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  1. I feel like zombies should be gluttony. Since they have sort of the endless hunger and just wants to eat everyone. Vampires feel much more tied to other sorts of "sins" like lust and greed and pride.
  2. That's so cool. I've been planning to read Island for some timem. I should get to it.
  3. I read Harry Potter and the Methods of rationality which I found very fascinating. I'm not sure I'd recommend it because it is Really weird. No romance or sex in it though, cause most of the characters are 11. It's this alternative HP story where Harry is a child genius (for reasons the story later reveals) who's spend his childhood learning muggle science and is trying to use that to make sense of the wizarding world. Other than that I haven't read much, but I approve of fanfic in general. I think it's a good way for someone to work on their writing skills and show appreciation for some content.
  4. I was thinking about the term and it seems to me it could easily be confused with "a romantic" in English. Wouldn't it be better to call it something like unromantic or deromantic? Have this ever been a problem for you? I've never said the English word out loud so I can't be sure.
  5. I think it's ok to use marriage for your own benefit. If your letting other people why you choose to get married it will broaden their idea what marriage can be and might inspire more people to think about what kind of marriage they would want. As different type of queer relationships become more common and accepted the legal framework most follow I think. Even people who want to have a monogamous relationship might need different types of marriages and paternity. Like two men in a romantic relationship face lots of hardship (biologically and societal) if they want to have children. Maybe some would like the possibility to take a part in parenting a child they already know, like a niece or the child of a friend. And would want a different type of contract for that then the standard adoption or marriage.
  6. The reason I started the post was actually because I heard an interview with Sean Gunn where he was talking about his love for math, cats and rap. That's such an awesome combination and he seems like a really nice and enjoyable person. I've never been one to think about the kind of hypotheticals about "which celebrity would you invite to your dinner party" because I don't feel like I will enjoy hanging out with a person just cause I enjoy their work. Imagining inviting someone to my celebrity dinner party is the furthers I've gotten to a celebrity crush. This makes me want to create another post where people are to post their celebrity dinners.
  7. I've never had any. They seem as weird as romantic crushes to me.
  8. I want to nitpick this though with that further population growth is mainly about the boom generations growing up and replacing the smaller older generations. Birth rate is actually pretty close to stable at 2 children per woman. Hans Rosling desribes it well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FACK2knC08E&t=19m16s Carrying capacity has been estimated at much lower numbers before. And number of people doesn't seem to be that closely related to resource consumption, since a vast minority (17%) does a majority of the consumption (80%). I suppose bringing down world population fast could be our best option since lowering consumption seems impossible. We will have to figure out how to deal with a much larger share of old population then with fewer working people to support them. Hopefully Japan will be forced to figure it out and we can learn from them. I don't have the option to involve children in my work either. But I have some options in my free time. I signed up to be language buddy to a new Swede who is married with kids so I get the opportunity to interact with them. And if I wanted to I could join a sport or cultural organization and help out with the kids there. It would be kinda cool if one could incorporate kids into the work life somehow though. Maybe there could be more mentor programs or field trips for school children.
  9. Could be squishes though?
  10. A lot of interesting responses When thinking more about this subject I wonder if perhaps the reason that this norm is so hard to shift is because it is foundation to our modern society. If we look at hunter gatherer societies the norm seems to be more close relationships and larger group of interest than the nuclear family. Maybe it was advantageous for nation states to have the people broken down to smaller units in order to be more flexible and fulfill a role in a larger context. To have them think of themselves as individuals and act in their own self interest rather than for the best of their tribe. It's hard to get people to move where they are needed or change their way of thinking if they always have to take into account the well being of a whole group of people for everything. So our culture streamlined the family down to one sexual partner and the shared offspring. Those are still part of their tribe and every decision made has to take them into account. But we see in our society a tendency to loose even that as people divorce and choose not to have children. Society frees them to make their life choices with only consideration to themselves and do it with whoever shares their goals at the moment. I'm testing out an extreme line of thought there. If this trend is real I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing. I'm a very individualistic person and I wouldn't want that to be stifled under the weight of a tight knit community.
  11. I apologize
  12. As I've understood it the ring was a promise from the man that he intended to marry this woman. An insurance that he really was going to follow through with it and not just change his mind so that she would have lost valuable time (of fertility) on the marriage market. It's kinda gross to keep this going in modern times. Along with the father giving the bride away like some minor in need of a new guardian.
  13. Yup, because then they are often just there as relation to the male character. It doesn't even have to mean that the female characters are badly written. For example Harry Potter has great female characters but badly suffers from the Male default IMO.
  14. Yes and even if you don't screw up, if you're doing as well as you could. The kid might still not turn out well. They could still grow up to be a criminal or die from cancer or depression. I agree with @NullVector that raising a child should involve more people than just the one or two parents. I suppose in general society has a role too though. Like in my country the government is a big part of child raising with subsidized day care for every child from about one and then compulsory school from six (no home schooling allowed). So if one wants to take part in raising children without actually having any there are lots of options for that in work life.
  15. Anyone up for a thread about life dreams and what we're doing to realize them? I finished university about two years ago and I feel like my life dreams are so different now from when I was a student. Back then I could have all these dreams about what I wanted to do ones I graduated and was out in "the real world". Now it's very different though because most thoughts I have is followed by "this is something you could actually do if you really want to" and the dreams become more wishes or a list of priorities.