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  1. Perhaps it ended so badly one of them threw the jar on the floor. Glass shards and broken dreams everywhere. It's the saddest image. Or an empty jar. All out of pickles, what is even the point of life then. Sorry I'm getting too into this. I'm not even really sure what mustard pickles are, so it's an even better analogy because of this. I tried to google images but it doesn't really help me understand. Just pickle in a jar of mustard?
  2. I love it. All that's missing is photoshopped pictures for each featuring the adored mustard pickles.
  3. Aromantic Character Headcanons

    Sydney in I Love You Man. He is not interested in any romantic relationship and his old friends are all married and doesn't have as much time to hang out anymore.
  4. Do you sometimes pretend to be allo?

    It's not that I think they'd disapprove. I assume their reaction would be something like: "that's a thing? I didn't know about that." But at that time I wanted to discuss the topic of having children, not my romantic orientation, so I was tempted to just bypass it all by pretending to be allo.
  5. Most aromantic movie?

    That's quite a serious take on it. I didn't think anything beyond a fun post were we list movies. But we could branch out the topic, let me think a bit about a reply. Hmm like a satire? I like it. Though, that movie is weird on many levels. Unfortunately I don't have any aro songs to add to the song discussion. For some reason I don't really have that much interest in music.
  6. I keep wanting to bring in more pop-culture discussion in this forum. Maybe because most other forums I enjoy are about this, so I want to merge them I read this topic Romanticizing aromanticism which made me think about all the ways one could romanticize different aspects of being aro. For example there is much pop-culture where being single is shown to be free, fun and exciting or being married is like imprisonment and a chore. What do you feel is the most ideal aromantic movie? I feel like, for guys at least, it's I love you man. The main character has a fiance but that just makes it better because it shows that mere romantic love is not enough and that everyone needs close friends in their lives.
  7. Cricket seem weird too I think In Sweden we have a sport we play only in school called brännboll (burn ball) and is played with a bat. It's the only bat sport I've ever played so I lump all such sport together and it feels weird to me that people would play them outside of schools or big picknicks.
  8. Anti romantic movies

    I thought of some other ones .. kind off The way way back (though the kid is the protagonist) Uptown girls (I think she does get together with the guy at the end but he's not important) Ex machina
  9. Shipping

    That's an interesting take on it. I can why someone might feel this way. I feel a bit similar in that I enjoy the shipping as a fandom activity, separated from the actual show. I don't read fanfics but I enjoy reading peoples arguments for an against peoples pairing. Because mostly it all comes down to how they see them as characters and what people they'd connect with. Also I like the silly shipping like these two are pretty and should kiss. It's fun.
  10. Romanticizing Aromanticism

    I'm adding to the personal freedom category with: Not having to commute. One of my colleagues spends two hours in the car every workday. She would happily move to the town we work in and she can afford it, but it would be too far away from her boyfriends work.
  11. Do you ever pretend to be an allo in general conversation instead of having to "come out" or just be quiet? The other night I was at a colleagues place for a going away hang out. No one there know me very well and all just assume I'm a default (straight allo). We were a small group of people talking about all kinds of topics. The question of children came up and I said that I didn't think I wanted children. One person there was very perplexed by this because she couldn't understand how I could know this when I don't have a partner yet. I wanted to argue against this, it's an important thing to consider before you chooses a partner, and I found myself wanting to pretend to be allo just so that I could use myself as an example. In the end I neither explained my romantic orientation nor pretended to be allo. I just said something general about how I'm a person that makes up my mind far ahead. The incident made me wonder if anyone else on this forum have wanted to pretend to be allo in order to make some point. I don't mean the general I will just allow you to assume but deliberately stated that you want a romantic relationship even though you don't.
  12. Too focused on the label?

    I agree that labels can be a distraction sometimes. We see many discussion on this forum about trying to find the term that fits their exact preferences and feelings. That's good but sometimes I wonder if a part of it is the need to find approval; to show that it is real, it has a name. No one should have to give proof for their feelings or preferences. I find the label very useful most of the time. If the topic comes up in a text conversation I say that I'm aromantic and the other person then looks it up for themselves. I also think the label emphasizes that it's an orientation, not a choice. Since most people have an understanding of sexual orientation I extrapolate that and explain that the same thing exist for romantic feelings. But most of the people I've "come out" to is people who've asked me out. In general conversation I don't usually bring it up at all.
  13. Ex'es why can't they be friends?

    My thought is that romantic relationships are very different from friendships. Most people who've been romantically attracted to me had no interest in being friends ones they realized romance was off the table. I imagine that people who've ended a relationship might feel similarly.
  14. I like it! But we must also have a filial in the city. Because I don't want to live on a mountain top. There we could do some community work and also organize all the missionaries.
  15. A society with good emotional hygiene

    I agree. Another thing that can make me feel bad is if I'm spending time doing something that is not "IMPORTANT". To help me get a more healthy outlook at that I've decided that I believe the meaning of human life is creativity and therefore everytime I do something creative or partake in a product of it I'm furthering our purpose.