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  1. SoulWolf

    Another Aromantic Test

    The question responses were really weird how they lumped seemingly unrelated things together... I was thinking WTF a lot of the time. Also, it said "Your results were not clear." lol. Thanks, very helpful answer. Not surprising given the weird "answers" i had to select from. Results: 33% chance I'm aro/ace, 33% chance I'm demisexual, 17% just aro, 17% just ace. I think I broke it.
  2. SoulWolf

    Riddle me this - Orientations and Karma

    Yup. I had to look closely to see the first I. It still gets me sometimes.
  3. SoulWolf

    Riddle me this - Orientations and Karma

    Found it! http://www.iisis.net/index.php?page=semkiw-reincarnation-past-lifes-lives-gender-change&hl=en_US There's a whole bunch. And yeah, their site's acronym is a bit unfortunate. Seems plausible. I like to think that we don't have all that romance to distract and confuse us, so we can just focus on real unconditional love instead. Or not. Maybe some people don't need to do that either.
  4. SoulWolf

    Riddle me this - Orientations and Karma

    I read something somewhere that said that people mostly reincarnate as the same gender over and over again, and that gay and trans people are people who incarnated as a different gender than what they are used to. I wonder if that means that agender people and aros/aces have been mixing it up for so long that they just don't give a damn anymore. If you want, I can try to find that link again. It was kinda interesting.
  5. SoulWolf

    Labels in the future

    I'd like it if people would just not make assumptions. Like two friends of any gender combination can be hanging out or shopping together, and nobody will even think to question the nature of their relationship. Because it's none of their business anyway. And I'd like it if gender-specific words would just not exist at all, and we'd just use neutral ones instead. It'd also be great if friendship was valued more in general, marriage wasn't really a "thing" anymore, and if you wanted to live together with friends in a house, or move to another country with two (or more) friends, that'd be possible. The concept of "family" should be extended, or just done away with entirely. Yeah, my ideas will piss a lot of people off, but I don't care, hahaha.
  6. SoulWolf

    Hello everyone

    welcome :)
  7. SoulWolf

    How to name these feelings I have

    thank you for taking the time to explain all that, it's very enlightening and helpful to me (and I think probably others as well)
  8. SoulWolf

    How to name these feelings I have

    How do you tell these apart? Really curious... to me it's all a huge confusing blur. I can't say for sure why you got those feelings, but I had something similar once, with a friend. I think my jealousy in that case wasn't because he was with someone else, but because I felt neglected, because he wasn't spending much time with me anymore. Maybe yours could be similar?
  9. SoulWolf

    Anyone want to help me make a website?

    Cool idea! I have a lot of experience with making sites, Wordpress in particular, so if you are interested in using that, I could probably help with some stuff, when I have time. Or would a wiki make more sense maybe?
  10. SoulWolf

    physical 'symptoms' of romance repulsion

    The responses to this are really interesting. My main repulsion is when people I know are kissing each other or acting 'flirty' with other people around, in public, and for no good reason. I actually think that's rude. It's like some kind of public indecency. I mean if one was saying goodbye to the other for whatever reason, then it'd be acceptable. But not just randomly out of the blue and with no warning, eww. Is 'cringe' a feeling word? I feel kinda similar to how I feel when I see something disgusting... and I usually quickly look away.
  11. SoulWolf

    What do you like most about yourself?

    I like that I'm a good listener, and I can sometimes instantly just know how people are feeling and even possibly the reasons why, if I have some context. It even works over the internet.
  12. SoulWolf

    Can being aromantic/grey-romantic change?

    What is it about falling in love that appeals to you? Genuinely curious, because I don't understand why people seem to enjoy this. To me it seems similar to getting drunk or high, and those don't appeal to me either. I kind of agree about labels being restrictive though, but it depends on how you use them. If you use them to describe you, to help others understand you better, then they're useful. If you use them to define yourself, as an identity that you then get attached to, then I can see how that would be problematic if you come across an exception of some sort that doesn't fit the label. Then it's like you could lose your sense of self over one thing that doesn't fit a label you used to define yourself with. I don't define myself with anything, I'm far too weird and full of exceptions. But aromantic and asexual are useful labels that I can use to help people understand me better, so I use them for that purpose. But they don't define me. No words can possibly define me.
  13. SoulWolf

    Gender Identity, Expression, and Presentation

    I don't understand gender at all, so all I can provide is my own experience here, for whatever that's worth... To express gender identity, you have to actually have one in the first place, right? Otherwise you're expressing other things, which maybe some people might interpret as being gender-related, when to you they're actually not. This has been my experience. Like, I'll do stuff, and someone will comment on it in a gender-ey way. Like "that's so un-lady-like!" or ... now I'm trying to think of times when someone has commented that something I do is 'feminine' and I can't think of any. Hah. But my point is, I just do whatever makes sense to me, and gender is completely and utterly not even remotely on my mind when I do things. So if people actually do things for the purpose of expressing gender, that is a completely alien concept to me. But it's interesting how different people are, and until I started seriously reading about trans stuff, I literally thought people were just either playing along with or rebelling against society's gender roles. I didn't know internal gender identity was even a thing until I read about it on Wikipedia. As far as my external presentation goes, to me it's whatever I happen to be comfortable with. To other people, they might think I express myself in a more masculine way. I don't know why people think they have to gender my hairstyle, clothing and even hobby preferences, but some of them do. It's all a big confusing mystery to me.
  14. SoulWolf

    Aromantic friendships survey

    It says it's closed for me as well. I'm actually pretty interested in taking this and seeing the results. Can you host it somewhere else maybe? Google has a surveys feature I think.
  15. SoulWolf

    Wikipedia article

    Wikipedia is pretty full of sh@&* regarding non-mainstream stuff. Looks like the safest place for it would be on this page until the powers-that-be deem it necessary to make seperate pages. I tried adding info to Wikipedia years ago, but some other jerk just removed my info. I haven't bothered trying again. I think one needs to be active within their little special circle of friends (or have a certain type of personality) to actually have additions be accepted on their site. It may be a useful site with some useful info, but it's just the tip of the iceberg, because they won't actually let people add the rest of the iceberg to the site. Oookay, that was a rant. Whoops.