantic 'courtship' ritual. I'd venture to suggest that it takes a special effort (and I think some farily advanced social skills) to delibrately step outside those social norms in a way that remains clear, consensual and safe for all parties involved. Wheras an asexual aromantic simply doesn't need to worry about any of that! (Jealous! ) What do others think?
  13. Binding

    Meow? Woof!
  14. Religious fundamentalism

    I was training to be one at some point, but these days I'm barely able to comment on such things myself! (e.g. I couldn't make much headway with that Stanford article you linked ) Also, I never made a really serious study of General Relativity, aside from reading a few books and taking one or two undergrad courses on it. Einstein's field equations for General Relativity are kind of notoriously hard to work with and solve! Because of feedback effects between the matter-energy distribution and space-time backround, I think it is; the two co-evolve together and can't be treated independently, so only a handful of exact solutions e.g. Schwartzchild's are known. It's a lot easier when you have a fixed space-time background, like with Newtonian gravity (or Quantum Field Theory, for that matter, which still hasn't solved the gravity-incorporation problem)
  15. -Generic Greeting-

    Welcome! You sound interesting. Canada must be an amazing place to do all those things🍁. I'm from UK but a lot of my favourite music comes from Canada Hope you'll like it here.