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  1. YMBAI you have an unhealthy fascination with pistachio ice cream with vanilla swirl and chocolate syrup.
  2. I was thirteen, and there was a girl at school who liked me. We had been "talking" (her flirting, me being confused by my conflicting sexual and romantic orientations) for a full year. She realized the depth of the mistake when she tried to get physically close to me. As we were walking to the cafeteria she snuck up next to me and locked her elbow with mine. She probably thought it would be a bonding experience to walk around with our arms linked like that I instantly broke the lock and pulled my arm free. I had been tense from the moment she showed up, and I was ready for her move. To this day, her attempt is the only thing that's ever really triggered the "fight" part of my fight-or-flight response. She ran away crying, and I just stood there wondering why I had done it.
  3. ... I wish @shotinthehand had left me a wish to corrupt as well. Preferably one with sea slugs. I like sea slugs.
  4. Don't Fall in Love by Danko Jones also helped me with that #Aromanticproblem.
  5. True dat @Holmbo. As far as I'm aware, the carrying capacity of ten billion is a loose estimate based on current food and water production rates. If either process becomes more efficient, the capacity will likely increase some anyway. That's assuming climate change doesn't mess too much with the arable land and that the widespread trend of overfishing is halted. However, alternatives may exist that alleviate that food pressure. @Holmbo also noted that a minority of the human population (the sector with comparatively high standards of living) takes up most of the resources. This is the part that actually drove my decision not to have kids. If I had children, I couldn't stand not to give them a high standard of living. They'd take up a disproportionate amount of water, medical attention, food, and basically everything else. Their household appliances would be a constant drain on energy reserves, renewable or otherwise. All because I had to give my kid the best I could get. That's the real reason I'm not going to have any. The term "overpopulation" doesn't fully represent the problem at hand. The problem lies in the unsustainable use of resources by a minority of people. I don't want to be more of an unsustainable consumer than I already am.
  6. ... I wish @BionicPi had left a wish for me to corrupt. The top half of this comment feels empty without it. *sigh of longing*
  7. *hides in shame under a cardboard box*
  8. I find the existence of this thread deeply confusing.
  9. Your mind becomes small, uncomplicated, and boring: easy to understand. I wish Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) would lend me some of their awesomeness. They're metal. As a side note, the bacteria-in-the-saliva hypothesis was discredited in 2009. Komodo dragons are actually venomous. No corrupting my wish with bacteria breath LOL
  10. And so the second war of the roses began, this time between the remnants of the Tudor house and the righteous legions of the servants of Papo.
  11. I basically gave up on music with words. Classical is my only music-friend.
  12. Instead of feeling the negative side effects of sleep deprivation, you constantly feel like you're about to sneeze. The feeling can only be removed by a surgeon, but it comes back every day. Woooo daily rhinoplasty. also YOOOO ADHD BUDDIES I wish more people realized that low-frequency electromagnetic radiation (infrared, microwave and radio) can't give you cancer. i.e. Not all radiation is ionizing.
  13. You can already do that. You'll just die if you do. I wish sea gulls would stop attacking the sea cucumbers at the aquarium where I work.
  14. @SamwiseLovesLife just resents that because they're on team Jacob
  15. I know not everyone gets this, but I think it belongs here *stereotypically attractive person flirting with me* Romance-repulsed side: OH NO Allosexual side: OH YES One day, the warring factions may reach a ceasefire. lol jk time for a lifetime of internal conflict