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  1. You do sound aro to me, but only you can decide if it fits. It's ok not to have a label too, it's just for convenience really. Maybe you should look into the philosophy of relationship anarchy. It's about not making a division of "friendship" or "romance" but rather seeing every relationship as unique in its own way.
  2. I was just gonna post about how @simplyaros parents view of the internet gave me major flashback to how I was taught to use it in the late 90s. Never use your real name! Etc 😄 nowadays the line between internet and RL is much more blurred and it's nothing strange about meeting people from there.
  3. I've come out to all my friends years ago but for most of my family it still haven't come up. I would like to be out to them because it would be easier for me to talk about my life plans. Since being aro has a huge impact in how I see my future. But at the same time they never pressure me about romance and seems to be fine with me not dating. So it feels weird to bring it up. We don't really talk about our love life much with each other. BTW I'm Swedish too 😊
  4. Holmbo

    Acronym game

    Vampires In Denmark Enrich October BUTTER
  5. Yeah I picked group with separate bedrooms. I think it would work best if everyone had a small room of their own for privacy.
  6. I've just reread The long way to a small angry planet by Becky Chambers and I'm struck again by how great that book is. I can't believe I didn't read it for years cause I was told it was just a bunch of short stories. It's obligatory read for all queer scifi fans.

    Also, I was surprised to find Ashby my favorite character upon reread.

  7. My ideal living situation would be communal, preferably with people who share a common purpose. I think if I was born in another time and place a monastery life could appeal to me. I would love if there were "atheist monestaries" maybe run by humanist organizations. Or some green sustainable living ones. I also see the appeal of living on my own though. Currently I have two lodgers living with me. We're not really friends, cause we have very different lives and interests, but we get along well. There are advantages to not living alone but some disadvantages too Which option did you pick @Mark ?
  8. I've seen several people on this forum describe themselves as transhumanist. I'm curious about this philosophy /viewpoint. For those of you who subscribe to it, do you apply it in your daily life or is it more of a general view about humanity as a whole?
  9. I've defenitly had to deal with it. It's never been in a setting which has made me feel threatened though. In one instance it was actually kinda entertaining because it was just so silly.
  10. I rather like this approach. Reminds me of a podcast I listened to where the hosts stated that there's always one correct ending for a TV show. Which excist regardless of how the writers actually end it.
  11. Interesting topic. I suppose I've always thought of group relationships as less important than one on one. When I hang out with groups I can invite people who are just acquaintances but when I hang out with just one person it's most often a close friend.
  12. I see what you mean. I was 25 when I learned about aromanticism. The only ones that haven't accepted my coming out have been some guys that's been romantically interested in me, and my mom. One thing that might work is trying to phrase it in a positive way? Like instead of saying "I don't want to date" you could say "I really like being single. I'm very happy about it." What are people gonna say then? "No, you're not happy!" Maybe it makes it harder for them to disagree? To OP I think it's OK to use "I'm aro" as shorthand. Your explanation doesn't have to represent everyone. For example, if someone says "I'm married" as a response to someone coming onto them. That doesn't mean that everyone who's married are in a sexual monogamy.
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