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  1. S.A.G.E Gender Test

    -I am heterosexual and I've never tried crossdressing. -The test says I'm an "anallophilic crossdresser." -What. Also, LOL Anal-o-philic I am mature and dignified
  2. Mmm

  3. Yum or Ewww!

    Yum, quite certainly (if accompanied with a glass of milk) Palolo worm gonads, spread onto toast. It's a thing in Indonesia and the South Pacific.
  4. Count to one million 🐭

    1920 Time to start ignoring the Eighteenth amendment of the US Constitution. Al Capone will hook us up with some quality "intoxicating liquors."
  5. Change one word!

    It's dead... for now.
  6. Confused and Questioning

    If you really can't tell where you are on the spectrum, you can just say arospec. If you're not sure you belong there, you can say you're questioning. Your brain chemistry may have changed. Maybe it only changed temporarily due to some neurochemical signal factor. Maybe it didn't change at all. Epigenetics complicate everything, and language is just an approximation to communicate reality. If you occasionally revert to being romantic, I think the popular term is "aroflux." The term implies that you do eventually return to aromanticism, but who's to say you can't undergo a permanent change? Brains have done much stranger things than that. Regardless of what you end up calling yourself, I recommend you warn potential partners that you used to not be into this sort of thing. If you think it's possible you may wake up one day without that romantic urge, I suggest you warn the interested party ahead of time. There are a 100 billion neurons in your brain. That's plenty of room for complicated chemistry to make your life and relationships complicated too.
  7. Hey!

    Howdy stranger! Since nobody else has mentioned it yet, would you like some thematically-appropriate ice cream?
  8. would you rather

    Joined at the hip. That way any medical complications are more likely to be far from my brain. Here are your options: 1. Get pregnant and have a baby If you don't have the necessary organs, you grow them temporarily. The baby will be a parthenogenetic clone of you. Sorry @SamwiseLovesLife, but no sea animals (or amoebas) are involved here. Unless you really go an extra mile and genetically modify your eggs to be part shark or something. Good luck figuring out how to deliver a gene for denticles with a retrovirus. OR option two: 2. Walk, skip, or run at 1/4 your normal speed for the rest of your life. Other transportation methods are unaffected. People will judge you, especially at crosswalks.
  9. would you rather

    I already have a passion for something obscure. I practice Historical European Martial Arts. I'll keep that one. WYR get your hair shaved off entirely or have it down to your ankles? You are stuck with your hairstyle for one month, after which it will magically revert to whatever you normally have.
  10. would you rather

    If I could pack supplies for the trip and read some (disappointingly modern) survival guides, I'd totally go back in time. The Cretaceous era already has fruiting and flowering plants, so I'm sure something edible would turn up. Especially if I could plan my my time travel to take me to a rocky shoreline with tidepools. I at least know what can be eaten there. I'd totally write scientific observations and do experiments on organisms I find. I'd carve them on a stone tablet, which I'd then bury in ocean mud in hopes that paleontologists find it later. If I don't have time to prepare for such a trip, it's a death sentence. In that case, I guess I'll have to perform the smexuals for a female seahorse. I guess that's alright? Incidentally, sea horses form mated pairs each breeding season which follow each other around and link their tails together. They also do *shudder* courtship dances. I doubt carrying eggs will ever suck as much as that. Almost makes me want to take the death sentence trip to the Cretaceous anyway. Is it just me, or does @SamwiseLovesLife ask a lot of questions that involve having sex with sea animals? When you die, WYR be washed out to sea (be slowly decomposed by the hagfish, bacteria, and polychaete worms that live waaaay down on the seafloor), or have a Buddhist sky burial in Nepal (a butcher cuts up your corpse on a hill away from the village and feeds the pieces to griffon vultures).
  11. Howdy! My day is going alright. I slept like 12 hours, which was great. How's yours?
  12. would you rather

    BOIL EM, MASH EM, STICK EM IN A STEW Would you rather eat a heavily-bruised apple or a heavily-bruised banana? You won't get sick or anything, but still. Ew.
  13. Change one word!

  14. would you rather

    LOL Definitely the sea creatures, simply because they wouldn't give me some sort of horrible infection, and (as long as we stay in the ocean) the sea creature in question probably wouldn't be physically injured. As long as it's not a Humboldt, giant, or colossal squid. Their tentacles have claws. Also no blue-ringed octopuses, because if they give me a hickey I will die. This is all assuming the individual is a consenting adult cephalopod. If not, I'm changing my mind. But what if you catch psychopathy? Would you rather be mildly allergic to potatoes or deathly allergic to kiwis? The fruit, not the bird or New Zealander.
  15. would you rather

    Falling off a cliff is not especially fatal. Being literally ripped apart almost certainly is. Would you rather shake hands with Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin? Keep in mind that Trump may dislocate your arm and Putin may steal any rings you have on at the moment.