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  1. Just came to say Hello

    Welcome to Arocalypse! Enjoy our customary treat, thematically appropriate ice cream! P.S. You'll find that nerds abound in this forum. It's pretty great.
  2. Hi

    Welcome to Arocalypse! Enjoy your complimentary pride-colored ice cream. I have also been known to dabble in a Star Trek every now and then.
  3. I used to be thick-skinned. I grew up in Tennessee. Everyone thought I was gay (maybe in part because I was already obviously aro), and made their resultant opinions of me very clear. At a school where about half of your classmates are telling you to convert or die (at age 11-12), you grow a thick skin fast. My thick skin ends with other people. When I hear about any kind of prejudice, or insults between other people, I have difficulty containing my rage. I get this savior complex thing where I need to be an ally. Even if I might make the situation worse by trying. I guess I didn't survive Tennessee just to be disappointed by the people beyond its borders too. Slights don't work on me directly anymore, but if they work on someone else, then they work on me all too well.
  4. Hello, I'm new

    Welcome! Working in the marriage industry as an aromantic sounds really tough.
  5. I'd rather ... than get Married

    I'd rather study abroad in Australia than get married. Oh wait... It'S HapPenInG
  6. I'd rather ... than get Married

    I meant washing dishes LOL
  7. I'd rather ... than get Married

    If I prepared for that, I might actually enjoy such an ordeal. It's a thing people do for fun. I could go walk the Appalachian (pronounced APP-uh-LATCH-un) trail, looking at birds and salamanders the whole way. That would be awesome. Maybe not the dirt part though. Eh. There's clean streams and rivers up there, so washing is easy.
  8. Anyone else?

    If I gave up on making alloromantic friends, I'd run out of friends. I know one aro person IRL, and we haven't spoken in over a year. However, I know a large portion of my friends through a club. It happens to involve historically accurate swordfighting, but that's another day's story. The key factor is that these friends basically always attend. That's three hours a week that we're all guaranteed to be in the same place. That makes it way easier to keep up, despite the fact that many of them are in committed relationships.
  9. HI

    Eyyy I'm also studying biology! Though my concentration is in ecology and evolutionary biology. I'll also be starting the teaching credential program soon.
  10. LOL I'm not sure where the boundary between romance and sex actually is. If I did, maybe I wouldn't find myself entirely confused whenever I'm attracted to someone. I only know I've crossed the r/s boundary when it happens, but that act sets off my romance-repulsion. So I leave. Too quickly to take time and identify what just happened. what is going on in my life; please send help; ahhhhhhhhhh
  11. Common Misconceptions About Aros

    1. Evolutionary psychology makes me happy. It hits me right in the feels. Especially when I see other people who understand selection pressure. 2. I think you're right about social instincts being selected for. Unlike aromanticism, there's a huge body of research on that subject.
  12. Aromantic Moments

    I may have to keep that as an example. okay so I'm definitely keeping it and also sending it to my parents because it's perfect
  13. Common Misconceptions About Aros

    @IceHurricane Note the presence of the word "just" in three of those points. Whenever I talk to people, I make a point of leaving it out. Nobody ever just wants something. Nobody ever just is something. People are far too complicated to box in like that. It's a word intended to compartmentalize the subject into something manageable and comprehensible to the user, often at the cost of any real meaning. "Just" is a tool used to create and implement the Straw Man Fallacy. It's a way of saying "that's all they are," or "that's all they do." Perhaps something like, "that's all you need to know about them." It is a tool to simplify the complicated, and for that it's often misused. Certainly not just in dismissing aromanticism. When someone tells you you're just afraid of commitment, keep that in mind. I'll actually admit I am afraid of commitment, but I am absolutely not JUST afraid of it. There's a whole other argument to be made about the use of the word "can't" but I feel it's less relevant here.
  14. Real friends with benefits are a rarity

    @IceHurricane The phrase "caught feelings" is awesome. Those two words imply more than they say outright.
  15. Real friends with benefits are a rarity

    @ladyasym Congratulations on your current arrangement! I'd like to hear more about how that goes.