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  1. Give the worst description Possible

    A nerd horse doesn't know how to friendship because she's too busy doing magic but then the sun tells her to go make some god damn friends so she does and she becomes so good at friendship that she becomes the princess of friendship and grows wings. Meanwhile some salty horse is salty because her friend ditched her to do magic so she decides to enslave a town with communism. Princess Nerd Horse saves the town and befriends salty horse and makes her the second best at friendship. Also there's a mirror portal to an alternate universe where all the horses are actually high school girls but nobody cares about that.
  2. If you were a Pokemon...

  3. If you were a Pokemon...

    Oh do glitch pokemon count? In that case I'm
  4. Petition to fix the Papo thread to Mr. Squiggles

    delet ethis biased montrosity
  5. Be the newest comment

  6. Be the newest comment

    Page of the century
  7. Aromantic Celebrities/Youtubers

    https://tapas.io/series/Anit-Social-Media http://yuushiki.tumblr.com/ https://www.instagram.com/yuushiki_art/ https://www.youtube.com/c/YuuArts
  8. I can see how the fact that I'm on a forum for aros could be misleading...
  9. Favourite Colour?

    Yeller 'n' black colours ftw
  10. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    Sarcastic kitten knows that was not a lie
  11. The four temperaments

    Going by those descriptions, I'd say I'm a mix between Sanguine and Melancholic, leaning towards the former.
  12. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    Sarcastic Kitten always means exactly what they say.
  13. Survey

    Hetero as far as I can tell. Could be wrong tho.
  14. Blatant Lie About the Person Above You

    Samwise sprays every cat they see with a water gun until they run out of range.
  15. I am alloromantic and I still don't understand anything about romance.