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  1. I'm sorry, I already finished it. But as I posted above, if there are enough suggestions to fill a new compilation I might make a volume two.
  2. I don't know anyone who practice it. But on the other hand people who have this arrangement might not be open about it for fear of judgment. I would guess for most it would be a temporary thing. Two friends getting together now and then when they're both single.
  3. If anyone has suggestions of other clips you can still post them. If there's enough suggestions I'll make another video.
  4. I made a aromantic moments compilation video


  5. I decided to finish it now since I'd set a soft deadline to be done by the end of November. Some of the audio is a bit wonky but I thought it'd be better to include all the clips than to skip those I couldn't get to work right.
  6. @Emerald Cheetah I can't get the clips to download. If you get me the episode number I'll get them directly from there instead.
  7. I'm gonna write in the description which shows are included.
  8. @nonmerciI'll post a link here when it's done. I've gotten many suggestions from Facebook also.
  9. @nonmerci I've decided to cut the frozen clip entirely. It doesn't work if you don't know the context of the movie, which I'm sure 99% does, but still. I'll take the kissing scene discussion from Merlin. good suggestion. I can download from youtube (altough I had troubble with one clip before) but the clips there tend to be lower resolution so I try to get the originals if I can. @Ettina Sounds great! I need suggestion of one scene though. Or are you expecting me to watch all of deep space nine until I find a good moment?
  10. I rewatched it now myself and I'm gonna cut the Barney scene a bit. The Frozen scene also feels way to long compared to the other scenes, or what do you think? There's also some scene that are cut too early, I had a bit of trouble hearing the sound while I was editing.
  11. @nonmerci@Morgenfluss Here's what I've got so far. I'll probably change around the order once I've got all the clips. The intro can be changed too, I didn't put much thought into it because I wanted to focus on the actual content. I feel like it would also be good to have some shorter clips to disburse through it. Like a person leaning away from a kiss or something To up the tempo a little. If anyone have suggestions let me know
  12. @nonmerci Great suggestion! I also made a thread in the reddit group and was so far suggested the last scene in My fair lady.
  13. I was reading a discussion in the aromantic group on reddit about whether Elsa in Frozen is aromantic or not. Apparently the second movie gives some implications on that while also kinda giving hints to those who head-cannon her as lesbian. It got me thinking that lately there seems to be many of these examples of characters who are implied to not be straight but their orientation is so vague that everyone can kinda read what they want into it. Similar with captain Marvel. And a third one is maybe Will from Stranger things? Do you feel that this is something that has gotten more common or is it just that it's become more popular for people to make their own head-cannons like that? How do you feel about these vaguely portrayed orientations?
  14. @Blazkovitz thanks for the explanation. Does it have any application for everyday life and the choices one makes there? It seems like the potential for genetic engineering is pretty limited for most.
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