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  1. Holmbo

    Hey, newbie here

    Bienvenue ! I hope you'll like it here.
  2. Holmbo

    Coining a term for affectionate aros

    Interesting question. Wouldn't it by usefull not to limit the term to only aro people though? I've met allo people that crave a lot of physical contact and intimacy with close friends. I'm not sure what word to use. If you just want one for aros though I feel like affectionate aros work well.
  3. Holmbo

    Squish? QPR? Help?

    Is it important to classify exactly what category your feelings belong to? Maybe you should think more in the terms of what you want out of the relationship?
  4. Who else has read Becky Chambers wayfarer series? I think the author is really good at portraying different kinds of relationships and people relating to each other. The first book has a qpr and in the third one off the pov is aro. The second book doesn't really have any specif aro themes but it does deal a lot with friendship and chosen family.
  5. Holmbo


    Haj på daj! As we say in Sweden. Have some welcome aro ice cream and make yourself at home.
  6. In Sweden a lot of people never marry. The act itself is not expected. But of course living in a romantic monogamous relationship is what most people strive for still.
  7. Holmbo

    Harmful Romance Movie Tropes

    I think that's what they tried to convey. But a lot of people saw it as, a woman who has a exciting career she enjoys should leave it to make her boyfriend happy. She goes to him at the end and asks if she can go with him as his moving to another city for a different job. The book it's based on better I think. It's much more focused on how the job wears her down. And her best friend has a much larger role too.
  8. Holmbo

    Movie/TV Series Recommendations?

    I wonder if OP is still asking for suggestions 2,5 years later Anyway, for those who like sci-fi, The Expanse is very light on romance. There's like one romantic relationship which doesn't take up much focus at all, and lots of other great relationships. Not much sex either (don't let the sex scene in the pilot fool you) The female characters get to be prominent without having to be paired up with the men.
  9. Holmbo

    Allo-aros in fiction

    I found another one! One of the POV in Becky Chambers new book Record of a Spaceborn Few seem to be allo-aro. She doesn't want a romantic relationship and only wants sex without any strings attached. She goes to a prostitute, which in the sci-fi setting of this book is a social service freely available, and she and him become friends without there ever being any expectation of romance.
  10. Yes! Let's bring the romozone concept back up. I want us to have it in our general vocab. @Miro I totally know what you're feeling. Especially that realization of: Oh, it was just involuntary hormonal reactions that made you interested. @nonmerci I actually don't think it makes sense to befriend someone who has a romantic cruch on you because in my experience the basis of romantic and platonic reaction can be totally different, and once someone has romozoned you it's pretty much impossible to get out of it.
  11. Holmbo

    Writing Thread

    I have tried writing before but I would always get stuck right away. So I thought nano would be a good thing to really force me to write. And it did. I wrote more than 4000 words which is much more than I ever wrote before. And I also realized that I'm really bad at imagining characters, outside the pov.
  12. Holmbo

    Writing Thread

    I tried it this year, but only for six days. It's just so many words. I don't write fiction usually so I thought nanowrimo would be a good way to force me to really try it out. My story was actually aro themed.
  13. Holmbo

    QPR Advice, please...?

    I agree with @nonmerci
  14. Holmbo

    Questioning my romanticism

    You can still want to be in a romantic relationship even if you're aromantic. Or maybe a queer platonic one. What kind of things appeals to you about the idea of a romantic relationship?