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  1. @DeltaV It's pretty inhibitory, but I can imagine a future where it drops from 100% repulsed to around 90%.
  2. I always figured I got messed up by my time in tennessee. I was homeschooled for two years (third and fourth grade). For a while I genuinely thought "that must have been when everyone learned about kissing" because when I came back in fifth grade, people had started talking about who they like liked. Whatever that meant. I just figured it was a part of elementary school culture and I was just behind on learning it. Two years later I felt really behind on that subject. Meanwhile I was getting traumatized by a bunch of Tennesseean homophobes who thought I was gay, and I kind of gave up on humanity in general. I thought I got too messed up by not trusting any of my classmates. In college, I figured out something was permanently off. I called myself "functionally asexual" for a while because although I experienced attraction, I couldn't force myself to act on it. It wasn't until I discovered the Aromantic culture and the romance-repulsed orientation that I realized I'd been showing the signs since elementary school. It's kind of cool to look back and see all the little ways it manifested, even before I knew what it meant. And that's the story of how I've never kissed anyone, only held hands (like That, anyway) twice, and remained completely single for literally all my life.
  3. yo

    @sleepy_ Ayyyyy secondary education! I'm currently doing the prerequisites for a credential program in California! I'm looking to teach biology. Caught by your RA dancing on a coffee table? I suspect my RA would join me if that happened. What made it horrible?
  4. Gray Question and Hello

    1. Welcome! 2. You sound full-blown aromantic to me. Just based on how similar your story sounds to mine, and I'm a complete and total aro to the core. That said, I don't think anyone minds if grayromantic people call themselves aromantic as a blanket term to keep from confusing the general public. Language is a tool to clarify intent. You don't necessarily need a name for what you are because since when do human brains follow rules of common usage? 3. The constant internal struggle between sexual and romantic orientations is quite familiar to me. It can be intensely confusing and entirely contradictory in the most irritating ways to have romantic and sexual orientations that don't align perfectly. It's something many of us must live with. *shrugs* oh well.
  5. To Arocalypse I go

    Welcome! You'll find it's hardly as clique-ish here. I've never seen anyone be "polarized" on arocalypse unless they're talking about electromagnetic radiation or something similarly beyond my comprehension. You may find politics here and there, but it's hardly omnipresent and doesn't appear to be divisive, as best I can tell. Goofing off is is our favorite pastime. You should see the extent of the arcade threads...
  6. The asexual food porn thread

    If I'm honest, cornucopias full of vegetables just don't look that good to me. I'm the worst vegetarian ever.
  7. Libido versus attraction

    Yes to all of it, @aro_elise and @NullVector. I guess I'm expected to convince female humans to love me before we *cough* do anything. There's no way I'm going to let that happen, so I've effectively placed my sexual orientation on hiatus. Unless a woman in my life stops expecting me to sweep her off her feet first, none of the smexuals can or will happen.
  8. The asexual food porn thread

    @Apathetic Echidna Who eats nautiluses? Is that a thing people do? For real?
  9. @ethanoate Is your username a reference to the polyatomic ion known as acetate? Maybe vinegar? Just curious
  10. Lonely Lithromantic

    Lewd is fine. There are discussions of that here. I don't know of lithromantics on the forum off the top of my head, but the search bar should have an advanced search option that can search for that. I'm sure there's some folks around who have shared that experience. Also, since you don't have a welcome/intro thread elsewhere, welcome to arocalypse! Your customary ice cream is here Enjoy your stay! P.S. I volunteer at an aquarium. Fish have my approval
  11. I'd rather ... than get Married

    I'd rather be trapped in a polar research station over winter with a murderous shapeshifting alien than get married.
  12. I'd rather ... than get Married

    THAT CAN BE ARRANGED Are there martian scientists involved?
  13. Hey!

    Wow that's dark. I like it.
  14. I'd rather ... than get Married

    I'd rather swim to an island (in the middle of the ocean, mind you), across big water, ocean water, than get married.
  15. The Banning Game

    Banned for making me feel insecure in my own picture-posting habits