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  1. You're no longer morbid, but you lose all memories of people who die. As time passes, there are more and more holes in your memory. Towards the end of the life, you have next to no memories of people who care about you.
  2. Sorry!
  3. Yeah, chasing the unattainable and all. That only makes it sadder!
  4. He has been chasing an acorn for what, decades?
  5. I find him the most likable because he has been through some shit and so can be salty but he's never mean like Manny is. The Scrat shorts make me sad.
  6. Define what you mean by favorite and then I can tell you my favorite character. I have to admit, I like Diego better.
  7. LOL I was talking about this with a friend last night and she called him fruitsexual
  8. I'm learning German.
  9. Gray-ro then?
  10. Buck from the Ice Age series, anyone?
  11. I'm planning my K/S wedding anniversary. It's fun and weird but boy do I feel a little unqualified.

  12. I understand that. I acknowledge that. I just feel mostly positive about the article. I understand if some people still aren't happy with it.
  13. My best friend in the Bay Area sent me this article and in the same text bubble "Cosmo needs to stAHp" even though honestly, I was pretty happy with it. Yes, Woman A is a sociopathic or in some way unhealthy in regards to her personal relationships, but OK. They had two people who seemed relatable enough and seemed quite capable of having healthy relationships. I don't want to devolve into respectability politics or claim that only neurotypical people can use the label "aromantic/arospec". PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT AROMANTICISM IN COSMO! A LOT OF PEOPLE READ THAT, A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO MIGHT NEVER HEAR ABOUT US OTHERWISE! We've come so far in just a few years, guys! OK, I've only been a part of the community for about a year, but, still...I'm happy. Maybe my generation will be the last generation of aros, at least in first world countries with the internet all over the place, to grow up feeling confused and "off".
  14. Haha! I love my profile picture. My friend Aidan pulled it up on his camera roll once and I told him he needed to send it to me immediately so I could set my Arocalypse profile photo to it. Ah! I can't see them on my computer!
  15. I just looked through this thread again and I realized there is something I would like to add to why I feel like I'm young to use the term QPP or QPR in regards to my friends and relationships. In high school, people are pretty much expected to have the closest person in the world to them (outside of their family) be their best friend(s). Sure, we are expected to date and possibly be very close with romantic partners or have very gushy, over-the-top teenage feelings like Romeo and Juliet, but there's nothing unusual about having the closest person in the world to you be your best friend at this age. No-one would consider that "quirky". Of course I know that the people who get to define a relationship as "quirky" are the people in it. The label is for yourself, not others, but the label just seems superfluous to apply to myself right now. I would consider using the term for myself right now if I were in a sensual and/or sexual platonic relationship right now, but I'm not.