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  1. Confused and Questioning

    Don't let your orientation label get in the way if you want to do something :). You can be open about wanting a girlfriend, and maybe that will help you figure yourself out even more? Who knows.
  2. Aromantic irony

    This, although it depends on the topic. Like, if you want advice on how to get someone to like you, I'm the last person you should ask. But spotting toxic signs in a relationship? Bring it on.
  3. can anyone relate?

    yeees, this so much. i tend to have many guy friends and i think one of the reasons is that i'm scared they'll like me romantically and things will get awkward. at least with girls the chances are smaller. i would also hate telling them that i don't like them that way, cause that always sucks.
  4. Fears

    I guess I fear a little bit about all my friends leaving me for romantic partners... But then again, it seems like that won't be an issue for many years since I'm so young. And I'm pretty hopeful that I'll find good friends who'll stick around ^^. Maybe even some of my current friends will stay with me, who knows
  5. Compare and contrast

    All of this is so relatable ohmygoshh
  6. The Aro <-> Romantic Q&A Thread

    I couldn't get through the test, some of the statements were really annoying. Halfway through I had 0 points.
  7. Aros and alcohol (poll)

    I don't drink too often since I get really horrible hangovers, but sometimes yeah. And the older I am the more boring drinking seems to get
  8. To "come out"

    Good luck to everyone who are thinking about coming out! I don't think I'll be coming out to anyone unless they ask me about it. Like if my dad wanted to know if I was a lesbian or something, I would say that I'm asexual and not interested in relationships. Not sure he'd take me seriously but whatever, I think the older I get the more "believable" my aro-aceness becomes, lol.
  9. I'm 19 and nope, never been in a relationship and probably never will, although I'm always open for it if by some magical reason my orientation changes (not likely) and I meet the perfect person.
  10. Awesome Things About Being Arospec

    Same That's very true! I sometimes get everything about being aroace, being single and not wanting kids (for example) mixed up in my head.
  11. Patook or other relationship services

    That sounds like an awesome app, I'm also interested in hearing about people's experiences with it. I bet nobody in Finland uses it, though
  12. Sexuality and Finger Lengths

    I'm aroace and my ring fingers are longer than index fingers on both hands, although the difference is bigger on my left hand
  13. Things you've never understood about romance

    ohhh i hate this so much. how are you supposed to react if you want to state that you don't like said person? i suppose even ignoring the whole thing would be seen as "proof" of liking someone. (also, i seem to have run into you as well )
  14. When is too young to know you are Aro

    this is a really good way to put it, i can totally relate!
  15. Butterflies in the stomach

    I get butterflies mostly before performing or something... I'm usually just nervous when talking to a new person, no butterflies