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  1. Ollie Declan

    Share your Talents!

    Apart from being great at tearing myself down I'm also good at volleyball (I'm a terrible setter though) and flute.
  2. Freaking stupid foot. I have to be in a moonboot for 2 weeks and it sucks, so who knows when I can get back to Volleyball

  3. Ollie Declan

    Writing one of these again.

    122 black cards and 407 white cards!
  4. Ollie Declan

    Writing one of these again.

    If you don't mind me asking, why did you have to stop playing?
  5. Hey everyone. I've been a part of this community for nearly 2 years but haven't really said anything. I spent my time in the chatroom until the Discord Server was created, and (somehow) became an admin, along with Zema. I identify as aro-ace and I'm a trans guy, and I am very sensually/aesthetically gay. I've been playing volleyball for approximately 4 months now, and flute for over 3 years. I'm socially awkward, but I try my best. I recently (6 months ago almost) started writing a fantasy story where one of the main races is a bunch of polyamorous avians that heavily embrace queer members of their society (including aroace avians). It's my baby and I plan on getting it done one day. The link, if anyone's interested; https://www.quotev.com/story/10092791/Humans-are-our-Enemy/1 (shameless self promotion, I know) And the link to the Discord Server. discord.gg/MvZVMxW Hope to see you around!
  6. Feels good to be back on the forums. 

  7. Ollie Declan

    Arocalypse Collab Story

    Do you mean the Arocalypse server? If so, no. This is open to everyone. It'd be easier to be on the server for this project though, if that's what you mean.
  8. Ollie Declan

    Arocalypse Collab Story

    Well for now the project is only just starting up. It all depends on what you'd like to do for the project. There's no push to be extremely committed to this, but of course if you're willing to spend heaps of time on this it's greatly appreciated. Even if you can only spend a few minutes a day on it, everything counts.
  9. Ollie Declan

    Arocalypse Collab Story

    Earlier today on the Arocalypse Discord Server, several people and I discussed a collab story by everyone who wants to. This story will follow a group of queer characters in a different world. The amount of these characters and exactly what they'll be like is still unknown. Same goes for the world, as it's a very new concept. Anyone can help with this project. Writers can take on a character and use their writing style to create the character. Artists can illustrate the characters/give sketches of things in the world. People who can't exactly do either of these things can still help out. You can give ideas, edit, give feedback, help with promotion or research, or anything you'd like. We aren't sure where this is heading to, but if you're interested in joining the collab, join the server here: https://discord.gg/FUSXawC If you have any questions, please just ask.
  10. Ollie Declan

    Let's talk productivity

    I have 0 organisation skills. I tend to make my way through life with sheer luck.
  11. Ollie Declan

    Five Letters

    Little Andre Understood Good Humour AQYES
  12. Ollie Declan

    Pronunciation of Words

    Yes please Danny!
  13. Ollie Declan

    Pronunciation of Words

    After hearing people say aromantic in many different ways, I decided to conduct a poll to see how people say these Arocalypse words. (when I wrote Paa-poh I meant Pay-po)
  14. Ollie Declan

    I need some advice about somebody

    Thank you @Tumblrweed and @Tal Shi'ar. With seeing the school counsellor, this person has already visited her. She has talked about me to her, and I'm afraid to talk to her now. I'm not much of a talker about my feelings anyways. My school barely accepts bisexuality, so I feel that she can only recommend the same as she did to this person. I could try to role-play a situation, but I highly doubt it would get to the person's brain. I could try to walk away but I have 6 subjects with this person, and they'd be nagging me all the time about it. Thank you for responding though. I'll eventually seperate myself from this person, but I am horrible for getting over guilt.
  15. I have this ‘friend’ who is extremely mean to me, but I’m not strong enough to stand up to her. I’ve known her for around 10 months now and every step of the way has been awful. She is overpowering and harsh on me, and always plays the victim card. She’s only thirteen and has already been in a relationship that was so intimate that when they broke up she fell into depression. She’s dated people who are around 18 too, and I don’t feel safe that knowing her she’s probably told these people what school we go to. She is a catfisher already, and it drives me up the wall. She is the most allo person I have ever met, and when I came out to her, she was accepting of me in a way. She always says that I must like someone. For a short period of time she was on the Discord Arocalypse server. When we had our 6000th fallout and I couldn’t deal with her invading my safe space, I kicked her from the chat. She’s been bitching about it since. When I told her that it was because she hadn’t gotten to a certain level (this was a lie but I don’t think she was high enough anyways), she complained that it was stupid. She indirectly called the other two admins on the server stupid also. She is also a loudmouth, and I suspect that it was her that spread the rumours about me being ace. Every time we meet someone she blurts out that I’m ace for no reason, and most of the time the possible reason she says it for doesn’t matter. For example, we had a writing workshop at our school with a few other schools also. A girl came up to me and said she liked my shirt, and from there we found out we all liked a whole lot of things. So we sat down and for some reason she told a girl we’d literally met for the first time 15 minutes ago I was ace. She’s also a filthy liar. She said she respects my preferred pronouns, but she doesn’t. Everything is about her, and I don’t feel safe telling her anything anymore. She’s very obnoxious and her opinion stands above mine, apparently. You most likely wouldn’t know but I’m an avid writer and character creator. She is too. I have over 170 characters, only 15 being heteroromantic, heterosexual cis people. You know what she said? “Why are all your characters queer? Can’t they just be straight?” No. I as a writer am trying to incorporate as many GSRM minorities as I can. It made me sick to hear she only had one trans character and one gay character before I came along. According to her, everyone in the world has to be with another. I feel that this isn’t supporting me or this community at all, yet she wants to be a part of it. She always tries to cuddle me and kiss my cheek and all of those things I’m extremely uncomfortable with. When I deny it, she always calls me mean. I need my personal space and her invading it all the time makes me sick. She knows I’m not like that and yet she continues to try. I just want to scream at her to go away. She calls me ‘baby’. This was not arranged at all. We had a market day yesterday and when she offered to buy me food she’s like ‘it’s like a date hey!’. I replied blandly with no. I’m romance repulsed and when she talks about ‘why don’t you do these things with me’ I just reply that I don’t want to. She doesn’t take this lightly, but when she’s trying to hug my arm or whatever and I pull it away or whatever she whines and says ‘you know I need comfort’. Why don’t you think that I don’t want it. I don’t want anything romantic with you and if you can barely treat me as equal to you I don’t understand how you could get me to like you. What do I do? Sorry about this being so long, I needed to get it off my chest..