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  1. Tree-huggers anonymous

    Actually, I think that it's much better to be a pragmamic flexitarian when it comes to inspiring others. A lot of people ask me about my diet and I tell them "I eat mostly vegan". That way it's much more of an everyday choice than something you are or not. It makes people see veganism more as a scale and they start talking about how they would like to eat more vegetarian or vegan.
  2. Seeking help and thoughts

    It seems to me your conflict is not really about if C is aromantic or not but rather about if he can figure out his feelings for you and what he wants from your relationship. If you still want the same things it probably doesn't matter if his feelings are platonic and sexual rather than romantic. But if you are unsure of what he wants and he is unwilling or unable to communicate that, it can be a problem. I think you will have to figure out what sort of things you two need to be in agreement on for you to be happy in the relationship. Maybe he will never be able to figure out exactly how he feels, if his feelings fluctuate or he has trouble understanding them.
  3. I'm not romance repulsed but I'm kinda indifferent to it. Most in the time in stories I just ignore it and focus on the rest of the story. However there has been a few times when I've reflected over that I really like the love story and that it adds to my enjoyment. Most recent have been two different books: Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold and Uprooted by Naomi Novik. I'm not gonna go into the books but I wanted to post the titles in case someone else had read them and wanted to comment. I've been trying to think why I liked the love stories and I think it's because there's no anguish abut the romance. In most stories about romantic love it's portrayed as kind of stressful and draining. The two main women of these books just know what they feel and act on it. Does anyone else have exceptions to disregard of romance?
  4. In the sitcom parks and recreation Lesslie has a holiday she calls Galentine, the day before valentine. Maybe she got it from there?

    I made a very simple poster to put up in my town. It's for people who might be aro but doesn't know of the concept. Basically all it says is Have you never been in love? Maybe you are aromantic? https://image.ibb.co/eem1d7/aro.png

    I don't have any new suggestions myself but I'd like to put up posters in my town. Has anyone made suggestions on design or are we still brainstorming about it? I would need to translate mine to Swedish too.
  7. Tree-huggers anonymous

    I eat mostly vegan. Just the occasional meat when I'm someones dinner guest and sometimes yogurt, because it's delicious. I do water-only washing of my hair. It doesn't work great; my hair looks pretty dull most days, but I make it up in cool braids or buns. I try to buy things used when possible and only what I need. I don't own a car and walk to work I don't care about bugs though. Except as a potential source of protein. Unfortunately the Swedish Food Administration has decided to not approve any bugs as food. I would like to sleep on the floor. I have some back pain and have noticed that the most comfortable position for that is to sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees, on a hard bed. My current bed is too soft though and instead of buying a new one I'd rather just get rid of it. I've tried sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor and it's pretty comfortable, but after more than a night my tailbone hurts. Do you have any tips for how to deal with that?
  8. How do you feel about your relationship now that you realize your orientation? Are you happy with the way it is or would you like to change things? Do you think your partner is happy with how things are now. If your both content then I don't see that you being aromantic would make much difference. You still want the same thing.
  9. Role playing game

    The complication I have is that I'm not really interested in fighting. I have this idea to use a setting from a book, a space station and some of it's characters. The space station is in upheaval and the quest is for players to calm things down. They can explore the station and choose how to interact with the different characters.The success of the interactions depends which ones they choose and what the dice rolls and they get points on how much different characters trust them. They can also gain trust by other initiatives on the station. In the end there is a catastrophe and their chance of saving people depends on how well they gained their trust. But I don't know how to determine what roll of dice give what result and how I'm supposed to communicate it to the players. The other alternative would be some survival game, but how do I make sure the players doesn't die too soon? If every roll of the dice is to escape a lethal situation sooner or later they will roll too low and die.
  10. Role playing game

    Does anyone here know something about paper RPG? A friend and I talked about trying to get some people together to play but we've never done it. I know that there are lots of games we could buy and play but I think it would be more fun to create one myself and run it. The problems is, I don't understand the mechanics of RPG. I get the basic concept of deciding on initiatives and then rolling the dice to see if it succeeds. But then there are lots of other things that I don't get. Maybe there is some kind of Create your own RPG template I can use?
  11. 2018 New Years Resolutions

    I don't really do new years resolutions, mostly because I make resolutions all the time so new year would be nothing special. Right now they are: -Write everyday -Go running more -Spend less time on duties, like cooking or fixing my apartment
  12. I don't really have any experience to add but I was curious, how does it feel when you touch yourself? If that feels alright maybe another way to get less averse is to touch yourself at different places and pretend its someone else?
  13. To "come out"

    Now I have talked to my mom. A year from when I first thought of it. It's just hard to find my family members in quiet situations without having to make a very big deal about it. But yesterday my mom and I had a quick lunch together and I asked her if she knew about the term aromantic and then explained what it was and that I was it. She actually made a much bigger deal about it than I expected (sorry to say to you others who are considering it). Yesterday she didn't have much to say but today she had thought a bit and came to me to talk about it. She told me that she had tried to read about the term online but not found anything and she was doubting that this was really something that exists and maybe I was just reserved and didn't want to let someone in. I didn't take this so hard though because I know that she, like myself, always wants to make up her mind quickly about things but is not hesitant to change it and doesn't mind if someone else thinks different than her. She also wanted to understand better too and asked me questions about it. I gave her my standard example (which I seem to use for everyone that doubt the idea of aromantic) that if someone is hetero how do they know that they just haven't met the right person of the same gender yet? Also I assured her that I wasn't putting myself in some box and that I would always just do what felt right for me.