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  1. Interesting topic. I suppose I've always thought of group relationships as less important than one on one. When I hang out with groups I can invite people who are just acquaintances but when I hang out with just one person it's most often a close friend.
  2. I see what you mean. I was 25 when I learned about aromanticism. The only ones that haven't accepted my coming out have been some guys that's been romantically interested in me, and my mom. One thing that might work is trying to phrase it in a positive way? Like instead of saying "I don't want to date" you could say "I really like being single. I'm very happy about it." What are people gonna say then? "No, you're not happy!" Maybe it makes it harder for them to disagree? To OP I think it's OK to use "I'm aro" as shorthand. Your explanation doesn't have to represent everyone. For example, if someone says "I'm married" as a response to someone coming onto them. That doesn't mean that everyone who's married are in a sexual monogamy.
  3. I think that's a good aim. Also we shouldn't forget all the interactions humans can have without really there being any relationship. I really like interacting with strangers in some settings. It can be very rewarding and meaningful.
  4. For me too. Especially since many people don't know what aromanticism is.
  5. I think shipping is always gonna be a big part of fandoms. And no couple is safe from it, not even siblings. 😝 I think the amount of shipping is different depending on fan site though. Places that have a lot of memes and sharing of quick reactions will in my experience have more than those who are more about text.
  6. That's a great idea. I'm graysexual and not active sexually so I don't think I can add much. But I will be happy to share and promote clips by others. I'm very sex positive while being really uninterested in romance so I'm always for more arosexual visibility.
  7. Interesting topic. I agree there's a comparison to be made between amatonormativity and this norm of baseline happiness most culture seem to have at present. We must be happy all the time, and for many the most elated feelings are those of romantic love. One thing that doesn't fit with it though is how many people choose to stay in relationships they're not satisfied with simply not to be alone. Shouldn't they cherish the chance to get out there and search for a new exciting crush?
  8. You could do it in a kinda hypotetchical way. Like if a homsexual/homoromantic person says something like, "you just haven't met the right person yet" you can respond with "how do you know you just haven't met the right person of the opposite gender yet?"
  9. Maybe think of it is as something you do for the other person? You want them to feel good too right? You're giving them mouth massage? I don't know if that's useful advice. I'm the opposite in that I like kissing but don't really like most other sexual activity. What specifically about kissing do you disslike? Is it the mouth on mouth aspect of it? Or do you dislike kissing other body parts too?
  10. In that case I'm shrugsexual
  11. On this site there are lots of old threads buried beneath the newer ones. Since new people come here all the time, I thought it could be fun to share if we have any older favorites. Either one you participated in yourself or an old one you found. I won't link any myself right now because I have trouble with links on my phone. But I hope that others have some tips.
  12. Welcome! Here's some aro ice cream 😉
  13. That's a good point. There's a lot of pressure on romantic relationships. You're dependent on them for every major aspect of your life: your home, your children, your economy. Only main thing most people have independently from their spouce is work.
  14. Welcome! Have some aro ice cream What genre of books do you like?
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